Will We Ever See Frozen 2?

November 4, 2014


Even though “Frozen” is one of the biggest movies Disney ever created, the sequel to this animation master piece probably won’t happen soon.

Fans loved the first movie, and are looking forward to more. However, according to Latinos Post, a sequel is not happening any time soon. This is after Disney CEO Bob Iger said via Hallels that they want to make a perfect movie sequel, one that will not disappoint fans.

They are currently working on another movie which many people are saying has the potential to be a “Frozen 2” in terms of financial success. Disney’s next animated movie will be called “Moana,” and will star one of the company’s first Polynesian princesses.

Though many would be disappointed to know that a sequel is not in the works just yet, “Frozen” continues to live on from the merchandise related to the movie and new products being developed.

According to Christian Today, a short film for Anna’s birthday will also be created.

Entitled “Frozen Fever,” Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff will return for another glimpse at the life of the sisters. This film will not be heading to theaters and will instead go straight to video.

“Frozen 2” seems inevitable. It’s just not official yet. The bigger question might not be “if” Frozen 2 happens, but “how?”

There have been only three direct sequels to Disney animated features that have played theatrically. The studio tends to favor direct-to-DVD sequels of everything from “Peter Pan” to “The Jungle Book.” Could “Frozen 2” go that route? Possible, but either way, we can basically bank on “Frozen 2” happening.