20 Awesome Movies That You Haven’t Seen… And Should!


Not all great movies are blockbuster hits. Sometimes you are looking for something different, a movie that will make you laugh or make you cry.

Whether it is a comedy, a drama or an intense action film, movies change us in small ways. You might find a new actor that you fall in love with or discover an early movie one of your favorites has acted in.

When you want to see an awesome movie but you don’t know where to start, this collection of movies is a great place to start looking.

Here is our recommended collection of 9 awesome movies that you haven’t seen and should.

1. Das Boot (Wolfgang Petersen, 1981)

Famed action director Wolfgang Petersen directed the two-and-a-half movie about a crew stuck inside a World War II German U-Boat. Actually filmed in a set of a submarine, it’s tense, claustrophobic and totally excellent.

One of the best war movies ever made and, since it’s subtitled, missed by most American movie watchers. Wolfgang Petersen would go on to have a very successful career directing big budget Hollywood spectacle.

One of his most popular films was “Air Force One,” which starred Harrison Ford as the President of the United States who defends the titular plane from a team of Russian terrorists lead by Gary Oldman. If you love old war movies and you are looking for some action, Das Boot is an excellent choice for your movie watching pleasure.

Subtitles can be difficult to deal with, but after a few minutes you will get used to reading the titles. It will be worth your effort to try and read the sub titles.

Set in 1942, the German U-Boat is in the Atlantic trying to disrupt British shipping.

“Das Boot” – Director’s Cut (Blu-ray) is available on Amazon – Click here

This is a complex movie that deals with behavior of soldiers who are fighting against all odds under a country regime they may no longer agree with.

  • Iam_Spartacus

    Fearless did get some attention, Rosie Perez got an Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

    • Adam Troy

      I can’t believe that. She was the worst part of that movie. You couldn’t understand a damn word she said. If it wasn’t for jaw-dropping gorgeous Isabella Rossellini, I couldn’t have gotten through the dumb movie.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Das Boot was very good, and more interesting than you’d think a film that takes place entirely inside a submarine for most of its running time would be. And the ending is one heck of a downer, considering all the characters go through to stay alive.

    • texshelters

      Peterson’s film make me actually sympathize with Nazi marines in a sub. I never thought that was possible. PTxS

  • Andrew Arnold

    I was pleasantly surprised by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- a really good movie that came out of nowhere.

  • Sean Dicken

    Amazon Women on the Moon is pretty much a remake of 1958’s The Queen of Outer Space. I found the original to be funnier.

  • Daddie Tang

    I was disappointed to not see Johnny C. Holmes and Aunt Peg on that list, my children learned racial tolerance and good bedside manners from peg and johns films on love and meat packing.

    • Tresix

      John Holmes and Aunt Peg were both white. What would that have to do with racial tolerance?

  • Robbie

    Das Boot was popular for a foreign film as I recall, It was one of the 1st movies we bought with the new fangled VCR technology!

  • Hon. Dr. Hairy J. Ballz Jr. II

    Das Boot is a masterpiece! But please do NOT watch the butchered U.S. 2 1/2 hour movie, instead pick up the full length “German TV edition” which clocks in around 5 hours.

    • Parker

      Crazy sauce! I saw the shortened version and liked it just fine. Any 5-hour flick deserves to be butchered! 🙂 It’s called “editing”

      • ThatBaldGuy

        Don’t knock it until you’ve seen it. The Honorable Doctor Hairy J. Ballz Jr. II (Esq.) has it right.

      • Gregory Markle

        That’s because the short version is “fine”, it’s just that the long version is “great” rather than just being “fine”.

        • Greg Vinson

          Yes, Parker is calling the opinion of a person who apparently has seen both versions “crazy”, when s/he has apparently never seen the longer one. Apparently total ignorance is no barrier to forming a strong opinion.

          • axmickl

            Who the hell wants to invest 5 hours in a frequin movie? Don’t you have anything useful to do?

        • Jeff Madden

          SCTV’s Das Boobs also deserves attention: http://youtu.be/Aj88llxr9B8

      • Judgemaggie

        You read the Cliff Notes versions of masterpieces, too?

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Wrong–I watched the whole original 6 hour-version on DVD (in German w/English subs) and enjoyed every last minute of it,even if it took me at least 3 days to watch the whole thing–in this case, it was worth it. I wasn’t bored one single time. Very good, suspenseful, always on the edge and tense drama, right to the end—which is a twist and a kicker in itself, especially if you’re seen the whole movie straight through.

      • Michael English

        You don’t seem to understand what the actual definition of film “editing” is. Please work on that.

      • justacog

        It wasn’t a movie it was a TV mini series over in Germany.

    • musterion

      I agree. Also, watch it in German w/ the English subtitles. The English dub is horrible and cleans up the “sailor language”.

      • AuntInAZ

        I agree with you on this part. My German isn’t nearly good enough to watch a movie without subtitles. Though I would recommend watching any version of this movie because it’s that good, I would say watch it in German with the English subtitles if you don’t understand enough German to watch it without subtitles.

      • sardiverdave

        The English dub was actually done with the same actors. I turned on the subtitles and the differences weren’t too bad. The language was altered somewhat, but it basically just changed the swearing. Maybe the Director’s Cut (which I watched) was different.

    • Apollo Mann

      Where could one find a copy of the 6ish hour version?

    • James Ritchie

      The shortened version is best. I tried watching the five hour version, and couldn’t make it through. That movie was longer than WWII, and flat out boring in many places. It desperately needed shortening.

      • DrJohnNS

        ‘Boring’ is the point of the movie and the original book. Much of life in the submarine is monotonous and tedious. Action is short and dangerous. By immersing yourself in the tedium the danger of the violence is escalated.

        • EdWatts

          War is a series of ten-minute episodes of sheer terror interspersed among thousands of hours of boredom.

        • kikorikid

          I disagree, “Danger”?
          By immersing yourself in the tedium the “ACTION” of the
          violence is escalated.

    • James

      5 hrs is not a movie, it’s a miniseries

      • Daddy Love

        I’m waiting for the 10 hour remake.

    • onyxkitteh

      Thx! I didn’t know there was a 5 hr. German TV edition. I’ll have to find it somewhere.

      • rampantlion

        Like TommyNIK, I think the Director’s Cut is excellent. Based on the postings of those that sing the praises of the 5-hour edition, I’m going to seek this out, too!

    • Eddie Munster

      I saw it a internation film festival in 1981 or 82.. great movie… German version with english subtitles.. By the end of the movie you dont even realise your reading it….you get so into it.

    • Willys

      This is on Netflix now

      Das Boot: Director’s Cut(Das Boot)
      1981 R 3hr 28m

      I’ve watched this a couple of times (not on Nflx) not because I wanted to but because it is so captivating. And excellent.

      From IMDB
      Technical Specs
      149 min | 209 min (director’s cut)

    • TommyNIK

      I just watched the “Director’s Cut” on Netflix last month. It was about 3 1/2 hours. A superb film.

    • Hilltowntrader

      As a grad student in Belgium with random free time, I wandered into a showing of Das Boot in German with Flemish subtitles (neither of which I spoke.) I walked out amazed, and proclaimed it the best move I every saw.

      Das Boot is amazing.

    • urmoucher

      What many people don’t realize about Das Boot is that while it is presented as a fictional account, it is actually more of a first-person account. Nearly everything presented in the move actually happened to Lothar Gunther-Buchheim.

      Also, while he served during the war, he is very much anti-war and felt that the entire German submarine war effort was futile. (I have read most of his books in the original).

    • TimW42 .

      Absolutely concur. The full length, original langauge version is the ONLY way to go with this masterpiece!

    • Jackie Jormpjomp

      There’s nothing wrong with either. Side note, the fate of a central character at the end is not the actual fate of the guy he was based on.

  • d070613

    What about The Spanish Prisoner, with Steve Martin as suave, good cop/bad cop. (The “gentleman lessons” from Michael Caine in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels finally “took”). You don’t know who’s good and who’s bad until the end.

    • RobertCHastings

      “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” and “All of Me” were among his most hilarious, but “The Jerk” was a masterpiece.

    • Scrynt Cauldein

      Excellent!!! David Mamet delivers some great dialogue without overdoing it with a lot of words.

    • VeryCrunchyFrog

      Having seen Mamet’s earlier “House of Games,” I didn’t find “The Spanish Prisoner” very surprising or satisfying. And Rebecca Pidgeon is annoying.

  • Meeko

    Brotherhood of the Wolf <— Great unknown movie

    • Clean Slate Films

      Until the wolf muppet shows up.

    • lisa gonzalez

      I’ll never understand why the carriage explodes..

  • OhDawg

    Bob the Gambler – Seen it! One of my favorite directors, Jean-Pierre Melville. Everybody should see his “Le Samouraï”, “Army of Shadows” and “Le Cercle Rouge”. Suitable film for the list: “The Wages of Fear”. A Criterion Blu. Awesome film.

  • GQ4U

    Das Boot is outstanding — very suspenseful — great character study. You’ll forget its subtitled 20-minutes in. Make extra popcorn, its a fairly long movie.

    • Pressman58

      Das Boot was the first movie I saw in a theatre with subtitles, and I agree that you get past this within the first few minutes. Much more realistic than The Boat (where the Germans are speaking English, ugghh). I am a big fan of submarine movies, and Das Boot is right up there with K-19, U-571 and Hunt For Red October.

      • guitarian

        And Yellow Submarine? (eng. with English subtitles)

  • Leila Lind Karlsson

    Fearless is a very good movie, loved it.

  • tbone1

    They should have added “The Beast”. It’s about an off course Russian tank that was being pursued by the rebels in Afghanistan.

    • ManFromMass

      Absolutely loved that Movie. Unfortunately, it had a storybook happy ending.

    • Nicholas Whitehead

      Wow. I had forgotten about that one. Totally agree.

  • RCFehn

    I read the book “Das Boot” when it first came out. I believe that the movie i was based on was originally released in German with English subtitles. At least that’s the way it was whenI first saw it.

  • slysnootle

    The opening scene in Das Boot is awesome! Makes me want to tie one on!

    • Nanook8

      ‘Up in the Air’, with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. Also “The Way Way Back” With Sam Rockwell.

  • Pamela

    Amazon Women…. Bleccht!!

  • Pamela

    If you like 300, watch the series Rome on HBO Go. And while Fearless was good, Bridges was amazing in The Fisher King!!

  • Andy Patterson

    Wait why haven’t we seen Das Boot? It’s hardly obscure

    • jaywensley2004

      “Das Boot” had $85 million in world wide grosses as of 2013. The movie is well known, but was not a huge hit in theaters. Because most of its home video sales are in VHS format, its hard to find data on how many have been sold.

  • Gogu

    who would want to see a dubbed movie with other’s people voices? omg that makes me sick

  • jaywensley2004

    “Fearless” is an excellent movie with an intriguing premise. It is a rare example of an existential story told on film that isn’t “mindbending.” The story is told in a straightforward way, well acted and competently directed. It is in some ways superior to the book, leaving out a peculiar sub-plot involving LSD that muddles the main characters motivation.

    • Ashley Bell

      agree. It’s a very ‘quiet’ understated movie. I mean ya already love Jeff Bridges anyway… weird that this one went under the radar. In a similar mood was a really odd gem called ‘Safe’ with Julianne Moore…

  • jaywensley2004

    All of Quentin Tarantino’s millions of fans have seen “True Romance,” most of us more than once.

  • Ben Gozzi

    I was in Japan and went to see Das Boot…not knowing…It was in German with Japanese Sub-titles. I left and found a place to play pool and drink a few beers.

    Later I did see the film and it was excellent – with English subs….

  • Ben Gozzi

    Saw Das Boot in Japan when it came out, there. Was in German with Japanese Subtitles (I hadn’t thought of it when I went to the theater…

    Later, I did see the film w/ english and it was excellent.

  • bigdawg1

    Sexy Beast!

  • mara

    secretary was the best. and that pap of a ‘novel’ 50 shades will never compare.

    • lisa gonzalez

      One of my faves

    • Ray DiNitto

      Wasn’t a fan of secretary – but then again, I’m not a big fan of both of the stars!

  • David Ware

    AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON=one of the funniest, most intelligent, underrated movies ever made. The celebrity-funeral-roast, segment is hysterical.

  • BillDeKatt

    High and Low – Toshirô Mifune, Posse – Kirk Douglas and Bruce Dern, Used Cars –
    Kurt Russell, Serial – Martin Mull

  • Tim Rodriguez

    I have seen Das Boot, Fearless, and Hard Eight.

  • Timothy Turnstone

    Bambi vs Godzilla did not make the list, again.

  • Eddie Coyle

    May I suggest “Friends of Eddie Coyle” 1972, Robert M1tchum.

    • EasyWriter

      Sure, go ahead, Eddie.

      • Joe Shmoe

        That movie is very good

  • GTX

    never hear much about “Legend of 1900”. Thought it was a good movie.

  • Joe Smith

    Amazon Women on the Moon is a classic….absolutely hysterical.

    • Sparafucile

      Yea Taryn Steele!

    • Ellwood

      Arsenio Hall is Brilliant in that movie

  • criolle

    I saw Das Boot while serving on a submarine.
    Movies were shown on the mess deck, using three reels. After the third reel, the mess deck was dead silent for nearly ten minutes. You could hear breathing … what little there was of it.

    • DaveGinOly

      “Das Boot” is my favorite movie. Quite possibly the best war, and the best anti-war, movie of all time. I have the director’s cut on Blu-ray, and the sound has been completely re-dubbed (not merely re-mastered). It’s extraordinary and it looks terrific too.

  • Patsy Nomore

    I suggest 3 movies few have seen.. #1 The Wrong Man #2 Save Me #3 The Last Good Time.. 3 made for cable gems..Cable titles that are hard to find..

  • Art DeMartini

    Fearless is outstanding. One of the very best.

  • Lisa Elena McDermott

    Ha ha, I’ve seen them all except The Wild Blue Yonder.

  • saynotoliberals

    Chevy Chase in “Under The Rainbow” full movie on You Tube

  • Stirthepot

    Agreed, Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. One of my favorite Movie scenes.

    • Niel Jo Evony

      That scene was spectacular. Also, Swimming With Sharks was very good. Disturbing, but very good.

    • joe shmoe

      haha, remember Hopper says to Walken “that makes you part eggplant”

  • Sparafucile

    My “missing from the list” movie is the Alexander Payne (Papadopoulos) gem “Election”.

  • Brad

    I watch Das Boot once a year – it’s that good. I’m not a movie snob at all, more like a joe six-pack — but with wine. The English-dubbed version is very good. It’s a very long movie, and very much worth it.

  • Ned Day

    Had wanted to see Secretary for a long time but was hugely disappointed when I finally did.

  • Stan Kulp

    My Dinner With Andre could be added in place of Amazon Women on the Moon for a classier list.

  • lisacolorado

    I saw this. It blew the limits of what i thought a good story should be.

  • Charlie

    MAY is in my personal top 10. Love that film!

  • Harpro208

    Das Boot was actually filmed twice. Once in German and a second time in English. My DVD has the English copy on one side and the German on the other.

  • Cory

    Olivia D’Abo was hot as the princess in Conan: The Destroyer… I still remember BumBatta. LOL I remember her in The Big Green.

  • George

    I’ve seen Das Boot and Amazon Women on the Moon. They are both great movies in very different ways.

  • China Blue

    Fearless is one of my very favorite films.

  • Flyersfan28

    I have seen “Das Boat”, one thing they do’nt mention in the article is unlike most movies that are shot out of order. This movie was shot in order meaning they shot page one then page 2 and so on..

  • unusualmind

    Love Das Boot. May is an incredible horror film with a perfect performance by Angela Bettis. Amazon Women on the Moon is VERY hit and miss but the sequences that do work (such as “Bulls**t or Not!”) are hilarious.

  • SutureSelf

    “[Fearless] marked Jim Carrey’s debut as a dramatic actor…”

    Carrey was in 1988’s Dirt Harry film “The Dead Pool.”

  • Steve Berger

    Bob Le Flambeur ( or Gambler) is beyond great! Hard 8 is a hidden American gem. set in Vegas. Never saw Das Boot. I’m to claustrophobic to be in a submarine, even if its just a movie I guess. Yes, always watch the original language version, not the dubbed in English.

  • brian199511

    Sometimes a Great Notion. Paul Newman and so many other great actors in a movie based on a Ken Kesey novel.

    • USA Rocks

      Lee Remick. Ohhh mama

  • Movie Watcher

    Fearless was terrible. It’s so random, and often makes no sense at all.

  • Esteven ElLoco

    Who’s is the girl I always thought she was hot !!.

  • Sojourner

    Yup ! I agree, the 5 hour version is the best !! If your not old enough, they had a thing called ” Intermission ” at the theaters and plays. It gave people a chance to stretch their legs, go to the loo or get a snack ! Most of the older folk’s will remember…. Let’s all go to lobby, let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby to get yourself a drink (tune) ! LOL

    • EminentGrise

      Now I really feel old. We had two movies, two cartoons, news, and an intermission to get more sugar.

  • Katherine Noel Mumford

    seen 5 of them….i like kitschy

  • Lisa Denton

    Secretary is GREAT, well done and both SPader and Gyllenhall did wonder jobs in the movie! Glad to see it here… I own 3 copies of it lol.

  • Fractale

    Secretary is about power exchange, not sadomasochism.

    • EminentGrise

      Not the way I watched it.

  • cheeflo

    I liked Second Hand Lions, too. An odd but charming story, not what I expected.

  • Jack Dedert

    Second all the praise for ‘Das Boot’. It’s a masterpiece. I’ve seen (or owned) at least three versions, but I had no idea there was a five-hour version. I wish I knew where to access that.

    This entire article would be much better if the author had thought to mention just *why* (in most cases) we should see them.

  • Just Visiting

    A better selection would include: All Quiet on the Western Front, The Wizard of Oz, High Noon, Red Badge of Courage, Bridge on the River Kwai, Dr Zhivago, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Sayonara, East of Eden, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Bonnie & Clyde, Tora Tora Tora, Patton, Marty, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Two for the Road, Paper Moon, The Caine Mutiny, The Long Hot Summer.

  • Lamdog

    He must have thought it was White boy day. It’s their loss, Gary Oldman at one of his best.

  • Lamdog

    Ding, ding, ding: You win.

  • Ken Clement

    I nominate “Man from Earth” to round out this nine to a perfect 10.

  • Billy Sottile

    I just saw Amazon Women just last week and it was really good!

  • texshelters

    I am impressed that you put Das Boot at number one. Any film that can get you to root for Nazi officers has it going on! I have seen 5 of the 10, to my shame!


  • Dalton

    In my opinion Bridges is one of the top 10 actors in films today.

  • Dalton

    The Secretary was kinky. Sometimes kinky is fun. Check it out!

  • seescaper

    Here is my top 10 list of films to see:
    1) “My Name is Nobody” Funny, philosophical spoof of spaghetti westerns with Henry Fonda and Terence Hill. Unforgettable soundtrack completes the package.
    2) “The Stunt Man” with Peter O’Toole and Steve Railsback, Barbara Hersey. Psychodrama keeps you guessing to the end, also with an incredible soundtrack
    3) “Excalibur” is hands down the most realistic and emotionally satisfying depiction of the Arthurian legend. John Boorman classic with all-star cast including Nicol Williamson, Nigel Terry, Cherry Lunghi, Helen Mirren, and Liam Neeson. Of course it also has an unforgettable soundtrack.
    4) “2001 Space Odyssey” Stanley Kubrick’s greatest film IMO way ahead of its time and with fabulous soundtrack.
    5) “Somewhere in Time,” a timeless classic with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Impeccable soundtrack.
    6) “Melancholia” a hauntingly beautiful, if eccentric merger of scifi and pathos. Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland. Also a haunting soundtrack, and the most hypnotic opening scene I’ve ever experienced.
    7) “Lord of Illusions” a supernatural horror classic (not for the faint of heart) with Scott Bakula, Kevin O’conner, Famke Jannsen. Incredible special effects, directed by Clive Barker
    8) “The Sting” with Redford and Newman, a classic with yet another unbelievable soundtrack
    9) “Amadeus” The life of Mozart told in intrigue, humor, and marvelous music with Tom Hulce and F Murray Abraham.
    10) “The God’s Must be Crazy” Starring a loveable African Bushman, N!xau. A slapstick uproarious comedy showing what happens when cultures clash. Coca cola will never be the same after you see this.

  • John Gerhard

    “Amazon Women on the Moon” has got to be THE worst parody ever. Not a single skit is funny. The only interesting thing about it is the cast, all of whom are wasted. If you want a funny send-up, watch Kentucky Fried Movie or Airplane.

  • Adam Troy

    My god, I never thought I could see a bad Kevin Spacey movie, but Swimming With Sharks was it. 2 hours of incomprehensible pointless stupefying boredom. When it was finally over, my wife and I looked at each other and said the same thing simultaneously – “WTF was that?” (Oh yeah, and Fearless sucked too, with the exception of Isabella Rosselini…)

    • stanford67

      Please don’t tell me you’re one of those Kevin Spacey fans. But it is good to know that there is another I. Rosselini film out there. Thanks. (PS: Do you think we could insist Ms Rosselini get the same director that Kate Hudson gets in every movie, that is, she takes her top off in at least one scene in every movie.)

  • Brandon Roberts


  • Will

    “The Man who would be King” should be on this list.
    Starring Michael Caine and Sean Connery and taken from the short story written by Rudyard Kipling.
    A GREAT movie that never has been recognized.
    I once saw an interview with Michael Caine in which he was asked which movie he has been in was his favorite, and his answer was without a doubt, The Man who would be King.
    I’ve been surprised by how many people there are that have still not heard of this movie.

  • Good movie. Clearly based on Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. 🙂

  • Good movie. A cleverly romanticized depiction of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. 🙂

  • Kevin Ice

    ‘The Yakuza’, Robert Mitchum, 1975. Great film.

  • bob1233

    How do you cook a Panda?
    In a pan — duh!

  • DavidTrock

    As a “Qualified” Submariner, I was looking forward to seeing that movie when it came out in ’84. It was so exciting I fell asleep. I have tried to watch it several times since, never got all the way through. Of the all-time most boring movies I have ever tried to watch, that ranks in the top 3.

  • Thomas Pearson

    They Were Expendable. A 1945 movie starring John Wayne and Robert Montgomery.

    Scarface. 1932 starring Paul Muni

    Monsieur Verdoux. 1947 starring Charlie Chaplin

  • Dampiera

    I wanted to see “Memento” on this list. So many people have never seen it, and it is a great movie.

    • Unlicensed Dremel

      Memento was great. I love mind-blowing movies like this. Also, Arlington Road, Usual Suspects, Shutter Island, Jacob’s Ladder, Inception; even Smokin’ Aces was kinda mind-blowing. Way of the Gun is pretty cool too.

  • Beretta92

    The Mask of Dimitrios – 1944, starring: Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, Zachary Scott and Faye Emerson.

  • Twerkoff

    I saw this film in Germany, in Bremen when it first came out and it wasn’t a five hour movie, y’all. Audiences wouldn’t stand for that, Germans would’ve stormed the screen shouting for more beer. And it is so nice to sit in a theater and get wasted on good German brew, you don’t need subtitles!

  • onyxkitteh

    If my girls & I want to make my husband happy, we turn that movie on and watch it with him. It’s that good.

  • The Changeling starring George C. Scott and Trish Van De Veer. Awesome

  • Coffee49

    Tale of two cities is also a b&w english classic, since spring refuses to show up the only thing to do on weekends is stay inside and stay warm with the classics

  • Houmid

    Of course if you understand German, you don’t need to worry about subtitles.

  • Melanie Collins Pennock

    Great movie

  • EdWatts

    One of my favorites, which failed to make the cut, is “Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House” from 1948. The film, which follows the book almost exactly, showcases Cary Grant at his comedic best. Combine Grant’s comedy genius with Myrna Loy’s wise but ditzy portrayal of Mrs. Blandings and you have an hour and a half of great entertainment.

  • texmale45

    What about “Run silent run deep?

  • Roger Robertson

    It isn’t on this list but if you have never watched it try “Second Hand Lions” with Robert Duval, Michael Caine and Haley Joel Osment.Little violence or swearing and no sex but one movie I have enjoyed watching several times. Don’t remember it ever being in theaters but if not it should have been.

  • Glenn Hester

    well if a critic loves it… I’ll hate it

  • Thesmartguy

    “What about Blasphemy Dastardly”? starring Heath Ledger or the “Orangutan Conspiracy” starring Jack Nicholson? Here’s one no one has seen but should! “The Night the Rain Came in” Starring Jonathan Jennings, James Spader, Angelina Jolie, Kat Dennings, Emily Blunt and Leonardo Dicaprio! Legendary Movie Yo! Legendary!

  • Daniel Kane

    A very funny movie from 1961 with James Cagney was “One, Two, Three” Just wanted to throw in one more…Black and White film, but worth the humor!

  • Jerry Jerry

    Das Boot, the greatest Sub movie of all time. I was on set in Munich. Forget Dr. Hairy Ballz comment about the TV version, the movie was released to Theaters in Germany (Where they have waiters and bring you beer and ice cream) and even the German release in German theaters had US subtitles. If you like War Films this is one of the best, even though you are watching a WWII Nazi Submarine crew, you feel bad after what they had gone through after watching what happens in the end, even if you are American. (I am, was a soldier in Germany during filming and release) and can say, based on their harrowing, constantly harrowing experiences, you forget they were fighting the US and British, and the thing about the entire movie is that it is actually what some of the crews went through on all sides in these underwater death traps.

    • DaveGinOly

      In one of the extras to the 2-disc “Collector’s Set,” Petersen describes an invitation-only showing of the full-length movie to Jews in Hollywood. When the graphic intro mentions the number of U-boat men who didn’t return from patrol, the audience cheered and applauded. Petersen thought, “Ive made a terrible mistake!” By the end of the movie, the audience was largely quiet, subdued, with some people sobbing. Their transformation was complete; they realized that even their enemies are people too.

  • pat

    Speak for yourself. I’ve seen six of the nine.

  • Daddy Love

    Hard Eight is one of my all-time favorites.

  • Scrynt Cauldein

    Six of the nine; not all “great” but still very entertaining and/or challenging.

  • David

    Das Boot does such an incredible job of winding up the stress. When I saw it the first time, when it was over I realized I was literally clenching the seat with a white-knuckled grip. It is easily one of the most intense film experiences ever!!!

  • Robert Reeves

    Das Boot is a classic. No matter how many hours you watch. Try “Stalingrad”.

    • Alicia

      And make sure that you get the 1993 German movie by that name, not the 2013 Russian production.

  • texshelters

    Excellent list that features some movies I haven’t seen. And Das Boot is in my top ten movies of all time. Too bad Mr. Peterson went on to do such crap in Hollywood unlike his forebearer Herzog, who stayed in Germany and has done some great documentaries since his early days. Peterson also did the film “Black and White, like Day for Night” which is a facinating look into competition and obsession. There are many other films that could be added to the list, but I have no quibbles with whats in the list.


  • cj

    I LOVE fearless, great movie

  • cj

    I love secretary too

  • Todd

    Subtitles. Yuck. Nothing ruins a movie experience worse than having to read subtitles. I know two languages, English and Spanish, if the movie isn’t in one of those languages I’m not wasting my time.

    • DaveGinOly

      You can listen to the English-language track of Das Boot, but I believe that it looses much of its flavor when not heard auf Deutsch.

      Either way, watch it. It is the best war, and the best anti-war, movie ever made, IMHO.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Excuse me? I’ve seen a hell of a lot of good and great film with subtitles.and frankly, it’s just stupid as hell not to watch a film based on that and that alone. I mean, hell, everybody in the world dosen’t speak English, and a film dosen’t have to be in your language only to enjoy it, so get over yourself. That is so ridiculous. And,yeah, DAS BOOT was off the hook–it its original German, of course– I love subs, because I don’t know any other languages besides a little Spanish. I would have missed out on a lot of good films from other countries it I had that close-minded attitude of yours. A good movie is a good movie, no matter what language it’s spoken/ade in.

    • 1936benz

      Maybe you should learn to read first.

  • Tammy

    Secretary easily one of my fave ever movies.

  • koolhed

    May be trivial, but I called it “Das BOOT” for years, until I was told the proper pronunciation is actually “DAS BOAT.”

    • DaveGinOly

      Actually, the pronunciation of the German “Boot” utilizes a sound not found in English, about halfway between “boat” and “boot.” You an hear it pronounced here:

      FYI, Das Boot is my all-time favorite movie. I have watched it several times. Any DB fan must have the “2-Disc Collector’s Set,” with it’s re-dubbed sound effects (not merely enhanced – one of the extra features compares the original sound to the new sound, and the difference is tremendous) and extras worth the price alone. Es ist ausgezeichnet!

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Wow, interesting list – only one I’ve seen is Das Boot – got to get to crackin on watching these – which are on Netflix? Thank gawd this didn’t name the usual known tirds claimed to be masterpieces. There’s a few I’d add …. maybe Usual Suspects and a few others, but if Das Boot is an indication, these should be good.

  • Unlicensed Dremel

    Absolutely. One of my favorites.

  • Carl LaFong

    The are all noteworthy pictures, no doubt. “Awesome”, as you label them…

    But, it would seem that they are top-heavy in contemporary time releases, with only a single citation of anything made prior to 1981. There are nearly 100 years of movies out there prior to “Awesome” that can be chosen – and some like Wages of Fear or Napoleon are Way Awesome.

    Check out some oldies, young’un. You’ll be surprised…

  • OC

    I’d like to see “Swimming With Sharks” “Secretary” and “Hard Eight”. I haven’t seen a single one of these.

  • suburban_j

    These movies are for cool people. People that “get it” have already seen most or all of these. You’re never going to convince some shoot ’em up, action loving, typical American bonehead to sit through a movie with subtitles or something with a plot that they have to think about. That’s almost as bad as reading a book!

    • Ray DiNitto

      Just let me know what movies “cool people” like yourself watch and I’ll be sure to pass on them!

  • leisureguy

    Pretty cool

  • Jack Crowe


  • Kommando_Oskar

    Ya. Das Boot

  • TrickleUpPolitics

    Love this movie. As a WWII buff who as a vet was stationed in Germany twice, I love to see WWII from the German side. It’s good whether you watch the subtitled or the dubbed.

    • 1936benz

      You should also read the book “Battle for the Ruhr: The German Army’s Final Defeat in the West.” It’s written almost entirely from the German perspective and is fascinating to read how the US Army was seen as victorious conquerors rather than “liberators.” Great read!

  • MarvLS1

    Anything with Kevin Spacey in it can be ignored. Everything I’ve seen him in is garbage that leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach. There’s something extremely creepy about that guy and the movies I’ve seen him in have been dark, cynical and depressing.

    • markhj111

      Fortunately for Mr. Spacey, you are in the minority.

      • Damn straight – American Beauty is magnificent.

    • Melissa

      I tend to agree, he kinda gives me the creeps. I did like him in “Beyond the Sea”, however.

  • TheLineIsDrawn

    No one ever mentions “After Hours” (1985). By Martin Scorcese.

    • Force Crater

      Drop acid and watch that film.

  • Garaboncias

    I would have added Le Samouraï by Melville.

  • Sam

    The Gardens of the Finzi Contini

  • hrwolfe

    Acording to the jacket on my copy of the “Directors cut” the film takes place in 1941 before the US entered the war. I saw the original release in a theater way back and yes it was very engrossing in the original German, the subtitles seemed to blend in. By the end of the film you have much sympathy for these fellows that are the crew. It was while watching my copy for the ? time that I realized that the cause they were fighting for garnered no sympathy and it was wrong to feel anything but revulsion for them. There is nothing honorable about sinking unarmed merchant ships for the cause of Arian Superiority. The HBO film the Pacific reduced the war in the Pacific to us being just down right mean beating the Japanese. Only once on Guadalcanal did they briefly show the butchering of the KIA’s by the Japanese to demoralize our troops. It was repeated anywhere the Japanese went with civilian or military captured. There is an attempt these days to bury the hatchet with moral equivalence but we must never forget why these wars were fought, who fought them and why so hopefully the mistakes that led to them will not occur again and you can not do that by adjusting history. National Socialism/Nazi’s, Communism/Mao, Stalin, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pot, Castro and Imperial Japan caused well over 100 million deaths and made the 20th century the bloodiest. Nothing about the perpetrators should be glorified.

    • Bill Jarett

      Did you know Admiral Nimitz defended Admiral Donitz at the Nuremberg Trials, stating that his submarines sank without any warning ships from the very start of the war?

    • 946towguy

      Unlike the other branches of service, the German Kriegsmarine, under the command of Admiral Donitz, fought with a level of honor comparable to that of the British Navy. The Navy did not fight for the goal of Naziism, but to win a war without regard to the politics of their civilian leaders.
      The goal early on was to put tonnage on the bottom, not merchant seamen. The German submariners often put their own lives in danger to warn unarmed merchant vessels and give an opportunity to abandon ship before sinking. When sinking was without warning, they would typically target parts of the ship that would sink her with the least possible loss of life.

      The war in the Pacific and land wars were other matters entirely.

  • brock2118

    I still know a little German from high school. The german edition is alot better than the english translation.

    • Hon. Dr. Hairy J. Ballz Jr. II

      “The german edition is alot better than the english translation”

      That is an understatement…

    • Dick Smalley

      “I know a little German, and here he is.”. Name that film. I would put it on this list.

      • Hambone

        Top Secret?

  • bobfrapples

    : Best movie of all time. John Houston, Sean Connery Michael Caine.. Nuff Said!

  • Rich Rochester

    Spielberg’s “The Empire of the Sun.” I’ll never forget the final scene.

    • philofthefuture

      Definitely one to watch. Great recommendation. Ethan Hawk was superb throughout.

      • Alicia

        Ethan Hawke wasn’t in “Empire of the Sun.”

  • Hon. Dr. Hairy J. Ballz Jr. II

    I know alot of people do not know this movie and some of those that do and have watched it did not like it but Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams” is an artistic, thought-provoking masterpiece. The last 15 or so minutes are some of the best minutes in cinematic history…

  • Bill Jarett

    Das Boot is great visually, but the hyper anti-war anti-nazi dialogue of the Captain is ludicrous for a 1942 submarine Captain.

  • Bill Jarett

    A few great overlooked war movies:

    1) Attack and Retreat (1964)”Italiani brava gente” (original title)-

    Great view of the Eastern Front and brutality of the conditions from the Italian Army perspective.

    2)The Winter War (original title in Finnish: Talvisota) -1989 Finnish

    Great film of the of the brutal conditions the Finns faced while fighting alone against the Soviets in the extreme Winter conditions of 1939/40.

    4) The Big Parade (1925}- Great silent movie about an American soldier in WW1

    5) Johnny Got His Gun (1971)- Best anti-war movie I have seen.

  • AtomicFury

    Loved “Das Boot” the movie. Loved the novel even more.

  • stampece

    I’ve seen every one of these. The only people who haven’t seen most of these are casual filmgoers or those who care only for big commercial films, and those folks won’t appreciate most of these movies.

  • Mark

    See the movie “May”. One of the most bazaar movies i’ve ever seen. The lead actress is a masterful actress and after seeing her in this movie, you will be a fan.

    • CheeseyPal

      A movie about an open air marketplace? That sounds bizarre!

  • docwill

    yeah, ditto on “Das Boot” with the subtitles. I’ve seen it a dozen times over the years; didn’t know about a 5-hr version(!). The reviewer omitted “Breaker Morant.” Tsk, tsk…

  • Jackie Lynn Cobb

    I have seen Secretary. I still see some of the scenes in my head from time to time. I would add The Bride Wore Black. to this list

  • Keith

    FEARLESS is the most underrated movie of that decade.

  • hey gee

    Watch “Buffalo 66” before you die, and remember old hey gee told you to.

  • Dick Smalley

    Rosanna Arquette was so hot back in the day.

  • Dick Smalley

    “Time After Time”. Very clever and entertaining movie.

  • ColoMom

    Have only seen two of these. Das Boot, great movie. Secretary, no thanks, as they say now there’s two hours I’ll never get back, tho I’m still a James Spader fan. Some of the others I’ll check out.

  • redbirds

    i’m german (born 1961), female and i watched the movie ‘das boot’ right after it’s release in germany. it was mindblowing especially for us ‘nachkriegs’-children (meaning children born after the war was over). i also saw the series (the long-version) on tv more than once. you could go to the bavaria film studios in munich where the original set (meaning the submarine) was build and you could tour the sub. i never knew i was claustrophobic. watching the movie was bad enough but walking through the set-submarine and thinking of all the people who have died in these subs (no matter what nationality) makes me shiver all the time i think about it. i still watch submarine movies like ‘hunt for red october’ but ‘das boot’ was the best in my opinion. and i have the advantage of not needing subtitles which is a plus i think. there is a post about watching dubbed movies is terrible because of the voices and so on. that’s absolutely right. in germany there are only a handful of cinemas where you can watch the movies in the original version which i always preferred. now we have pay-tv and dvd/blue-ray and the problem is gone, thank god. a lot of movies or series i can’t watch anymore on free-tv because i now know the original voices and it’s just terrible to listen to the actors/actresses in german. you are lucky: you most of the time don’t need dubbing or subtitles. about ‘das boot’: i recommend the subtitles. you really need to hear the german voices. just take george clooney – he has a wonderful voice and in the beginning in germany there were different voices for every movie. can you imagine that? now it’s only one guy but his voice is just not good enough. ok, i think i wrote more than enough. in the end everyone has to decide for him/herself.

  • Meet-The-Fokkers

    Articles spot on about “DAS BOOT”. I read the book back tin the 70s in paperback . Its one of the few movies that lived up to the book. The book was written by Lothar Gunther Bucheim, who was the correspondent on the U-Boat during the war. Its a story he put together based on multiple experiences he had while serving on German U-Boats.

    Also the article is careful to not even mention the “Dubbed” version, which is good. Because in order to appreciate the movie you need to see it in the original German.

  • Meet-The-Fokkers

    Maybe because he’s familiar with today’s audiences?

    While you might be an exception to the rule, most audiences today are entertained by loud bangs, bright flashes, fancy CGI superheroes flying through the sky and if they do watch war movies they prefer anachronistic tripe.

  • JimBobJones1

    Hated it.

  • philofthefuture

    Das Boot is off the charts, a really great film. Acting is spot on, suspense you can cut with a knife it’s so thick, wrapped up with a superb ending. Definitely worth all the rewards it earned. I toured the captured U-505 in Chicago as a kid multiple times and was fascinated by how cramped the entire boat was. It seemed there wasn’t even a cubic inch of wasted space. The film captures that very well.
    Secretary was OK for a one off but that’s about it. Same for Fearless, a one off. Hard Eight pretty much stunk though, not worth the time.
    Someone below recommended “Leon; The professional” and I’d concur. Also a great movie with Jean Reno and Gary Oldman.

  • philofthefuture

    OK I’ll admit it, “The Keep”, a cult classic in my opinion. Early Michael Mann. I’d view “The Keep” and “Collateral” as the two bookends of a fabulous directing career.
    Now that I think of it, add “Collateral” and “The Corruptor” to must sees.

  • Mike Marchand

    I suppose the vast majority of readers don’t need a spoiler warning on Kevin Spacey’s two best surprise roles, but way to ruin it anyway, dimwit. Like you couldn’t have picked several more great performances he had?

  • Jim Carroll

    A film I saw on DVD last week after reading some comments on it:

    Didn’t know how I would feel about it, but now I think it’s one of those films that should be used in film schools to teach foreshadowing, editing, pacing, and a host of other techniques. A very engrossing film, especially if you’re interested in learning to make a serial killer using materials you have laying around the house!

  • Lynn Pounian

    Nice list!

  • Dr. Niemann

    “Sometimes it is worth watching an old black and white movie, just for the experience.”

    Gosh, I watch a lot of old black and white movies. I didn’t realize they were only worth watching “just for the experience.”

    Alternately — understanding that just because something was created in a different technological context does not automatically make that thing “bad” — one could grow up and get over the shallow prejudice of not watching movies just because they’re “old” and “in black and white”, and then a whole new world of good movies and stories will open up to one.

  • Paul McStay

    The English dubbed version is actually very good with the same cast speaking English…

  • SnakePlissken

    Rosanna Arquette: the hottest hollywood babe ever.

  • JCWal

    Kind of a dumb comment, truly. I’m a film maker, have seen approximately 2k movies, and I’ve not seen any of these yet.

  • rampantlion

    I have both of these on DVD–hilarious spoofs. Who wouldn’t like “Fistful of Yen”. LOL!!

  • USA Rocks

    Emperor of the North. Lee Marvin & Ernest Borgnine. Great movie.

  • Robert_13

    People who don’t watch terrific movies because of subtitles just can’t read very well. They’re semi-literate if literate at all.

  • Larry H

    Das Boot. Great film. Learn to read subtitles or learn German.

    Bob Le Flambeur. I heard it’s a great film. It’s on my list to see.

  • Harry Taylor

    “KOYAANISQUATSI” by Francis Ford Coppola is well worth watching.Most people have never heard of it but it is well worth 1 hour and 27 minutes.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    Hell, I’ve never been in a sub,period, and some of those scenes still freaked me out—especially when the sub was attacked—really gripping as hell stuff!

    • Dan Mack

      I was fortunate enough to grow up in Chicago, and often frequented the Museum of Science and Industry – the final resting place of the abandoned Kreigsmarine sub, U-505. I’ve walked its length and it is TINY!! O.O It’s amazing what these men endured in war, on both sides!

      • aardman

        That’s a Type IX which is bigger than the Type VIl portrayed in the movie. Actually the replica built for the movie is wider than the real thing to make room for the film crew. So it’s even more claustrophobic than you think. I hear tell it stinks like hell inside WWII subs too.

  • Sky Thibedeau

    We watch all 12 hours of The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions on New years eve.

  • Drizztee

    “Run” is a movie that should be included.

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    Das Boot, in my opinion, is the finest movie ever made showing the claustrophobic world of submarine warfare. Brilliant.

  • joe shmoe

    I got one for you all. It called “The Power of One”. It’s about an orphaned kid in South Africa who finds his way in the world and demonstrates the power that one individual can have. It’s great, Morgan Freeman is in it.

  • Steve Shorey

    The Sundance channel gives you a chance to see some of these lesser known buy decent films.

  • William Schryver

    O Brother, Where Art Thou? is, in my opinion, very likely the most underrated film of my lifetime (over a half decade). It is one of the most well-written screenplays of all time, and is absolutely perfectly cast, perfectly directed, perfectly filmed, etc. It is also probably the single funniest movie I have ever seen. My wife and I watch it at least twice a year, to the point that we now have a great amount of the dialogue memorized. Still, it continues to please. Holly Hunter is great in a short stint on the screen. And, as he was frequently inclined to do in any movie in which he was cast, Charles Durning comes very close to stealing the show as Mississippi Governor Menelaus “Pappy” O’Daniel. The music is phenomenal in its own right. Along with Raising Arizona, Intolerable Cruelty, and The Hudsucker Proxy, O Brother Where Art Thou? is one of what I consider the Coen brothers’ masterpieces of comedy brilliance.

    • John Lenko

      Seriously? I could think of a 100 better movies than this waste of celluloid starting with Finding Forrester, Outside Providence, The Edge, Instinct, August Rush, The Royal Tannenbaums, Drive, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Illusionist, Primal Fear, Rounders, American Beauty, etc, etc ,etc.

      • Kevin_OKeeffe

        “The Edge” and “Rounders” are both good films that are somewhat obscure, especially “The Edge.” “American Beauty” is also a good film, but seeing as how it won Best Picture just 15 years ago, its not generally seen as obscure in any way, You might as well recommend we all go out and see the original “Star Wars,” for crying out loud.

      • bcandbc

        can you recommend some more movies? I like your recommendations very much.

    • What’s interesting is that O Brother is actually an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. John Goodman, for example, is Polyphemus the cyclops.

      • Ralph C

        well, sort of. I don’t remember Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil in Homer’s Odyssey, e.g.

      • