The Rock Talks About Black Adam


DC Comics fans have been patiently waiting for the coming of Black Adam since September last year, when The Rock revealed his involvement in the story.

And while they still need to wait a bit longer, Dwayne Johnson might have something for them to think about in the meantime.

While talking with Hey U Guys about his new “San Andreas” action flick, The Rock couldn’t help but express his excitement and devotion to his upcoming role of Black Adam.

He said: “He’s a unique type of villain. When you start off as a slave, you’re not in a good mood! There’s a heavy wrath that a lot of people have to pay. But when it’s fuelled by a righteous anger if you will, like Black Adam, then you open up to what the character can be which I’m really excited about. That’s why he’s not just a straightforward bad guy.”

One might even say that Johnson feels a deep connection to the character he’s set to play. We can’t say whether that’s true or not, but let us remind you that he was the one who pushed both DC and Warner Bros. into making a movie about Shazam.

While “Shazam” is still over four years away with an April 5, 2019 release date, the story is already gaining momentum and deepness, regardless of the fact that the titular role still doesn’t have a name attached to it.