10 Best Action Movies of All Time

December 24, 2013

1. 300


If you like sword fights, a great story and a bit of historical charm, then 300 is a great movie for double-feature movie night. The story takes place in ancient Greece and features Spartan warriors.

Although the story primarily focuses on fighting and war scenes, it also gives a glimpse of the warrior’s home life.

2. Rocky


Rocky is a 1976 movie classic. The story features a small-time boxer who takes on a champion.

It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the small-time boxer does everything he can to win.

3. Gladiator


Gladiator is more than a great action movie: it is a great story. The fight for the people and the political elements take the movie beyond the great action scenes.

Even though the movie discusses the politics of ancient Rome, there are interesting war scenes and fights throughout the entire movie.

4. Braveheart

Brave Heart

Braveheart is an excellent movie for the action, story and the cause. The historical movie shows the fight for freedom and the choice to live a simple life in Scotland.

It shows the value of courage and the determination to move forward, regardless of the obstacles that are blocking the path.

5. The Matrix


Want something a little more updated and futuristic? The Matrix is a great action movie with a unique view of the future.

The action and special effects set the movie apart. It is more than just explosions and fist-fights. The main character can even dodge bullets.

6. Sin City


Sin City offers action scenes, a unique story line and amazing artistic effects. The movie showcases the different sins that take place in Basin City from the perspective of three main characters.

It is an interesting movie for anyone who wants something a little different without giving up action scenes.

7. Tomb Raider


An action-packed movie that features a heroine is the foundation of Tomb Raider. The movie has interesting action scenes from the beginning and has a fun story-line based on finding a specific item.

8. Resident Evil


If you want something with a touch of fantasy or science fiction, then Resident Evil is a good action pick.

The movie is classified as a zombie movie, but it has many different fight scenes and the story carries forward for an entire set.

9. Black Hawk Down


Black Hawk Down is a good choice for a military action movie. The movie features a desperate battle when a mission goes awry.

10. Die Hard


Die Hard is an action movie that features a police officer who rescues office workers during a hostage situation.

In the movie, the one-on-one fights and creative solutions to save as many lives as possible makes it an interesting movie.