Top Gun 2 Is Happening! Tom Cruise Even Has The Official Title

Top Gun 2

Great news for all Top Gun and Tom Cruise fans all around the world.

The rumors surrounding the Top Gun 2 have been brewing for years, but somehow the actual work on the possible second Top Gun installment never seemed to get even close to happening.

Now, it appears the moment has finally come for the long-awaited Top Gun 2!

While the actor was out promoting his new action, adventure, fantasy endeavor “The Mummy,” Tom Cruise has spilled some delicious beans about the Top Gun sequel as well.

Namely, the movie seems to already have an official title – “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Top Gun 2 Will Stay True To The Original

In the video available below, Tom says that the upcoming Top Gun sequel will have the same tone and style as the original.

Harold Faltermeyer will be in charge for the music (thank god), while we also know that Joseph Kosinski will be the main man behind the camera.

The action-packed plot will be full of competition between pilots, while there will also be aircraft carriers, drones (?), and jets involved.

Watch the video:

What is also interesting is that Val Kilmer may also be reprising his role as Iceman, but there haven’t been any official confirmations on other co-stars yet.

Shooting should start next year, which means that Top Gun 2 will be taking our breath away sometime in 2018.