The Truth Behind The 2017 Oscars Mistake

February 27, 2017

Warren Beatty somehow managed to Steve Harvey the Oscars this week and that mistake will definitely live on as one of the most infamous events in Oscar history. So, what actually went wrong during this awkward fail?

In case you haven’t yet seen the video, here’s the biggest 2017 Oscars mistake:

Warren Beatty read that La La Land won Best Picture award and while their crew were celebrating their presumed movie of the year win, producer Jordan Horowitz came up to the microphone to correct the record.

At this moment the whole thing felt like Moonlight was merely being honorably mentioned and it all felt like a tribute from one artist to another for a job well done, but the reality was far more comical.

As the envelope of truth was revealed to the public, Moonlight was indeed the winner. Warren Beatty subsequently explained what happened:

“I opened the envelope,” said Beatty, “and it said ‘Emma Stone, La La Land.’ That’s why I took such a long look at Faye [Dunaway,] and at [Jimmy Kimmel.] I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

Steve Harvey must be laughing his ass off.

It appears that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were somehow handed the wrong sealed envelope, the envelope for Best Actress which read “Emma Stone, La La Land,” making Warren announce the wrong winner.

Although this year’s Oscars were concluded in arguably the most bizarre way possible, the whole event went pretty well. The awards had gone into the right hands, and Jimmy Kimmel nailed as the host.

Stay tuned for the list of most important winners.