“Transcendence” Coming Soon: A Great Example Of 21st Century Sci-Fi


When “Transcendence” hits theaters in April it will leave an impact on the cinematic world as more than just another “science fiction blockbuster”.

Gone are the days where our science fiction entertainment resides in an unimaginable world. With the advent of technologies constantly on the rise, our science fiction has begun to mirror what could be on the horizon rather than what we dream will be on the horizon.

“Transcendence”, starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, will offer the world a taste of what good 21st Century sci-fi is all about. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes this film so special.

“Transcendence” is comprised of the most talented folks in Hollywood

Long has the field of science fiction been the residence of the under employed and fairly unappreciated.

With “Transcendence”, a film that comprises talent from all over the globe, we will get to see a big budget film with the talent to match the ambition.

Produced by Christopher Nolan (produced “Inception”), and distributed by Warner Bros, “Transcendence” has the monetary backing to ensure a quality product.

Looking past the money men will lead us to consider just how talented the cast on the vehicle really is. In the lead roles you have Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, two Oscar nominated actors.

Looking past these two mega-stars will lead you to Hollywood favorites Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and Cole Hauser. In short, “Transcendence” possesses what very few science fiction films tend to have – stars that can make believable situations out of the extraordinary.

So what is “Transcendence” about?

For those not familiar with “Transcendence”, or left confused by the epic trailer that has hit the internet, the film follows Dr. Will Caster and his attempt to create a machine that is self aware.

Dr. Will Caster is a researcher of artificial intelligence and is on the brink of creating a giant network of sentient and self aware machines. This is obviously a terrifying scenario for the rest of the characters in the film, especially Caster’s wife, Evelyn, due to the potential for danger. Obviously these humans have seen the “Terminator” series.

Caster is opposed by violent extremists who attempt to kill the scientist. It is in Caster’s darkest hour, close to death, that he decides to merge with the technology that he has created.

How is “Transcendence” applicable to the 21st century?


What follows is a tale rich with allegory and metaphor and full of ethical and moral conundrums that are relevant to our own 21st century world.

The all-knowing power of Caster’s creation can be an allusion to the ability of the NSA’s PRISM program.

The violent extremists in the film, led by Kata Mara as Bree, are originally painted as evil and close-minded, but more of their story reveals that his may not be the case.

It’s interesting to note how Hollywood can play with the idea that these “terrorists” can be human and, potentially, good.

So why should sci-fi fans see “Transcendence”?

We are currently living in the golden age of cinema. As computers and digital technology push the envelope we are beginning to see films trend towards the “Uncanny Valley.”

Gone are the days where the realism of science fiction was held in check by the limits of modern technology. We are now living in the future, where computers can recreate the scientific fantasies of our past.

“Transcendence” will offer the gritty realism of a world ruled by science and it will also have the power to create it seamlessly.