10 Weirdest Existing Film Genres


The world of cinematography just never fails to amaze. Whether you prefer big budget Hollywood movies, independent small productions, or the weirdest of the weird that the movie industry has to offer around the globe, you’re bound to find something to your liking. Today, we explore not only those lesser known genres, but also those movie categories that are considered weird by any standards. From Mockbusters imitating Hollywood blockbusters to fat bald gay Russian men defying the strict Soviet regime on the big screen, we’ve got it all! So sit back and enjoy!

1. Mockbusters

Mockbusters are low-budget films that are essentially knock-offs of Hollywood blockbusters with similar titles, which are not released in theatres (shocking!), but rather go straight to DVDs.

A mockbuster is a film created with the intension to capitalize on the popularity of a particular blockbuster that it’s ripping off.

Mockbusters are also called knockbusters, and the most prominent ones include Transmorphers (Transformers knock-off), The Da Vinci Treasure (The Da Vinci Code knock-off), and Snakes on a Train (Snakes on a Plane knock-off).

Mockbusters are released around the same time the major film hits theatres, and on the one hand they deceive fans of the original film into purchasing a copy of Snakes on a Train instead of Snakes on a Plane, while the connoisseurs of cinema also argue that mockbusters provide customers with the opportunity to enjoy more of a specific subgenre.

Mockbusters have a long history in Hollywood, dating back as early as the 1950s.