Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Opens After All

December 25, 2014


The controversial Sony’s comedy “The Interview” starring one of the ‘Hollywood’s hottest couples’ Seth Rogen and James Franco, has premiered some US cinemas, as well as online, despite all the fuss, cyber-attacks and threats to moviegoers over its release.

Freedom of Expression

Sony Pictures’ movie about a fictional plot to kill North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, had originally been pulled and banned.

However, the studio reconsidered the decision after the critics, as well as the American president Obama, stated that it would mean the freedom of expression is under threat.

When some larger cinemas decided to pull the comedy, numerous indie cinemas across the country came forward offering to screen the film after all, while other cinemas arranged some under the radar midnight projections for the ones determined to see Seth Rogen and James Franco on the big screen.

Matter of Principle

The manager of Cinema Village in New York, Lee Peterson, had an interview for Reuters news agency and pointed out that showing the film was simply a matter of principle, not just sheer profit.

“Obviously we would like to make money from the movie, as we would with any movie, but it’s important to take a stand about freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to see movies,” said Lee.

“The Interview” can also be seen through a dedicated website, Google services YouTube and Play, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox Video platform, however, only in the US thus far.