Watch First Official Trailer For James Franco’s Movie “The Disaster Artist”

James Franco

Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 movie “ The Room” managed to gain a cult classic status quite easily.

This drama is widely considered to be both one of the best and one of the worst movies to ever hit big screens as it turned out to be unintentionally hilarious.

The Disaster Artist,” on the other hand, James Franco’s upcoming movie that parodies the very process of filming “The Room,” is aiming at intentionally hilarious, of course.

So, Does It Look Promising?

Promising or not, it is insanely cringy.

The first trailer for The Disaster Artist shows Wiseau (portrayed by James Franco) struggling to get his lines in one of the scenes, while his production team gets more frustrated with each take, until he finally gets it done, regardless of the acting quality.

Anyone who has seen the original from 2003 will certainly appreciate the overwhelming ridiculousness of this meta-scene, and the trailer will definitely leave them craving for more.

Watch the trailer below:

The Seth Rogen/ James Franco dynamic duo will be able to pull this one off without a doubt, but the one question that remains is:

Just how much cringing will audiences be able to take?

We’ll find out on December 8th when the movie is scheduled to come out.

Until then… oh, hi Mark!