A Movie For Hello Kitty


Remember when we found out that Play-Doh is getting its own movie? Well, it seems like Hollywood is not quite done with putting famous brands on the big screen, as we now learn that Hello Kitty is about to have the same fate.

As Deadline reports, this uber-popular Japanese brand is set to hit the theaters in 2019 thanks to lifestyle company Sanrio, which just recently established a United States subsidiary and is ready to enroll anywhere between $160 and $240 million into this movie.

Unlike Play-Doh, it’s uncertain which form will the Hello Kitty movie take.

However, the most logical options are animation and live-action/animation hybrid, since this brand is primarily a 40-year-old cartoon about a talking cat.

One of the more interesting things about this new Hello Kitty movie is Sanrio’s potential to actually grow into a franchise. The company actually has multiple brands and characters to its name, like Little Twin Stars and My Melody, which are also considered for a big screen adaptation.