15 Movie Stars Who Began Their Careers In Adult Movies


Making it in Hollywood was never easy. Many famous and now huge stars had some pretty tough times becoming what they are and who they are today.

Numerous celebrities had to wait tables, wash dishes or work in grocery stores just to make ends meet and have a place to stay.

Some didn’t even have that and lived on the street not knowing what tomorrow holds, hoping for the best.

For others, waiting tables was too mundane and the money simply didn’t come quickly enough, thus they decided to turn to some drastic measures.

Adult movies were a sure thing and easy money. If you were decent looking and, more importantly, willing to take your clothes off in front of camera, that precious dime was just around the corner.

1. Matt LeBlanc

Ok, this was too easy. For someone named Matt LeBlanc, beginning a Hollywood career in adult films was practically written among the stars. He probably didn’t even have to change his name for the role since LeBlanc was already dirty enough.

We all know Joey Tribbiani was being paid $1 million dollars per episode by the time “Friends” reached the final season, but before Matt became famous for his portrayal of an under-average aspiring actor, he actually was one in real life when he decided to star in “The Red Shoe Diaries,” a mid-90s soft-core series of adult movies (in which two other stars on our list took parts, but more on them later.)

“The Red Shoe Diaries” was of course only a temporary thing for Matt. He subsequently found success in the role of Joey and went on to play the character for 12 whole years – 10 seasons of “Friends” and two seasons of its spin-off called “Joey.”

Ok, now we know where the famous “How you doin’?” pick up line comes from.