10 Video Games That Should Hit The Big Screen

Gamer Nerd Playing Video Games On Television

When it seems Hollywood has told all the stories to be told, they turn to video games. They are easy enough to produce, but many of these movies don’t do the video game justice. Here are a few video games that would definitely do well at the box office.

1. Red Dead Redemption

Because who doesn’t want to be an outlaw in the wild, wild, West? Arguably one of the best video games of 2010, “Red Dead Redemption” consisted of both a great storyline and great dialogue between its engaging characters. Brad Pitt even took an interest in it and rumors were flying about a movie in the making. Unfortunately, the frontier’s been pretty quiet since then.

2. Mass Effect

A movie version of BioWare’s space opera is actually in the works. However, the picture company who secured the movie rights back in 2008, Legendary Pictures, is having some trouble trying to translate the video game into a captivating cinematic adventure. A screenplay hasn’t even been written yet, but hired screenwriter Morgan Davis Foehl is apparently a HUGE “Mass Effect” fan. We’re rootin’ for ya Foehl!

3. The Last of Us

At the surface, this is a video game about killing zombies. But the guys at Naughty Dog did an incredible job creating a fantastic storyline.

Hollywood would be crazy to not turn this into a movie. We are thrust into a post-apocalyptic, desolate America that has been ravaged with zombie-like creatures.

We are taken along on the journey of Joel and Ellie, to a group of resistance fighters that could possibly help cure an unknown infection that has taken over.

4. Dead Space

Another game that supposedly has a movie in the works is EA’s creepy “Dead Space.” Hollywood is due to crank out the next great sci-fi thriller and “Dead Space” has all the components to make a film adaptation successful. Director D.J. Caruso assured fans he and the producers of “Twilight” were working diligently. We’ll pretend we didn’t hear the bit about “Twilight” and look the other way…

5. The Legend of Zelda

Not that I even need to make a case of this, but the franchise has sold more than 67 million copies of Zelda since it was first released in 1986. It’s classic, it’s timeless, it speaks over different generations. “The Legend of Zelda” is just begging to be transformed into a movie. If Nintendo would just release its grip a little, there is no doubt “The Legend of Zelda” film would be, well, legen(wait for it)dary.

6. Halo

Yet another wildly popular video game with silver screen potential is “Halo.” 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios agreed to collaborate on the film with Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp directing and producing. It quickly lost funding and the flame petered out. But before the project’s collapse, Blomkamp was able to create test footage called “Halo: Landfall” that later on used to promote “Halo 3’s” release.

7. Assassin’s Creed

This game is entertainment and a history lesson rolled in one. Ubisoft announced plans to release this movie adaptation in 2015 and we are just hoping, wishing, and crossing our fingers that this project doesn’t fall by the wayside like many of its predecessors.

8. Metal Gear Solid

Littered with shattered dreams of could-be, would-be, should-be video games, can “Metal Gear Solid” rise through the ashes of Hollywood? Talks of turning this game into a movie have been churning for years, and it seems this time the plan is back on track and the (Konami and Hollywood) boys are willing to play nice.

9. Fallout

One might argue that there are just too many variables with role-playing games, such as “Fallout,” but that is the beauty of being an open book. With enough artistic interpretation and talented writers, “Fallout” would be a hit at the box office for sure. How can you go wrong with a post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic setting?

10. Bioshock

An underwater city setting, unearthly creatures, and visually stimulating artwork combine to create “Bioshock.” Director Gore Verbinski was set to direct a movie based on this game back in 2010, but production ceased due to an bloated budget and Verbinski stepped down. Surprise, surprise. We hope someone else will step in soon to see this project through. We’d love to see Big Daddy on the big screen.

  • El Duderino

    God of War?

  • Andrew Banks

    And what about Pong? Why not a Pong movie?

  • Michael Diaz

    Gears of War, the story is already written and it’s a good read.

  • AJ75

    Video games should not be made into movies. Never ends well.

  • anon

    you forgot Legend of Dragoon