20 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early


Despite having decades of experience in the entertainment business, studios can occasionally make mistakes and cancel some of our most beloved TV shows.

Usually the studios do not realise just how popular a show is until the almighty backlash that comes after it is taken off the air.

A large number of shows have found fame through DVD sales and developed a cult following after their untimely death.

The following shows are all perfect examples of moments when the studio executives got it terribly wrong.

1. Jericho

This well acted show revolved around the characters in a small town after nuclear bombs dropped on most of America. From the small town interactions between the residents to the subtle understories that wove between the main plots, this show was a realistic look at how it might actually happen.

Cancelled once, the fans made such an uproar that it was brought back for one more season. However, the fight to get Jericho reinstated was not an easy one. Fans inundated the studio with emails letters, phone calls and even sent over 20 tons of peanuts to the CBS headquarters.

The nuts were in reference to a scene where Jake Green utters the phrase “nuts!” during an episode entitled “Why We Fight.” Producers eventually relented and shot a second series which achieved even lower ratings than the first one. Despite its die hard fan base, Jericho was eventually cancelled on the 21st of March 2008.

The show was revived in comic book form in 2009 after Devil’s Due publishing decided to pick up the storyline where it left off after season two. Six comic books were released that comprised the third season of the show and were eventually published as a graphic novel entitled “Jericho Season 3: Civil War.”

  • clemans

    I would suggest an old show, with Dabney Coleman, Slap Maxwell should be on the list.

    Also, Conan had no business trying to steal another person’s job. He shouldn’t have been canceled because he should not have had the job in the first place. Like now, Jay earned the job and has been doing it well, he should not be replaced.

    I used to like Conan, but no more. There are lots of shows that get taken off too soon. I wish all or the reality shows were gone.

    • Laser

      Conan stealing Leno’s job??? Huh?…

    • Razorsfury

      First you should get your facts straight. Conan didn’t try to steal anyone’s job. Jay Leno had a new show earlier that didn’t do that well so JAY LENO wanted his time slot back NBC gave in to Leno. NBC was being the shady party in that predicament.

  • Nick DeCastro

    Flash Forward and The Event were two great shows that at least deserved a good conclusion.

    • Steve Garcia

      Flash Forward got caught in an actor’s strike or some other strike. It was a GREAT show.

      • Patrick Kauwen

        I miss Early Edition, poltergeist the legacy, the crow (the series), dark angel and American Gothic.

    • Amy Whinston

      I would have LOVED another season of FlashForward!

  • mentdijinn

    #Leverage from TNT would be the #1 and really only show that would be on my list… #ChristianKane totally awesome as THE HITTER.. #TimothyHutton as THE MASTERMIND.. #BethRiesgraf as THE THIEF… #AldisHodge as THE HACKER.. and #GinaBellman as THE GRIFTER made the perfect cast! many stories left to be told..many cons left to be pulled off!! check it out on NETFLIX and ION TV and on dvd’s all 5 seasons!

    • Steve Garcia

      Good ‘get’ on Leverage.

    • Fingerlakes_Dave

      My understanding is it wasn’t TNT. The cast wan’t out to pursue other projects.
      And do you realize how many shows don’t even make ONE (1) year? Leverage made FIVE (5)!!!

  • Good shows that were cancelled too early: Deadwood, Lie to Me, Missing, Chicago Code, Detroit 187, Firefly. I’m tempted to no longer start new shows because there’s a high chance that if they’re decent I won’t get to see the end play out properly. Wouldn’t invest my time into a book missing the last chapters either.

    • metoo2

      lie to me, absolutely on my list

    • jta5

      Yes, Deadwood at the top of my list.

  • Steve Garcia

    I think Heroes should have kept going.

    • Dylan Pierce

      Well it is coming back next year as Heroes Reborn on NBC

  • Mikeylky

    How could they forget “Don’t trust the b*tch in apt 23”? Dreama Walker plays a naive country girl who moves to New York and can’t find a place to stay. Krysten Ritter’s character is the only one who will take her in. What follows are two seasons of the most brilliant comedy I’ve seen since Lemmon and Matthau. Someone should fire the network producers for killing it off. It’s on Netflix so watch a few episodes before it’s too late!

