Eighteen Brilliant But Unawarded Acting Performances


The greatest actors in Hollywood are often recognized for their best performances by the Academy, with the Oscar Award as the highest honor an actor can receive.

Here are eight actors who missed out on their chance for the Oscar despite playing in some of the most challenging and moving roles of their careers.

1. Tom Cruise – Magnolia

As Frank TJ Mackie in PT Anderson’s “Magnolia,” Tom Cruise portrayed confidence and energy – all the characteristics we have come to expect from Cruise.

What we didn’t see coming was the one well-timed question from a reporter that was all that it took to break through his mask, letting the audience see him slowly and quietly crumble on screen.

His cocky, self-assured, chauvinistic attitude couldn’t have been better played by any other actor, and his whole-hearted enthusiasm makes you want to cheer him on despite his arrogance.

The character of Mackie absolutely captivates the audience, pumping up everything we love about the typical Tom Cruise character to extravagant proportions while stretching his acting ability to its very limit with a few intensely emotional scenes. This performance earned Cruise a Golden Globe award, but he lost out on the coveted Oscar, although he did receive a nomination.

Never before nor since have we had the pleasure of seeing Tom Cruise in such a fitting role – not surprising, when you consider that the role of Frank TJ Mackie was written specifically for Cruise. Although he missed his chance for an Oscar, “Magnolia” will always be one of Cruise fans’ favorite films.