Martin Scorsese To Direct The Devil In The White City


An amazing Christmas present came early this year in a form of exciting movie new! Allegedly, famed director and over-all feature film legend Martin Scorsese will direct the adaptation of Erik Larson’s true-crime thriller novel The Devil In The White City!

The novel on which Scorsese’s movie will be based upon is an amazingly researched and compelling chronic of a real-life serial killer Dr H.H. Holmes, who is alleged a big number of people, somewhere around 1893.

However, another huge A-list name is connected to this project, as famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been trying to make this movie happen for years.

Reportedly, the popular performing artist will be portraying the ghoulish but charismatic role of Holmes, which will probably be a slight challenge for him as he hadn’t done anything similar to this before.

DiCaprio has been working really hard to get this project into production since the rights for the adaptation first became available, so he will surely do his absolutely best in this feature film.

Scorsese and DiCaprio have proven to be quite the movie-making pair, as they had amazing success with projects on which they both worked on, like Wolf Of Wall Street and Shutter Island.

The script was adapted for the big screen by Billy Ray (who previously worked on Captain Phillips), and it will be produced by Stacey Sher, Rick Yorn, Michael Shamberg, and Jennifer Davisson.

In the meantime, Scorsese has been pretty busy working on a missionary historical drama called Silence.