10 Disappointing Films With Great Actors

1. Movie 43 (2013)

Movie 43

One of the worst reviewed films in recent memory, it features recognized talent like Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Richard Gere and Bobby Cannavale.

It’s considered an embarrassment that no one wants to talk about.

2. Full Frontal (2002)

full frontal

Julia Roberts has made far too many movies to not have been in at least one poorly received film. She’s been in a few. This film tops the list.

It’s directed by auteur Steven Soderbergh, whose desire for innovative storytelling has the potential to fail. Like it does here.

3. Edison(2005)


Finding a bad Morgan Freeman is like going through fruit at the supermarket. There’s going to be a rotten one somewhere. This movie falls well below par for the actor.

After all, it features Justin Timberlake and LL Cool J. Not that they’re bad actors but what the heck are they doing on the same set as Morgan Freeman?

4. The Great Buck Howard (2008)

buck howard

Many list Bonfire of the Vanities as Tom Hanks’ worst film. That’s only because this one was so forgettable it never comes up. Hanks plays father to his real life son, Colin, which adds nothing to the mix.

This is one of those movies that vanishes the second you leave the theater.

5. The Rookie (1990)


Clint Eastwood has said he puts the same amount of energy into all his films. So how do you explain the director of Unforgiven churning out The Rookie?

It’s a cop on the edge partnering with an earnest rookie story gone so completely dark and wrong.

6. Showtime (2002)


Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro? The script should have been on par with 48 HRS. Unfortunately, the studio wanted family friendly fare.

It completely wasted the talents of two personalities that should have been exploding off the screen. And, come on, how do you waste William Shatner?!?

7. Lions for Lambs (2007)


No one expected talent like Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford to create such a disappointing product.

Even the subject matter was topical and dramatic – on paper. Somehow, it just turned into a muddled narrative.

8. 88 Minutes (2007)


We’d love to list Jack & Jill as Al Pacino’s worst but that wasn’t his movie. Unfortunately, this one is. He’s stalked by a killer that manages to make his character do exactly what the killer needs exactly when the killer needs it done.

Yes, it’s as silly as it sounds.

9. Man Trouble (1992)

Man Trouble

Jack Nicholson outshines most material making it hard to find a bad movie. But no one would argue our final choice.

It’s an alleged comedic crime caper with sex kitten Ellen Barkin. The entire production is so off putting even Nicholson’s performance comes across as bad.

10. Heart Condition (1990)


Despite making people laugh in dark moments, audiences have never taken Denzel Washington seriously in comedies.

In this one, he plays a lawyer that’s murdered and has his heart transplanted into a racist white cop. Washington’s ghost haunts the cop while they track his killer. (Hmmm. Maybe this is why…)