Will Ewan McGregor Become The Next James Bond?

November 17, 2015


Nobody can deny that the 007 franchise saw its own rebirth when Daniel Craig enlisted as the secret agent. But now when the actor announced his retirement from the role, one question remains: “Who will be the next James Bond?”

Many favorites have been picked both by the franchise’s owners and its fans, but one of them is by far leading the others. Ewan McGregor is his name, and here is what he has to say about the whole thing.

While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Scottish actor was asked about his thoughts on being a potential candidate for a 007 role.

His response was: “I think it would be quite cool to play James Bond. At this stage in my career being typecast is not really an issue anymore. Early on, when you start off you don’t want your horizons to be narrow, but I think people know I have some kind of width in my work, so I’m really not worried about that anymore.”

McGregor is best known for his role in the famous “Trainspotting” movie, but his resumes also includes roles in films such as “Star Wars,” “Jack The Giant Slayer,” and “Men Who Stare At Goats.” Although this is a fine list of classic films, we can’t say it wouldn’t be nice to see Ewan as Bond, James Bond.