Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Marvel’s Casting Changes

November 24, 2015

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe might seem like it’s nothing more than another blockbuster franchise, we can’t say the people behind it aren’t capable of choosing the right talent for the many roles included in these movies.

Sure, there have been a couple casting mistakes here and there, but for the main part, the MCU has a plethora of talented actors in its cast. But if you ask Samuel L. Jackson, this franchise draws its power from the characters and the genre rather than the actors themselves.

While talking to THR, Jackson decided to share his personal thoughts on why every Marvel movie was such a big hit.

Said the actor: “Those movies have very little to do with us. They have to do with the event. People love superheroes, and fortunately we’re in them, but they’re not dependent upon us.”

He added: “They could put that eye patch on somebody else, and it would work the same way. The green guy could be anybody. You turn Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle and nobody notices.

Perhaps his role isn’t a superpowered one, but Nick Fury is most certainly a giant part of Marvel, both in comic and movie form.

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Also, don’t forget that Sam L. Jackson is one of the biggest actors that ever starred in Hollywood, so when he gives you his professional opinion, you can be damn sure that he is right.