10 Horror Movies That Can Make You Laugh out Loud

January 24, 2014

1. Army of Darkness


This 1992 cult classic Sam Raimi-directed third series in the Evil Dead trilogy stars Bruce Campbell as a man who is sent back in time to battle an army of the undead.

There are arguably just as many laughs and quotable one-liners as there are scares, making this a must-see for all horror movie fans.

2. Shaun of the Dead


IMDB technically classifies the 2004 Edgar Wright hit Shaun of the Dead as a horror-comedy, so laughs should be expected.

And they’re certainly more than delivered in this quirky British horror-comedy that still has a touch of heart and drama.

3. Evil Dead 2


Evil Dead 2, Sam Raimi’s second installment in the Evil Dead series, is all horror for about two-thirds of the movie.

Then the third act just gets laugh out loud awesome and quirky, with terrific one-liners, amusing death sequences and more good ole’ fashioned horror fun.

4. Cabin in the Woods


The 2012 horror film from Joss Whedon is touted for its originality, but it should be equally lauded for its wit.

The movie is sharp, original and downright funny at certain parts to break up the suspense and keep audiences entertained.

It’s also ironic and pays special tribute to some classic horror movies.

5. Bubba Ho-Tep


If you have yet to see this B-movie horror-comedy, get it now. It stars Bruce Campbell as senior citizen Elvis, who, along with an equally old version of John F. Kennedy, tries to stop a killer mummy.

It’s silly, yet a must-see for horror fans.

6. An American Werewolf in London


Considering that the director behind the 1981 horror flick is John Landis – the same man who brought us Blues Brothers and Animal House – it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s a touch of comedy incorporated into the movie.

It is still arguably the best werewolf movie of all time.

7. Cemetery Man


If you just read the script, you’d probably never want to see this tale of a man having to re-kill corpses that have come back from the dead.

But it’s directed and acted with such enthusiasm that it makes for a great horror-comedy.

8. The Leprechaun Series


Maybe it’s funny because it tries to take itself so seriously?

There’s just something about the Leprechaun series of movies that keep us laughing and hoping for more.

9. Slither


It has a 50’s plot, 1970’s tone, lots of great special effects and it’s loads of fun.

10. The Happening


By the looks of it, this M. Night Shyamalan flick is a suspenseful and scary apocalyptic thriller with a great cast.

And then we all saw it and couldn’t stop laughing throughout the movie – but for all of the wrong reasons.

The Happening makes this list of funny horror movies because it’s just so bad, that it’s funny.