10 Superhero Movies That Absolutely Must Happen


The latest Hollywood trend is comprised of sequels and reboots, but of superhero movies as well. So far, we’ve seen mutants in “X-Men” films, aliens in the “Man Of Steel,” and team of heroes in the “Avengers.” Nonetheless, there are still more comic book characters that need to visit the big screen, so in that name, here are 10 superhero movies that absolutely must happen.

1. Iron Man Vs. Mandarin

Please, for the love of all that is good, disregard the awful injustice that “Iron Man 3” has done to one of the most iconic supervillains and hear us out – Tony Stark needs to go head-to-head with the real Mandarin.

Unlike what the third “Iron Man” installment has shown us, Mandarin is actually a very, very powerful sorcerer and a devious, evil mastermind. He’s largely responsible for the creation of Stark’s first Iron Man suit and most of his problems thereafter.

The Mandarin’s real name is never actually revealed in the comics. It’s only known that he’s a son of a wealthy Chinese father and a noble English mother. While searching for immortality, the Mandarin stumbles upon a set of rings that transform him into the green-skinned, overpowered, Iron Man’s arch nemesis.