It’s Time For A Movie About Play-Doh


Just when we thought nothing crazier than “Dumb and Dumber To” can happen, we learn that Hollywood is making a movie about our favorite childhood toy.

As it appears, there aren’t enough unnecessary movies, so Play-Doh is getting one of its own.

According to Deadline, the movie business is more interested in movies about toys than we though. After witnessing the box office boom of “The LEGO Movie,” 20th Century Fox has now set its goal towards creating a movie about Play-Doh.

To be more precise, it’s Paul Feig who is the main culprit here, as he’s currently in talks about directing the new movie. His most recent works include the upcoming “Ghostbuster” reboot, “The Heat,” and the new Melissa McCarthy flick “Spy.”

At this point, there isn’t any info on the plot of the Play-Doh movie, but we have the feeling that it will have something to do with a pile of shape-shifting material. However, as Deadline reports, the movie will have live-action sequences.

We can’t tell what this movie will be like or how well it will do both with the audience and at the box office, but one thing’s for sure – if there are movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” then even Play-Doh deserves one for itself.