Top 10 Movie Stars That Don’t Have Any Talent


Movie stars are usually people who get recognized for their acting talent, their ability to become someone else in a fraction of a second, and many of them have that coveted and unexplained X-factor some refer to as charisma.

Others are simply good-looking people with the minimal amount of talent, who happened to be at the right place at the right time, and we can turn our blind eye to this bunch, saying – hey, I guess you need luck as well, and that’s perfectly fine.

However, there is a group of movie stars and celebrities who are just talentless excuses for the words “actor” and “actress”. These people simply can’t act, they can’t sing, don’t play any instruments, nor are they even remotely funny.

Let’s take a look at this list of 10 such stars and if you happen to disagree with some of our choices, feel free to elaborate in the comments section.

10. Jessica Biel

We are starting off with one pretty famous A-lister, and even though some of you might strongly disagree, we really think Jessica Biel can’t act.

Yes, she is gorgeous. Her face is pretty, her body smokin’, and we can all agree she filled up real nicely from the “7th Heaven” period, but her obvious lack of real talent is becoming a real problem for her and her declining career. Hell, even marrying Justin Timberlake didn’t help.

Jokes aside, Jessica seems to be quite unaware of this fact. Namely, the actress thinks her lack of success in Hollywood has to do with her being too beautiful. Yes, you read it right. Back in 2009, she said so in an interview for Allure magazine. “It really is a problem. I have to be blunt,” said Jessica.