  • Lux Landon

    Freaks & Geeks, My So-Called Life

  • [email protected]

    1. Twin Peaks !!

  • Boki Kebic


    • Chris Whipple

      I second that.

  • Kimberly R Meyers

    Freaky Links. It was such a good show. i remember jumping on dial up to see what new messages were left for the freaks out there. but over all this list made me sad becuase of how many show’s get cancled before their time. The only one i would have left off is family guy and thats just becuase of how quickly it was placed back on the air and how it keeps going.

  • lottogirl846

    I never even heard about Firefly. Sounds like I would have liked it, but did not even know it was on.

    • Proud_to_be_American

      Once you see it, you’ll understand why we’re all mad! But for what it’s worth in Castle, ever now and again there are hat tips to it!

  • Proud_to_be_American

    Firefly was quintessential! A space western opera where sometimes it had western!

  • Chris Whipple

    V never was good as the original V.

  • DonDong

    V was just getting better and better. I remember the producer said, to influence a renewal, that he had a killer 3rd season planned. That’s why they’re the Amerikan Beelzebub Cadre, I guess. Beech in Apt. 3B was funny as f***, too. Go ABC…

    • ZombieProcesses

      Sounds like Star Gate Universe where they put everyone to sleep for 2 years developing the characters. And just as they were about to become interesting…

  • Candace Carpenter

    Southland. Cancelled on the networks and then cancelled on cable! 🙁 Something just happened a little while back and I thought wow that would have been a great story for that show! Cancelled TWICE & too soon! Almost human on Fox is a good show, check it out while you still have a chance!

  • Jackie Lynn Cobb

    I loved Dead Like Me–was very disappointed when it was cancelled

  • WillieLoomis

    The Ropers

  • dvncmdy

    I LOVED Southland!!!

    • B Groos


  • a_2_z

    Without a doubt, #1 on the list would be Firefly. Others on the list or mentioned in the comments often had 2 or 3 or more seasons to live. Regrettably, Fox made a horrendous decision when they cancelled Firefly after one (rather truncated, and haphazardly-scheduled) season.

    A virtual tie for #1 would be Freaks and Geeks, the perfectly realized remembrance of high school life due to its pitch-perfect scriptwriting, casting, acting, and direction. Another 1-season tragedy.

    The best thing about Netflix streaming (besides its all-you-can-consume $7.99/month price) is that even though it has a dearth of really good movies, it does have many full-season runs of these “Best-Of” TV series so you can settle back, marathon-binge, and savor and enjoy some excellent past TV — and then truly lament what could have really been…

  • KS

    Loved Southland!, wish they didn’t cancel Maxwell and King either.

    • B Groos

      SouthLAnd DESERVES another season or at least a movie to tie up the loose ends. Phenomenally acted. Raw and in your face like no other police show ever done, as I see it. And the rest of the crap on TNT now?

  • vietasianfox45

    The Master (With Lee Van Cleef, Timothy Van Patten, and Sho Kosugi) was also very good. It lasted only one season!! 🙁 I had wanted to see more with that show. I also agree that the original V was cancelled too early. Powers of Matthew Starr was cancelled too early also. All the shows that I listed were very good shows. Highlander: The Raven was cancelled too early also. 🙁 I have not watched all of it yet, though.

    • AJ75

      The Original V was a miniseries and was awesome… If you go back and try to watch the series it spawned I wager you wouldn’t think it was cancelled too early. Not so good.

  • metoo2

    STTOS – I wonder if all the other amazing spin-offs and the unbelievable fan following would exist if the original had not been cancelled. Also, I think the episode “Assignment: Earth” was written as a pilot for a spinoff, but with STTOS already on the chopping block, despite fan approval, the network failed to pick it up.

  • terricita

    V and Reaper were 2 of my favorite shows that got cancelled too soon.

  • fartblossom

    Burn in hell, Fox. Burn in hell for cancelling Firefly.

