15 Worst Casting Decisions Ever


We live in a world full of immense talent, especially when it comes to the art of acting. However, sometimes that talent isn’t used as it should be and some actors get hired for roles that make otherwise great movies cringe worthy at times.

You can’t really blame the actors, though, since they weren’t the ones who pick themselves for the parts. Or can we?

1. Ted Danson – Saving Private Ryan

It’s hard when an actor who is known for a role in a comedy TV show gets cast in a war drama.

Things get even worse when that actor is Ted Danson who gets a role in Saving Private Ryan.

How could anyone focus on a grim topic when you keep expecting Frasier to pop up? Let’s face it, Ted Danson is a character actor and a sergeant in World War II should never be his character of choice.

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Thumbs up for Steven Spielberg and his talented mind for creating a realistic picture of the Normandy landing, but perhaps he should have someone more realistic for a particular part next time.