15 Of The Most Ridiculous Films That Actors Should Be Ashamed Of


Even the biggest movie stars in the world aren’t immune to the occasional bomb. Here is a list of 15 of the most ridiculous films of all time that the actors who starred in them should most certainly be ashamed of.

1. Die Another Day

“Die Another Day,” at least on paper, looked incredibly promising. It was the 20th film in the James Bond franchise that has been released by EON Pictures.

It was the fourth film in the series to star Pierce Brosnan, who had made a significant name for himself after huge hits like “Goldeneye” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

The producers of the franchise, the Broccoli family, said that it was going to be a celebration of the long and storied history that Bond experienced in cinema. When the film was finally released, it was obvious just how wrong they were.

“Die Another Day” is a terrible film with arguably the most ridiculous plot that has ever been in a Bond film. Even Sir Roger Moore called in the most over the top Bond film of all time – and he was the first Bond in space.

Pierce Brosnan phoned in an absolutely dreadful performance that was second only to Halle Berry’s, who was fresh off an Oscar win at the time.