20 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early


Despite having decades of experience in the entertainment business, studios can occasionally make mistakes and cancel some of our most beloved TV shows.

Usually the studios do not realise just how popular a show is until the almighty backlash that comes after it is taken off the air.

A large number of shows have found fame through DVD sales and developed a cult following after their untimely death.

The following shows are all perfect examples of moments when the studio executives got it terribly wrong.

1. Jericho

This well acted show revolved around the characters in a small town after nuclear bombs dropped on most of America. From the small town interactions between the residents to the subtle understories that wove between the main plots, this show was a realistic look at how it might actually happen.

Cancelled once, the fans made such an uproar that it was brought back for one more season. However, the fight to get Jericho reinstated was not an easy one. Fans inundated the studio with emails letters, phone calls and even sent over 20 tons of peanuts to the CBS headquarters.

The nuts were in reference to a scene where Jake Green utters the phrase “nuts!” during an episode entitled “Why We Fight.” Producers eventually relented and shot a second series which achieved even lower ratings than the first one. Despite its die hard fan base, Jericho was eventually cancelled on the 21st of March 2008.

Jericho: Complete Series are Available Here

The show was revived in comic book form in 2009 after Devil’s Due publishing decided to pick up the storyline where it left off after season two. Six comic books were released that comprised the third season of the show and were eventually published as a graphic novel entitled “Jericho Season 3: Civil War.”

  • Darion Kain

    I’m shocked that they didn’t talk about Surface and Kyle XY.

  • T.j Hemming

    90% of these shows should have never made it passed the pilot in the first place…

  • CHmAliceINS

    Agreed! I absolutely loved Reunion!

  • CHmAliceINS

    I agree with nearly all of these, but most of all The Black Donnellys, I really loved that show, so disappointed to see it go!

  • Sam Mills

    One of the greatest show of all time, Legend of the Seeker, was cancelled after 2 seasons. It was truly amazing and has a huge fan following. It should have been on the list as well.

  • born2fly145 .

    Firefly. Seriously, some TV exec should have his unmentionables removed and stored in a pretty jar on his desk.

    • D.bockus

      And Sent to a very special place in hell

  • Skin3r

    What about The Finder?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    What about Clone High? Great show. Ended too soon.

  • William Mummert

    Invasion (2005) should have been on this list. Fichtner was great in that. 10 years and it still bugs me. Quantum Leap never got Sam home, bugs me too. I agree V and Jericho were doing well and I miss them. Heroes had itself to blame they were cut for production costs, but it’s being brought back next week, so you never know. Buffy and Ghost Whisperer don’t belong here, they had good runs.

  • Vincent Price

    Heroes Q_Q

  • Sephiroth

    Muahhaha Heroes has been reborn!!!!

  • Michael Thomas


  • JohnG911

    The Bridge, Hell on Wheels, Wayward Pines, BBC’s Copper, Last Resort, Alphas, Eureka, and Longmire were all cancelled too early and were much better shows than many on this list.

  • Joey

    Fyi, Heroes is not over. they just made a new season and it is basically over.

  • Joey

    I miss that show.

  • Tyler

    Conan getting shafted by NBC still makes me sick! Jay must’ve let all the NBC Executives sleep with him, without having to cuddle afterward…? (I can’t even stand to look or listen to Jay either) Conan was nice enough to refuse to intrude on Jimmy’s time slot, but Jay couldn’t even repay the same courtesy. The whole thing could’ve been avoided if Jay had followed Conan’s outstanding example of chivalry and said no to the whole deal of moving time slots. Because of this, I still won’t watch anything on NBC, they have nothing to offer that interests me. It’s nice that TBS lets us watch Conan’s show for free, even if you don’t have cable and its nice that he can be a bit edgier since he’s on cable. But I do miss a lot of his old characters from his NBC days that they won’t let him have and I also wish Max and Joel would come back!

  • Jack

    Terriers 2010 tv show was WWAAYY to good to go in one year.