Big Lebowski Is One Of The Best Movies Of All Time, While Barely Being A Movie

If you are a big “ Big Lebowski” fan, but you can’t really explain why exactly whenever someone asks you “So, what’s so special about this movie?” – by all means do read on.

Big Lebowski is not just another cult classic from the ‘90s, it’s a religion (in a good sense of the word).

No really, there’s literally a religious movement called Dudeism inspired by the character of Jeffrey Lebowski and driven by his lack of attention and alertness for anything modern society has to offer.

Except for bowling, White Russians, and weed, that is.

It’s essentially a Hollywood noir movie without Hollywood. At the end of it nothing is ever really resolved. There’s no epiphany-like closure, there’s no pompous saving of the world, no social gain, no cheesy love story. The characters continue to be stuck in their own versions of a comfort zone from which they don’t really want to get out.

Watch the brilliant video by Earthling Cinema below:

The true value of Big Lebowski is that this movie taught us to embrace our true nature, go with the flow, and “mellow the F out by deconstructing everything we previously held sacred.”

Nihilism… It truly is exhausting.

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