Hot Fuzz Review

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Oh, that Simon Pegg. He certainly knows how to make a comedy.

‘Hot Fuzz’ gives the same comic treatment to the Hollywood genre of the buddy cop film as ‘Shaun of the Dead’ did to the horror genre.

The result is hilarious from start to finish and well deserving of the prediction of funniest film in years; its doubtful anything will be able top it in the future.

For better or worse, you’ll certainly never look at the police in the same way again.

Based on the trailer alone it was a bit dubious whether Pegg would be just cashing in on his earlier cinematic success, specifically whether he could effectively recycle the same ‘shortcut’ gag (fans of Shaun of the Dead will recognise this) in two consecutive films. Be assured, he can.

Somehow the sheer belief that Pegg brings to his role convinces you that the rather averagely built actor is in fact a hot shot police marksman, and Frost is perfectly cast in his role as the mentally slow but lovable sidekick; once you’ve seen it you really won’t be able to imagine anyone else playing the roles.

‘Hot Fuzz’ is a film that just might have you laughing non-stop from the opening to the close. It really just was that good.

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Although Hot Fuzz has come in for some criticism from reviewers from outside the UK, which is understandable as many of the subtler comic moments are effectively British in jokes which don’t translate well, it was a great film and genuinely funny in that special way that only British comedy can be.

Whether you want to laugh at a cop busting a leaping karate kick on a shotgun wielding grandmother, or at the send up of rural living, this is a film guaranteed to suit any taste in humour.

Just a warning though, some of the gory effects really do leave you bodily cringing with your hand in front of your eyes going ‘Gah, that’s gotta hurt!’; but at the same time they’re funny. Pegg’s funny. Frost’s funny. You get the idea. This film is seriously FUNNY. Prepared to be amused.

Ps. Look out for Bill Bailey!