11 Excellent Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen


3. Flashpoint

A jeep buried in the desert, a skeleton and $800,000 in cash put Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams and Rip Torn together to solve a mystery in this 1984 movie.

Director William Tannen shows how the money becomes a temptation and a motivation to put the pieces together.

All three actors play United States Border Patrol agents who are tasked with installing motion sensors to detect illegal immigrants gaining access to the US by jumping over the border.

The agents are suspicious of the new technology and believe that it is merely a way for the agency to cut costs and put more agents out of a job. After making their unusual discovery, the agents are torn between handing over the money or using it as a way to build better lives for themselves.

As the agents follow the money’s trail, they are drawn into an even deeper mystery that reveals shocking evidence regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The movie is one of only a handful of movies that ventures into conspiracy theory territory when referencing the Kennedy assassination. Despite being 30 years old, the movie is still a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.