If Jim Parsons Was A Superhero


Most of us who watched the CBS series “The Big Bang Theory” actually believed that Jim Parsons is as quirky and weird as his character Sheldon Cooper is.

And when we saw how ‘normal’ the actor really is in real life, we understood what the limits of his talent are.

That being said, Parsons’ talent is something that can be utilized greatly on the big screen.

As you probably know, Sheldon Cooper is a big fan of DC Universe superheroes in the TV show, like The Flash and Batman. But as chance has it, Parsons would like nothing better than to portray a DC bad guy – The Riddler.

During an interview with MTV News UK about his latest movie “Home”, Jim Parsons revealed his sincere wish to star as the mysterious troublemaker known as The Riddler. When Parsons was asked if he would ever want to play a superhero, his response was more than intriguing.

Said the actor: “I would love to play a superhero in a movie. I would like it to be a villain, and I would really like to play The Riddler. I don’t feel they’re using The Riddler very much, are they? I would be dope as the Riddler. Girls, tell your friends.”

What Parsons said bears more weight than you’d think. The Riddler really is an overlooked character, as we’ve seen only one decent presentation of the character with Jim Carrey’s role in “Batman Forever.

Aside from that, we think Jim Parsons would be a perfect casting choice for Edward Nigma. Just imagine the randomness of Sheldon Cooper mixed with the sinister mysteriousness of The Riddler, and you have yourself one menacing DCU villain.