  • Bring Jericho Back!!!

    I hope they bring Jericho back I loved this show to death! It was so awesome and very interesting!

  • Bring Jericho Back!!!

    The story line of Jericho was just outstanding! Everything about this movie was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it just came out at the wrong time! Bring it back!!!!!

  • I totally agree with #1. Love Jericho.

  • SB50Champs

    Back to You. How about this cast: Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Josh Gad, Ty Burrell and Fred Willard. All comedy superstars. Oh, and created/written by Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd – and directed by James Burrows – all proven TV sitcom geniuses. And the show was hysterical. Got caught in the middle of the writer’s strike. Should have become a classic.

  • xdanbo

    30 Rock, I believe the Comcast owned NBC did not like the way they made fun of both Comcast, NBC and Phlly. 30 Rock had at least 2 more full season to go. Alec Baldwin believed in the show so much he was willing to take a pay cut to keep it on.

  • Reed Hubbard

    Cupid with Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall was a brilliant show that is almost forgotten because rights have kept it off DVD. Also, Freaks and Geeks was too good for TV. Just look at the cast members who have gone on to bigger and better things: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, Kayla Ewell and Busy Phillipps. Add Joe Flaherty, Sam McMurray, and Tom “Biff” Wilson and you have one of the greatest casts in recent memory!

  • cray in al

    Reaper for sure and I can’t believe no one has mentioned Pushing Daisies!

  • Peep

    I’m sorry but cop show dramas set in California don’t work. The sunshine kills the mood.

  • LLeone

    Northern Exposure…It was some of the most interesting TV of the 1990’s….Which doesn’t say a whole lot…But it rocked.

    • CT Yankee

      I agree. Loved it! What a bunch of unique characters.

  • Amanda

    Wasn’t Star Trek: TNG was cancelled by NBC after one season? Paramount then released the show in syndication where it thrived.

  • Robert Stout

    “Surface” cancellation pissed me off the most (end it with a cliffhanger? WTH??). I didn’t discover Firefly until it’d already been cancelled, but it should have gone on for many more seasons.

  • David

    I thought the show Mental was excellent, and it only ran one season.

  • Jackson Ferrell

    Terra Nova anybody?

    • Brian

      Terra Nova was good, but poorly written. Also, not enough use of dinos. I liked it, but didn’t think it would make it.

      • Jackson Ferrell

        Oh I agree but I also feel like it had so much potential. I think with a second season it could have really been lifted off the ground story and character wise.

  • Tom Maroto

    Futurama, that has been canceled 4 times…

  • Xtal

    Tales of the Gold Monkey- 1982. A little know action/adventure in the style of Raiders of the Lost Arc. It lasted only one season and I was very sad when it was cancelled.

  • Cali

    Lost could have had one more season

  • RubyRed4822

    I liked The River – what an original series that was. Acting was good too.

  • eber3

    Can’t beleive no mention of “Journeyman”.

    • Jeff

      I had the same thought… an excellent show with good acting.

      I’m still baffled as to how TV networks can possibly know how many viewers a particular show has. It seems that, for decades, whatever method they use to calculate viewership is seriously flawed. The overwhelming response of fans over cancelled shows should give the networks a clue.

      • Melinda Smith

        They use the Nielson boxes to see about viewers. Which is old and antiquated. Only a certain percentage of people have these boxes. Those are the people that decide what we watch. Usually they look at tivo viewers a few days later, but the day after airing numbers come from Nielson. Oh and by the way, not everyone can just get a box. It is absurd.

  • AJ75

    Wasn’t cancelled soon enough.

  • AJ75

    Black Donnelys, Firefly, Sarah Conner Chronicles, Terra Nova, Don’t Trust the B…23, Raising Hope, Carnivale, Reaper, Tru Calling, Dollhouse, My Name is Earl, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Sarah Silverman Show, Veronica Mars, The River, 666 Park Avenue, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, Young Indiana Jones, Amazing Stories, Millennium, The Finder, Breakout Kings, Leverage, Wonderfalls, Life, Saved (the one about EMTs), Lie To Me, just about any scripted show Fox or NBC starts then seems to intentionally sabotage by forcing episodes to air out of order, then shuffles time slots without reason or notification…

    • CHmAliceINS

      I agree with nearly all of these, but most of all The Black Donnellys, I really loved that show, so disappointed to see it go!

  • Coach Bill

    Total agreement for Dead Like Me and Firefly. Would add Joan of Arcadia and most recently and sadly, Newsroom.

  • tom

    Gary Unmarried – The interactions between Gary and his ex-wife were very funny and smart. I’m surprised she never got her own show.

  • Morpheus

    “History has proven that the studio’s decision to end the series was
    terribly wrong as five more series plus countless movies have been
    spawned from the original.”

    While the show wasn’t terrible, cancelling it may actually have been a good thing! Westerns were overrated back in the day, when this show was on the air; but, it was what was popular. Maybe this show was to futuristic for its time, since it never really caught on…while it was still on the air. Not letting it live on, in other tv shows, movies, etc., would have been the mistake. And letting it live on as a grand franchise is the biggest compliment that the TOS could ever have received and the biggest compliment that Gene Roddenberry could ever have received about the show.

    Star Trek was only added bc it’s popular enough and bc it was cancelled after just three seasons. It shouldn’t be on this list. At all.

  • CJ

    The Finder and Lie To Me

  • Tev

    I was really starting to get into Daybreak when ABC pulled it. Made me sad, I’d started a chart for it and everything…

  • arv187

    Journey man

  • amdatme

    I thought that Vegas was great. Much better than most of the crap that is being called entertainment nowadays. I seldom watch the crap that is put on today. As far as the so called “funny” shows that are on, they should all be recorded before a live audience. If you have to have canned laughter and be told that the show is funny, IT ISN’T!

  • ‘Carlos Mendoza Alcantar

    What about Heroes? or Kyle XY and the most disapointing to me John Doe…

  • George Armstrong Bluster

    I’ll pay Kickstarter money right now for another “Firefly” movie (“Serenity2”?), but it’s too late for more of the TV series: the actors have gotten older and/or moved on to other projects. Whedon’s pretty damn busy too.

  • Eric

    Carnivale was cancelled too early…

  • Kel

    I enjoyed the show “Tru Calling” not sure if anyone else on here watched it but it was a really good show starring Eliza Dushku — it had a full 20 episode 1st season then only 6 episodes for the 2nd season before they cancelled it & it was on a cliffhanger too to top it all off, same thing with The Lying Game on ABC Family/Spark :s I hate when you really get into a show & the network cancels it on you, especially when the last episode that aired ends on a cliffhanger cause then it’s like “noooo, now I’ll never know what happens” it sucks big time, imo networks tend not to give new shows much of a chance to excel, they move it around continually instead of picking a night to air it & then leaving it there, so ppl who did watch the show end up getting lost in the confusion of what night it’s on & therefore end up giving up so obv. the ratings decline, if the first season doesn’t live up to the networks expectations they immediately wash their hands of it instead of realizing that alot of new shows need @least 1 season to work out the kinks & get into a rhythm so cancelling it after a few episodes or a season is just dumb when it may be even better come the 2nd season. I just think networks tend to give up too easily on new shows & it’s very frustrating!!!

  • Monsoon Harvard

    Mystery Science Theater 3000

  • Barb

    Er…. Star Trek has had 12 movies, not 11. One just came out last year.

    • eber3

      Actually Star Trek has had ten movies. Those films made by Jar Jar Abrams are less Trek then the movie “Galaxy Quest” is. The two Jar Trek films don’t count as Star Trek.

      • Barb

        The “Jar Jar” originated in the Spanish Trek community, and I posted it around the web in English a few years ago! Glad to see it spread! That said, while I dislike JJTrek, it’s CBS, not the fans, that get to decide this. I know people who still say nothing but TOS + TOS movies are Trek. Either way, though, there may be 10 or 12 but not 11.

