20 Awesome Movies That You Haven’t Seen… And Should!


2. Amazon Women on the Moon (John Landis, et al, 1986)

Starting with 1977’s Kentucky Fried Movie, Hollywood came up with a series of hilarious send up and spoof movies.

Centered around the airing of a (fake) cheesy Sci-Fi film, Amazon Women on the Moon has an amazing cast, and more laughs than you can keep track of.

John Landis found himself in a bit of controversy during the 1980s after a horrific accident killed three people, including actor Vic Morrow, on the set of the feature film version of “The Twilight Zone.”

The accident led to increased regulations and laws regarding how stunts could be performed for feature motion pictures that are still around to this day.

There isn’t a real plot to this movie, so it is easy to follow. The idea is that the movie parodies late night television shows of the 1950’s. Skits pick on low budget movies that were often shown on late night tv. The movie is full of laughs and is worth a watch, even though the ratings aren’t very good.

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If you like offbeat comedy and you need a good laugh, Amazon Women on the Moon is a great movie for you to consider on your next movie night. Be prepared for silliness as you watch this classic movie.