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Movies started to Talk in 2014 when a group of movie and TV buffs and enthusiasts started writing about the latest trends in cinematography and TV began reporting on some of the most relevant news and issues related to cinema or TV, and even video games.

We are currently a go-to source for many a cinema lover across the USA and around the globe. We tend to provide our beloved readers with articles about latest movies, big (and small) franchises, movie stars, while we also like to focus on some of our favorite movie genres like comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, thriller, drama, etc.

Aside from film-related news and reviews, we are also huge fans of quality TV shows and adventurous action-packed video games.

Movies Talk is a growing brand in the field of entertainment, so if you like interesting, organic, engaging and sometimes though-provoking articles about your favorite movies and TV shows – do join our community. Adventure lies ahead!