        • eber3

          Well I don’t know about that. As far as I know, calling him Jar Jar Abrams started with me and the pic I made of him… http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb159/eber322/JJ.jpg

          And although you’re correct that CBS gets to decide what they ‘”call” Trek, simply calling something by a name does not make it so. Just like when the Coca Cola company made up a new formula and decided to call it “coke”, it wasn’t.

  • B Groos

    Cancelling SouthLAnd was an absolute travesty. That show was the most raw, honest, and real thing done by Hollywood yet. Wish to hell some other network would pick it back up. What a remarkable tribute to those holding the thin blue line.

  • B Groos

    Exactly! I’m hoping USA or FX will do justice and bring SouthLAnd back.

  • Mirth in a Box

    ‘Terriers” !!!!!

  • Oz

    For me its Quantum Leap….Dr. Sam Beckett should have made it home!

    • night magic

      agreed i loved Quantum Leap !!!

  • Bill Vine

    Why was Deadwood not on this list! Are you kidding me!

  • Chip Estrada

    I can’t agree with any of those, the only show I ever watched was Star Trek, the only ones I ever heard of was Start Trek, Family Guy and Fire Fly. Although the original Star Trek was Ground breaking, those three I did watch were terribly produced campy and lame story lines and really bad acting… well except for Family Guy, the acting was pretty good. I think there was a reason I had never heard of most of those and the other three aired way too long, except for Star Trek, it was just perfect and it created a lasting legacy that became Great. Oh yea I did try to watch Conan O’Brian… he has never been that good. Jimmy Falin blows him away Conan was not even a good show, my wife and I stopped watching after a few shows because they were boring and not funny.

    • Lil Timmy

      Spot on!

  • hank

    I work in tv – and letting Conan leave The Tonight Show is NOT considered one of the biggest blunders. Rather, moving Jay to the 10PM slot in the first place is the big blunder. The truth is, Conan FAILED big as the Tonight Show host. He was a well-known personality who moved into a winning time-slot and lost a ton of its audience. No one in their right mind would have kept him around. NBC shouldn’t have messed with things to begin with. The head of the network at the time was too lazy to program the 10PM hour, so he just put Jay into that time slot instead of coming up with five hours of original programming. As soon as Jay went back to the Tonight Show, the ratings rebounded. By the way, Conan hosted a huge pity party for himself, but he walked away with $30 million – and he should have admitted that he was losing the audience instead of growing it. Why did everyone feel so sorry for him? I wish I had that kind of bad luck.

    • eber3

      I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying, but think perhaps your view doesn’t take everything into account. I think most of those people who stopped watching when Conan came on did so simply because they shifted their viewing to Jay’s new time slot. 99% of the Tonight Show viewers weren’t tuning in to watch the T.S., they were tuning in to watch Jay. And that is what they kept doing after he moved to a new time slot.

      Now they have fired Jay altogether and replaced him with Jimmy Fallon… I think if they had done the same thing when Conan took over, he’d have done much better then he did, and maybe even better than Fallon is doing. On the same token, if they’d moved Jay back to 10PM instead of firing him, I think Fallon would not be doing nearly as good with the Tonight Show as he is.

  • Garison Fitch

    I would add “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.” to this list. Instead of being a western in outer space, it was a western with science fiction elements.

  • prieelixxie

    The Cleaner. One scripted show amongst so much reality trash, and it was the one that got cut. Terrible decision by A&E. That show definitely deserves another shot.

  • D. Hill

    ….and CBS’s Golden Boy. I was hooked in that one.

  • missingSGU

    Terra Nova and Stargate Universe were the two that I felt most heart broken about.

    Tera Nova: had a huge good start, (Jurassic Park; books and movies from when a kid)

    SGU: Got tired of the happy always gonna be good by the end of the episode Atlantis and SG-1. The dark (literally at times) SGU was what fueled a good portion of me. I had a drunk breakup text with a girl and used… Eli”s good bye speech almost word for word…

    the writing of both was amazing and both were cut short.

    Both should get movie finishes.

