20 Disastrous Crew Visible Mistakes in Movies


Actors usually receive the most praise for an exceptionally good movie as they are the ones that we see up on the big screen.

Directors, sound engineers and lighting specialist are often overlooked by the majority of movie fans, and we rarely learn who they are until awards season.

The most unappreciated people on every movie are undoubtedly the crew members who often have the most difficult jobs.

The following 10 movies feature examples of crew members attempting to get their 15 minutes of fame by making their Hollywood debut in major movies.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Crew Among the Orcs

During the scene in “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” where Sauron’s army is heading towards Aragorn, there are close-ups of Pippin as he draws his sword and Merry as he takes a breath.

Then the scene cuts to the Orcs on the right of the screen as they are running. In their midst, there are two crew members in full view. A few seconds later a crew member wearing a hat, along with a couple of friends, is plainly visible.

Shooting a movie on a scale as large as “The Lord of the Rings” franchise requires a huge amount of coordination from hundreds of different actors, extras and crew members.

The movies feature some of the most thrilling battle scenes ever captured on film, so we can forgive Peter Jackson for allowing the odd crew member to sneak past the editing team and make into the final cut.

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Converting the legendary tale into a series of blockbuster movies was one of the most difficult and ambitious tasks ever attempted in the history of cinema. With a budget of $280 million, Peter Jackson managed to create a masterpiece spread out over three different movies that won a total of 17 Academy Awards.

  • Eric Perkins

    Disastrous? Had I not been directed to the mistake (and in many cases, even when I had) I would never have known.

  • super dadaman

    i loved the LOTR return of the kingand agree with you

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    You really need to take your meds, have a cup of coffee and relax.

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    Not even

    • Gus Mueller

      Some people would say Stark IV.

      • Dino Marino

        I’m not sure what the original comment means. I’m not sure what 2009 Star Trek means. Is that “Star Trek The Movie”? Of the first 4 movies, I’d rank them in this order: IV, I, II, and the stinker, number III. Most people tend to pan the first movie. It had some flaws, but it had a breadth of concept that none of the other first 6 or so had. IV was good but it looked like it was made on the cheap. Too bad. It could have been a much better movie than it was

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    Actually, it’s widely thought by fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show that many of the so-called mistakes were intentional, or else noticed but left in on purpose. After all, the inspiration for RHPS is the old 20’s and 30’s pictures that were much worse (I’m looking at you Ed Wood) with hilarious mistakes, and RHPS has a lot of those. The most obvious is when Dr. Scott is being dragged around the house by the Transducer device, part of the carpet flips up to show the wire track his wheelchair is on underneath. Mistake, or intentional joke? Many fans think the latter.

  • Sally

    This loser’s 15 minutes of fame.

  • Wendamere

    Actually, many horses are trained to stand in place when their reins are dropped, but these are actual working horses, not movie horses. The strict rules regarding animal welfare on movie sets these days are due to the horrible things they used to do to horses in the movies.

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      And also after everyone else went home for the day.

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  • Wendamere

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    I can’t believe the article says,”The 2009 movie “Star Trek” is now widely regarded as the best movie in
    the series. Going back to the earliest days of James Kirk and his crew
    has set the scene for some fantastic future adventures. Fans were
    delighted when it was announced J J Abrams was involved, and the movie
    lived up to expectations.” Let the flame wars begin.

  • Gus Mueller

    tl;dr. Seriously, dude, no one cares.

  • Gus Mueller

    Wow. Are you new or just stupid? Most people don’t hear about the mistakes until long after they bought their ticket.

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    “Disastrous mistakes?” What? Did people stay away in droves after word got out? Or did all of these movies gross gazillion$? Hmmmm.