The Interesting Reason Behind The ‘Wonder Woman’ Box Office Success

Wonder Woman

We won’t beat around the bush here. The HUGE success of 2017 Wonder Woman is due to a high number of female and older audience members going to the theater to see this potentially ground-breaking blockbuster.

Of course, this is all in complete contrast to other modern super-hero blockbuster movies which tend to predominantly have young and male audiences (trying really hard not to say nerds here).

As Screen Rant writes: “a new study shows that much of Wonder Woman‘s success was due to female and older audience members. When it comes to superhero movies, audiences tend to skew young and male.”

However, this is not the case with Gal Gadot’s new Wonder Woman movie.

“Though older audiences, families, and female moviegoers come out in large amounts, men aged 18–25 tend to edge out other viewers,” adds Screen Rant. “Part of this is down to the characters, with most superhero movies serving as male wish fulfillment. In recent years, however, that trend has begun to change — and audiences are responding.”

The Demographics Of Wonder Woman‘s Audience Screams “GIRL-POWER”

“Wonder Woman” has been raging all over when it comes to both domestic and global tickets sales, while the movie has (for to us unknown reasons) been getting an even more impressive feedback when it comes to critics.

The 2017 Wonder Woman focuses on hope, optimism, and a powerful female role (oh, there it is) and is truly showing that Hollywood needed this type of feministic pivot.

The movie has already passed the $700 million mark at the global box office in just a little over a month, and its run isn’t done yet

You go girl!

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