    If I ever won powerball… I would use all that money to pay for an entire season of SGU (or the SGU movie that should have been)

  • Bonnie

    Life with Damien Lewis should have run at least one more season, to finish solving the mystery. And Keen Eddie with Mark Valley, Sienna Miller, and Julian Rhind-Tuitt should have run a few more seasons. I have DVDs of most of these canceled series, and they’re all totally rewatchable.

  • dawnmomofreed

    I agree with aqll ecdept family guy and firefly as ive not seen either..”Terriers , Carnivale (hbo) , Raising hope, my name is earl, fringe, Tru Calling, Joan of arcadia,” were LIE TO ME my fasv!! and any show that christain slater was on! i loved the one where he was a hit man but only part of him knew it.. all shows that wer great and cancelled way top early!1 or and men of a certain age!! oh and the Borgias.. and merlin, and the one based on camelot, was it called camelot, the starz series?

  • MrCoffee

    You can’t make a list like this and not include Pushing Daisies.

  • B Strong

    Anyone remember “Stark Raving Mad”? Best Tony Shaloub show ever!

  • paul blake

    Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, American Dreams, Joan of Arcadia, V, Sarah Conner Chronicles.

  • Brian

    How could you not include Playmakers on this list? Only one season for one of the best sports series ever??? The show hit a little to close for home for the NFL and they pressured ESPN to cancel it. And of course, they caved. Playmakers was awesome.
    Also, how about Blue Mountain State? One of the funniest football shows ever. Only 3 seasons? Freshman thru Junior year. We deserved to see the senior year. Shameful.

  • Jamie Panetta

    Brown Coats unite!!! Firefly and Jericho,,, Two of the best series I’ve ever seen, well written, dynamic and highly developed plot lines and characters. I still think that some company like Netflix could make a serious run with revamping one of those series. Maybe reimage it like SyFy did with Battlestar Galactica…

  • Sam S

    NBC’s Go On was hilarious and should still be on the air.

  • Bryan Gogg

    Should have included the other two Summer Glau Sci-fi shows, 4400 and Sarah Conner Chronicles. Both of them were really good shows, with Summer playing a role, that were canceled way too early… poor Summer 🙁

  • Xolodnyj

    Do you ever wonder that they make list like this, just as an excuse to stress that Firefly was cancelled to early? Anyway.. for me, glaringly obvious missing from this list is Terminator: The Sara Connors Chronicles.

  • Subtlety Rogue

    “Trekkers,” not “Trekkies.”

  • Subtlety Rogue

    At least the movie wrapped things up bit, but I have to say the cancellation of “Firefly” was a stupendously bad decision.

  • Melinda Smith

    All networks are guilty of terminating shows too soon, but FOX is by far the worst. I’ve basically boycotted new FOX shows. I will only watch them if they have successfully entered season 3, and are not a bubble show.

  • cody6268

    I’m personally surprised why Star Trek was cancelled in the ’60s, especially considering that’s show’s following now.

  • Dr Char Richards

    Lie To Me Was Cancelled And Is STILL Getting HUGE Views On Netflix
    BRING BACK LIE TO ME It Is A Great Show And Was Bounced Around It Made You Think And Learn And Got An Emmy It Has Tons Of Websites To Bring It Back Millions Are Begging For It And Demanding It #BringBackLIEtoME #LietoMe

  • pjamese3

    Don’t forget Pushing Daisies. It was a very unique, stylish show that was always fun. It fell victim to the writer’s strike.

  • Dr Char Richards

    How About USA Networks Fist Big Hit Silk Stockings And Then Forever Night And Kung Fu The Legend Continues With David Carradine And Chris Potter Were Really Cool Too BUT Lie To Me Being The Biggest Recent Mess Up By Fox I Think Lonestar Could Have Made It Too

  • Dr Char Richards

    Bring Back LIE To ME #BringBackLIEtoME E-Mail Fox Demand It A Great Show MILLIONS Are Asking @FOXTV Should LISTEN

    • Joey

      I miss that show.

  • Tracy

    I miss “Sports Night” – good writing, great acting. Thanks to FXX, I now have all episodes of the 2 years it was broadcast. I think there was a lot more story to tell.

