Why ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Was Necessary For The Star Wars Franchise


We all knew “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” had a huge responsibility towards the Star Wars fans. Its first task was to tell an engaging standalone story, while the second one was perhaps even more challenging – to provide us with the logical events regarding the original Star Wars trilogy.

We truly believe the movie rose to the occasion.

Gareth Edwards definitely managed to pull it off by making a Star Wars spin off that actually improves the whole franchise retroactively.

Let’s see how.

Reason 1: It Fixes Plot Holes

One of the biggest plot holes in whole Star Wars saga is the fact that the Death Star’s weakness seems a little bit too easy to “utilize”.

Rogue One fixes this by elegantly and, most importantly, effectively dealing with this particular narrative hole.

The movie actually manages to turn this issue into “the overarching plot of the series”, as folks over at cinemablend.com puts it.

Edwards decides to exploit the silly exhaust port weakness and use it as an intentional design flaw. Pretty awesome.

Reason 2: It Gives Us A Different Point Of View

All the previous movies have been focusing on the good old conflict between the Jedi and the Sith, meaning we only had one point of view on the franchise.

Rogue One changed that.

The latest installment turns everything inside out and shows us characters who view The Force and this mystical energy from another point of view, which was in our opinion rather necessary.

Reason 3: It Broadens The Ever-So-Simple Good Vs. Evil Concept

The Star Wars franchise has always been dealing with and relied on a safe “good vs. evil” concept as the basis of its narratives. Rogue One, however, gives us so much more.

The new story broadens this idea by providing us with new sets of characters. We have a whole ensemble of criminals, assassins, and scoundrels who work for the Rebels, and boy are they willing to get their hands dirty.

And for the end we have a small bonus reason: it was indeed an awesome watch!