Steve Jobs Flunks At The Box Office

October 28, 2015


Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs has flunked at the box office during its opening weekend, bringing home $7.3 million as opposed to the projected $19 million.

Should we be surprised?

Maybe. The film’s stellar reviews and successful pre-screening figures suggested much more favorable results for the awards-season hopeful from Universal, which has been on an unprecedented run this years, thanks to the heavy hitters such as Jurassic Park, Minions and Furious 7.

Steve Jobs cost $30 million to make and just as much if not more to market, however the studio is positive the film will rebound after reassuring figures from large markets, such as New York and San Francisco, and after the word of mouth gets around.

When we take into consideration that it opened to similar numbers as the Ashton Kutcher Jobs flop in 2013, which grossed a comparable $6.7 million during its opening weekend, it looks like Boyle’s Steve Jobs is going to be a tough sell.