What’s So Strange About Doctor Strange?


Even though Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a dozen of movies, that doesn’t mean its superhero adaptation spree is close to an end. Phase 2 has only just begun, as we’re going to see more new character hit the big screen hard.

One of the superheroes the fans are most eager to see is “Doctor Strange”, and now that it’s confirmed Benedict Cumberbatch is set to portray him, we can’t help but wonder just how much will the movie adaptation differ from its comic book original.

Luckily for those with the same question, Tilda Swinton is here with some clues.

The actress, who is set to play the Ancient One in the upcoming film, spoke to Screen Crush recently when she said: “I’m a Marvel fan and I think this particular world that Doctor Strange goes into is really, really, really exciting.”

“I’m really interested as both an actor and a fan to see what’s done in this particular world. It’s all about creativity. It’s not about everything exploding at the end. It’s about something very different.”

That third ‘really’ is what sets the mood, because if a big MCU fan tells you it’s going to be exciting, you can bet that’s really going to happen. As for the original and adaptation difference, we can only wait and see how big will Doctor Strange’s role be after his own movie gets released.