Ben Affleck Injured While Filming Batman V Superman


If Batman was real, he would be a disaster zone of injuries and maladies. Think about how certain athletes get hurt all the time, missing weeks and months of play. Multiply that by 100.

You can imagine how Batman would constantly be scuffling around with a busted Achilles, or a torn rotator cuff, or just a chronic case of the boo-boos. Ben Affleck, he of a couple of decades of moviemaking, is just learning that.

Batman-News is extrapolating on a report from Star that reveals Ben Affleck has brutalized himself on the set of “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.”

The diagnosis from the internet is that he’s got a case of “something wrong with his shoulder”, and it’s so bad that a stunt double is being required for scenes that involve the Caped Crusader simply lifting a child.

In fairness, the child had just eaten two Snickers bars for lunch. This is the second major injury to befall Affleck recently: production on the superhero action fest was postponed earlier this year because of a skiing accident that damaged the former Daredevil’s ribs.

The problem got so bad that he had to be sent home from the set, which is a good time to remind you that Ben Affleck is a 42-year-old man. Granted, you’d assume that his Batman would be a bit slower and weaker than, say, Christian Bale’s unbreakable hero.


But this is a Zack Snyder movie, and if you’ve seen Watchmen, you’d know that Snyder has absolutely no concept of what the limits of an older person’s body really are.

Mind you, the last time we saw Batman onscreen, he was getting his vertebrae punched into place to fix a broken back.

Affleck is said to be going to the gym regularly for this role, but before this, he was happily playing non-musclebound characters.

For a body to make a sudden shift into bruiser territory so quickly? No amount of money or personal trainers can ignore that this is just an unnatural treatment for the human body, and the body will often act accordingly.

And a shoulder injury is a real pain to deal with. Now it makes sense why Affleck could be so reluctant to take on such a role. Fortunately, he’s been back on set recently, so this injury, as of yet, won’t affect production.