13 Movie Stars Who Smoke, And Heavily Too!


Ok, it’s 2017 and we ALL know smoking is very bad for us, leading to cancer and other numerous serious health issues and all, but we also know one other thing – it is still so damn cool.

Well, it must, since numerous A-list movie stars are smokers!

Our favorite movie stars resort to everything from strict and heavy diets, plastic surgery, to extreme workouts and who knows what else to look as good as they possibly can and appear flawless, however, some of our favorite actors and actresses have one huge and (not so) secret bad habit – they just can’t seem to quit smoking cigarettes.

Let’s take a look at our list of 13 movie stars who smoke like there’s no tomorrow!

1. Mila Kunis

Mila became one of the most recognizable faces of Hollywood as soon as she nailed her first and iconic role as Jackie on “ That 70’s Show,” and ever since she’s been known as the cutest TV sweetheart ever.

But it seems Mila is not too worried about the possibility (and probability) of cigarettes ruining her youthful and wrinkle-free face. Yep, Mila has been a passionate smoker for a long time.