Michael Madsen’s Problem With IMDB


Let’s face it – when you want to see which movies a certain actor has played in, or when you’re in need of an actor’s bio or a movie’s plot, you go to IMDB.com. It’s become everyone’s favorite online database for movies, shows, actors, and trailers. Well, almost everyone’s.

If you’ve watched “Reservoir Dogs,” then you know how psychotic Michael Madsen can get. Madsen was always the one to get the most hard-core roles in Hollywood, and that earned him a certain reputation.

But when it comes to IMDB, the actor is not as fond of it as he is of his hard case characters.

During an interview in the The AV Club’s “Random Roles” series, Madsen talked about anecdotes and events from his career as an actor. And at some point, the actor started ranting about IMDB and the accuracy of its data.

Said Madsen: “It’s, like, you know, you meet somebody on an elevator and they say they have a screenplay that their brother-in-law wrote, and you say, ‘Wow, that sounds interesting,’ and the next thing you know, it’s on IMDB that you’re in it or that you’re in post-production.

“Or you go and you do two days for some young kids to help them out, and they put your name above the title, and they put it on the IMDB, and suddenly it looks like you’ve done 75 films in the last 10 minutes.

Fact is upcoming projects on IMDB get names that are only mentioned in rumors slapped way too often to them. We can see what Madsen was trying to say, but he didn’t mention the good side of it – the site really provides the most information about the world of movies.

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Whether you agree with Michael Madsen or not, the fact that IMDB is something of a Wikipedia for movies is undeniable. Perhaps they should just take it easy with announcing the involvement of actors in future project before the rumors have been confirmed.