Marvel Is Dominating Over DC

October 31, 2014

Marvel and DC

The past month will forever be remembered as one of the biggest months for comic book movies thanks to DC and Marvel. Both houses announced their movie plans for the next several years, which for DC meant finally diving into the DC Cinematic Universe and further exploring characters such as Superman and Batman. As for Marvel, it means we get to jump into Phase 3 with well-known faces and new characters.

But the question still stands: “Who is winning? Marvel or DC?” Although both companies have their pros and cons, Marvel is undisputedly leading the charge with comic book movies.

As far as marketing and positive reception go, Marvel has the upper hand. Unfortunately, part of the reason DC is in second place is because they had a late start. While Marvel kicked off the MCU with “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” in 2008, DC didn’t initiate the DCCU until 2013 with “Man of Steel.”

Sure, there were “Green Lantern” and the Christopher Nolan “Batman” films, but the less said about the latter, the better. Once DC saw the gold mine that Marvel dug into, they should have immediately began work on their cinematic universe, but instead they waited too long.

Now instead of introducing characters one at a time, they’re debuting most of the Justice Leaguers in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” That’s not to say that their strategy is exactly like Marvel’s, but it seems like they’re cramming a lot in just to catch up.

We’ll get a better sense of what the DCCU will be like when “Batman V Superman” and “Suicide Squad” come out in 2016. For now, all we have to go off of is “Man of Steel,” which earned mixed reviews, and casting news, of which a fair amount has drawn the ire of fans.

Regardless of who’s “winning,” we should consider ourselves lucky that we live in a time when all these characters finally being adapted for the big screen, so that’s a victory by itself.