Daniel Radcliffe’s Problem With Hollywood

October 28, 2014


Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that even though he is quickly becoming one of the most prominent young actors in Hollywood, he has a huge issue with one certain aspect of the movie business.

The British actor was being quizzed by his legion of fans for a Reddit AMA session when the subject of Hollywood’s biggest issues arose, the “Harry Potter” actor was asked, “If you were [able to] change one thing about the world what would it be and do you think your fame would help?”

Rather than declaring that he might eradicate world hunger or would provide clean water to the millions of people on the globe that don’t have it, Radcliffe’s answer revolved around an annoyance that he has with his own profession.

Wrote the actor, “I suppose I would… I would remove the bulls**t hierarchy from the film industry, because there are certain people who do my job, and also directors and producers, who seem to think the job they do gives them license to treat people who work for them badly, and there is no good reason for that, and it should not be tolerated. I know that if I ever get to direct, it will not be present anywhere on my set.”

Despite the fact that Radcliffe is being a tad selfish by only thinking about how his one-time deal to change the world would affect him, you can’t help but agree with his plan. Stories constantly seem to circulate regarding the ill treatment of below the line workers by illustrious actors or directors.

A level of professionalism should always be adhered to by anyone involved in a film production, but that doesn’t mean that the big fish on-set can rule with an iron fist that demeans and intimidates the crew members below them.

Well, they can do it. But if they do, they’re awful people. It’s good to know that Daniel Radcliffe is above all of that nonsense.