A Review of The Hangover Part III


The Hangover Part III is the third film in the series of the popular Hangover movies. Once again the movie follows the three members of the Wolf Pack as they try to deal with a crazy situation. This time, instead of the usual bachelor party, the guys find themselves mixed up with gangsters.

The Hangover Part III takes a departure from the usual Hangover plot, mainly in that this time there is no hangover. Instead of following the Wolf Pack as they attempt to put together the pieces from a night of debauchery that, because of various drugs, they can’t remember, we follow them as they attempt to track down and capture Mr. Chow.

Some fans might consider this a welcome change while others could see it is a misled departure from a winning formula.

It is a little bit strange to have a Wolf Pack that knows exactly what it’s doing and not being horrified when they find out what they’ve done the night before, and it takes out some of the fun of the first two movies.

Nevertheless, while this was an interesting idea for the first Hangover, by this time many viewers might have complained about it being a played out story.

It is still plenty of fun to be involved in a new adventure, which is much more focused on the character of Alan than the other two had been. There are lots of laughs, but most come from Alan himself rather than from the situation that the guys are in.

The Hangover Part III, though full of crazy moments, doesn’t quite have the shock factor of its two predecessors.

There are twists and turns for sure, but they don’t quite measure up to what viewers have come to expect from a Hangover movie. Still, if you are looking for something shocking then you should stick around for a while after the credits start rolling, as there is one last scene that you probably don’t want to miss.