  • LupeX

    Journeyman about a man who’s world is turned upside down when he begins to spontaneously travel through time, is the greatest show that never was!
    If you haven’t seen it, do your self a favor and watch the few episodes it ran on NBC.

  • Edwin Mangum

    Now and Again, an adventure action and also drama series on CBS from 1999-2000, definitely deserved some kind of conclusion.

  • night magic

    i was upset over Firefly being cancelled that was so good

  • night magic

    i really felt The Secret Circle had alot of potential and wasnt given enough time to change a few things .and if its true and White collar is going to be cancelled after 6 eps of this season .that tragic this is another fantastic show !!!!

  • guerillasurgeon

    Doctor, Doctor. One of the funniest and also one of the cleverest shows ever to hit the airwaves.

  • DDF


  • Atlas

    Pushing Daisies, Rome, Murder One, The Cape, Raising Hope… and I would still ike to punch the idiot who canceled Arrested Development. I mean, COME ON!
    Intelligent Shows just aren’t appreciated.

  • Jack


  • guest 22

    “Max Headroom”
    “West Wing: the Next Generation” canceled before it got started, but would have been great.

  • Laura Child McConnell


  • Clara from Philly

    “Reunion” should’ve been listed here! It was a great show! The story is about seven high school friends, a murder mystery and each episode featured a year starting from 1987 (the year they graduated high school) and the events that marked their lives (one got pregnant, one went to jail, two got married, etc.) during that featured year. It was smart, groundbreaking, cleverly written, had a wonderful cast…and was cancelled because its ratings were affected by baseball on Fox!

    • CHmAliceINS

      Agreed! I absolutely loved Reunion!

  • mwbhome e

    I can’t believe Pushing Daisies isn’t on this list.

  • Harry

    REVOLUTION was my all-time favorite TV show. I am outraged and mad beyond words, that NBC cancelled this fantastic TV show!

  • Lamdog

    Southland was great until they started focusing on personal lives (homosexual) above the gritty story lines.

  • Patrick Kauwen

    I miss Early Edition, poltergeist the legacy, the crow (the series), dark angel and American Gothic….. All awesome shows!!!!

  • Dan

    The I.T. Crowd should have made the list as it is one of the best shows I have ever seen, where as Buffy is one of the most boring and cheesy show. Terra Nova was a fairly good show.

    The list seems to be an ok list except for the Buffy entry

  • Siobhan

    What about Twin Peaks?? That was a truly great cult classic tv show that met with an untimely demise after only two seasons. Number 1 on my list…

  • Darion Kain

    I’m shocked that they didn’t talk about Surface and Kyle XY.

  • T.j Hemming

    90% of these shows should have never made it passed the pilot in the first place…

  • Sam Mills

    One of the greatest show of all time, Legend of the Seeker, was cancelled after 2 seasons. It was truly amazing and has a huge fan following. It should have been on the list as well.

  • born2fly145 .

    Firefly. Seriously, some TV exec should have his unmentionables removed and stored in a pretty jar on his desk.

  • Skin3r

    What about The Finder?

  • Alex Rodriguez

    What about Clone High? Great show. Ended too soon.

  • William Mummert

    Invasion (2005) should have been on this list. Fichtner was great in that. 10 years and it still bugs me. Quantum Leap never got Sam home, bugs me too. I agree V and Jericho were doing well and I miss them. Heroes had itself to blame they were cut for production costs, but it’s being brought back next week, so you never know. Buffy and Ghost Whisperer don’t belong here, they had good runs.

  • Vincent Price

    Heroes Q_Q

  • Sephiroth

    Muahhaha Heroes has been reborn!!!!

  • Michael Thomas


  • JohnG911

    The Bridge, Hell on Wheels, Wayward Pines, BBC’s Copper, Last Resort, Alphas, Eureka, and Longmire were all cancelled too early and were much better shows than many on this list.

  • Joey

    Fyi, Heroes is not over. they just made a new season and it is basically over.