Eighteen Brilliant But Unawarded Acting Performances


2. Tom Hanks – Cast Away

Leaving the jokes about being outacted by a volleyball aside, Hanks was able to handle almost a half-hour of screen time alone with nothing but a piece of recreational equipment stuffed with twigs.

Considering that it must have taken days to shoot, it’s a wonder that Hanks didn’t wind up as crazy as his character by the end of it.

He also lost 55 pounds to do it and grew a full beard – if there is anyone who throws himself wholly into a role, it is Tom Hanks.

His character, Chuck Noland, goes through a roller-coaster ride of emotions through this 143 minute film, from business-like to bewildered, to an eventual almost crazed state of depression.

Not only did Hanks depict an absolutely convincing cast away, with his studious deliberation of suicide enough to keep the audience hanging on the edges of their seats, his performance made the entire plot line seem that much more plausible.

Even though his portrayal of his character was absolutely believable and a real tour-de-force of acting, he failed to take home the Oscar. He was, however, nominated for the MTV Best Kiss Award with Helen Hunt and the Best On-Screen Duo Award with Wilson, the volleyball.