The 11 most illogical movie endings

11. Perfect Stranger


So it turns out that Halle Berry, the main character, was the killer all along, even though there’s a scene where she’s alone in her apartment and in fear for her life because she thinks the killer is after her.

We guess she was pretending for our sake?

10. The Dark Knight Rises


So Bruce Wayne, famous billionaire playboy, is exposed as Batman, and then disappears, because he went to another country, and obviously nobody would recognize him there, right?

We see how Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan can be left alone by the paparazzi just by vacationing outside the US, right?

9. Lucky Number Slevin


The big twist in Lucky Number Slevin actually happens about halfway through the movie. The second half of the film is comprised of backtracking to show us that everything we just watched actually happened like this.

If you need to retrace the entire movie a scene at a time to make the twist work, then maybe the twist doesn’t work.

8. Planet of the Apes (remake)


Remember when we saw the Statue of Liberty in the original Planet of the Apes? What a twist that was.

The remake tries to match it with… an ape version of the Lincoln memorial? What does that even mean?

7. The Life of David Gale


Kevin Spacey frames himself for murder to prove that the death penalty doesn’t work.

But… if you’re doing everything in your power to trick the cops into thinking you’re a killer, does that really prove anything?

6. The Forgotten


Space aliens took Julianne Moore’s kid. In a movie with no space aliens in it up until the ending.

The writer could have made up literally anything at that point and it would have had about as much dramatic impact.

5. Identity


Every single character in the movie is another alternate personality of a serial killer. So basically: who cares which ones live or die?

4. War of the Worlds


Remember in Spielberg’s War of the Worlds when Tom Cruise’s son heroically runs off to fight the space aliens?

Then in the end when he comes back unscathed? Did the writer just not know what to do with the character for forty pages?

3. Haute Tension


The protagonist has an established alibi for every murder in the film, she lacks the physical strength to commit most of the murders seen, but she was the killer all along? If you say so, movie.

2. The Village


Okay, so the villagers are kept in the village by stories of monsters, and that’s why they don’t know it’s the 21st Century, but do they never see helicopters flying overhead?

1. The Devil Inside


So you’ve paid your twenty bucks to watch a movie, and in the middle of the final scene, the movie cuts to black and refers you to a website where you can find out what happened.

This ending is not only illogical, it’s flat out insulting.