15 Celebs Who Thought They Could Act And Then Miserably Failed


There are some celebs that can do it all – sing, dance, act, paint, balance a spoon on the tip of their noses… And then there are some that can’t.

Although these 15 celebs may have even proven at some point that they’re good at something else apart from their everyday profession, it only took one case of “no acting ability” to totally persuade us that they can’t act.

Maybe they didn’t know or they just didn’t care, either way, these 15 celebs thought they could act only to miserably fail. Don’t quit your day jobs, people.

1. Beyonce

Everyone loves Beyonce, don’t get us wrong. And frankly, they have to, otherwise the Beygency will get ‘em.

International superstar and the greatest living performer Beyonce Knowles Carter is not the most spectacular actress you ever saw, however, she’s not terribly bad.

Well, if you saw Obsessed, the pretty lousy movie from a few years back that didn’t live up to its hype, you might have thought differently.

If Beyonce should be judged by one thing she did in her life, we have to pray that it won’t be by her miserable portrayal in this miserable movie. Sorry Queen Bey, it just wasn’t good.