New Scares: Most Anticipated Horror Movies In 2014


Any fan of scary movies knows that a brand new year means more thrills, more chills, and the occasional disappointment. Right from the start, 2014 is already shaping up to be a good year for horror fans with some exciting new offerings already in the mix.

Ranging from the increasingly popular “found footage” movies to a cautionary tale of extreme cannibalism, this year’s collection contains something for everyone. The following list counts down the hottest new horror movies that will be hitting screens in 2014.

1. The Green Inferno

Set around a group of activists hailing from New York, this film quickly descends into every traveller’s worst nightmare.

When the activists reach their destination deep in the Amazon jungle, the group is taken hostage by the very tribe they were sent to protect.

It soon becomes apparent that the tribe are cannibals and are definitely not the ones in need of protecting.

The movie stars Lorenza Izzo and Ariel Levy and is directed by Eli Roth of “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever” fame. Roth ran into problems when attempting to find extras to cast in his movie. He approached the local villagers but quickly realised that they had never even seen a movie before and had no idea what he was asking of them.

The producers than arranged a screening of classic cannibal horror “Cannibal Holocaust” for the locals. The entire village was impressed with the movie and agreed to become extras. Most of the scenes were shot in Peru and Chile to the delight of the director.

Roth has expressed his love of South America in previous interviews and stated “”I’ve been working on this idea for several years, and was inspired by filming in Chile and cannot wait to get back. I believe this will be the scariest and most intense film I have made to date.”

  • abie

    For mo the most scariest movie I’ve watched is the “COMING SOON ” it is a Thailand movie that all about the actress that play a role of the crazy woman in their town and kidnapped kids to took their eyes so that they won’t see her ugly face and the scariest part is when theye are shooting the part when the villagers hang her for their revenge and the harness of the actress broke and she died in real life but they continue to film and let the people watched the movie and the actress took the eyes of all of the cast of the film for revenge and this movie give me a terrifying weeks because of her face cause its so creepy !! But I’m still watching it I love horror movies !! WATCH THIS MOVIE

  • say_id_loud

    Nice selection but what about the original Peck and Remick Omen? That boy and his ‘pet’ still freaks me out 30 years later!

  • Aman

    Knw what one of these days im gna pick a chainsaw myself and im gna kill them guys who think the shining was spooky

  • qwef

    Wow. It’s like you listed the most well known horror movies of all time and just put them up there for us to see. You might as well have listed Halloween and Friday the 13th as well. *Sigh*