Pulp Fiction Review


What is it about Quentin Tarantino movies that makes a man (or woman) feel so connected? Is it the beautifully crafted characters? Maybe it is the depth of the storyline. Whatever the reason, you have to admit that Tarantino’s movies are usually odd. There is a reason why Hollywood considers Tarantino the exception to their rules. Hollywood likes to produce movies that stick to a familiar formula.

If the movie they are making is similar to another movie that proved to make lots of money, Hollywood is sure that they won’t go bankrupt. Nevertheless, Tarantino continues to put out movies that follow no such formula and are designed to give the audience something to ponder.

Pulp Fiction is the poster child for Tarantino movies. This film has some of the most famous actors of all time in a wide array of casting positions. You have John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson playing mobsters at the same time that Bruce Willis is playing some strange boxing lover boy.

Tarantino himself shows up as a goofy, whipped husband that seems utterly oblivious to the fact that a bloody car with a decapitated body sits in his garage. The casting for this movie is superb and unmatched to any. The actors chosen to play in this movie may or may not have been deliberate casts, but they fit well with the characters they are assigned to.

The movie is essentially a crime drama. It is about three groups of people that get themselves involved in various crimes and wind up crossing paths at some point in the movie.

There is actually very little plot to the movie. However, there are countless sub-plots that drive the film.

Each character experiences a series of personal challenges that indirectly affect the challenges of the other characters in the movie.

No matter how complicated that may sound, it isn’t. Tarantino simplified the process so well that the viewers barely even have to think and they will still understand what is going on. That is not to say, however, that the movie is dull or boring. Pulp Fiction has surprises that will have you jumping out of your seat screaming “that was awesome!”

It is disappointing how sloppy the movie comes across when the character sequences jump back and forth. The movie starts out with a couple in a diner, but the audience sees next to nothing about them until the end of the movie. All throughout the film, scenes are shown completely out of sequence.

The scenes appear to make perfect sense until another scene pops up that completely changes the order in which the events happened. It is a jumbled mess and can be somewhat frustrating. Most people can appreciate the artistry of character development by reliving memories and whatnot, but this movie takes it a bit too far.


The movie was obviously made on a low budget. Actually, the movie had $8.5 million. However, it looks like most of that went to marketing and to pay the high quality actors.

The movie jumps from many locations, but actual equipment appears scarce. Lighting and cinematography are poor and the actual locations look fake.

Nevertheless, these minor details are futile when looking at the whole picture. The film has the best actors in the business and the story is one to be remembered for years to come. If anything, the music and sound were very nice.

Overall, this is a must-watch film. You cannot call yourself a movie lover without seeing this film. Even if you aren’t a huge movie fanatic, you will certainly enjoy this film. Although there are a few parts that are a little explicative, it has something for everyone. It combines the best parts of any movie and showcases a memorable story.

The comical moments, hot action scenes, emotional tension, and underlying message make Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction one of the best movies to date.