New Details On ‘Frozen 2,’ Kristen Bell Reveals There Will Be New Characters

October 25, 2017

Kristen Bell

After a long long time, we finally have some updates about Frozen 2!

No other studio is capable of making such quality musicals so they become true blockbusters even before they see the light of day. Aside from producing franchises like Star Wars and the whole Marvel universe, this company is still mainly known for making badass cartoons, and there’s no way around it.

One of the most successful and critically acclaimed animated musicals made by this big screen behemoth is certainly “ Frozen.”

The first installment was released back in 2013, but this blockbuster is still one of the most popular animated musicals in the world of pop culture, and the fandom is definitely eager to learn more about the sequel that is currently in the works.

Sure, we will have to wait a bit more, about two more years to be precise, for Frozen 2 to hit big screens, but fortunately for all Frozen fans out there, actress Kristen Bell has recently been talking to CinemaBlend and the actress revealed some interesting information about the upcoming Frozen sequel.

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“It’s VERY Good”

Bell is reprising her role of Anna in Frozen 2 and the quirky actress had nothing but the words of praise for the movie director, Jennifer Lee. It appears that Lee is truly a kick-ass filmmaker who takes her job seriously and respects the fans just as she does her movie stars.

Bell also mentioned some new characters, the development of Anna, and how generally satisfied and happy she is with the project so far:

“I will say this. I have read it, I have recorded it. It changes every now and again. It’s VERY good.”

“I’m excited about the fact that Jen Lee, the director, and I had a very long conversation. So they had just taken their trip to Norway, the directors and the producers, and they basically just take the entire culture in. And make this big sort of fun home movie.”

“[They] take all of those elements and say ‘What story needs to be told?’ And she is so genius. She had journaled, as the characters, for months to try and figure out [what they’d say]. She’s like, ‘What do we want to say?’ And then she’s just journaling as Elsa, just journaling as Anna. We sat down and she said ‘within this context, what do you think Anna would be feeling right now, in this stage of her life?’”

“One thing I will say, there are a couple new characters that you will fall in love with. That thing I feel like I can say safely.”

So, we can deduct that Frozen 2 cast have already recorded their dialogue for the sequel, which means the follow-up is indeed moving forward. However, it will take a lot of time for those stunning visual effects to come to life and bring us back to Arrendale once more.

“Frozen” Franchise Is Not Just Another Kids’ Movie

One of the most fascinating things about Frozen and the work of Jen Lee is how devoted and methodical she is in her approach to making the sequel. This is especially true when it comes to the characters and their evolvement and development.

“Lee is extremely detail oriented and hard-working when it comes to how Elsa, Anna, and the gang will change since their appearance in the original Frozen,” write folks over at CinemaBlend. “This type of work is what separates the franchise from other kids’ movies; the heart of the film is relatable to all ages, and this type of character driven storytelling will help keep older fans invested in the story.”

Release date for “Frozen 2” is November 27, 2019.

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