The Best 15 Movies To Watch After A Breakup


Breakups are hard, and everyone needs to find their own way of grieving the relationship that ended. Even if you wanted it to end, it still pretty much sucks. One of the most common (and perhaps) helpful ways is wallowing while watching some particular movies.

If you ever need a couple of movies to cheer you up, continue on reading to find out which movies are the best 15 movies to watch after a breakup.

1. Annie Hall

This Woody Allen classic is a perfect “getting over a breakup” movie, right out of the breakup starter kit.

Woody Allen plays the character of Alvy who falls in love with a Midwestern beauty named Annie Hall (played by Diane Keaton).

They date, they have a relationship and go through many ups and downs. Eventually, the couple broke up, and Alvy wounded up alone, analyzing every aspect of their relationship and trying to determine what caused the end of their relationship.

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Alvy, already neurotic by nature, finds life extremely difficult without Annie. Breakups are tough, especially when you don’t know the reasons behind it and when you can’t find them.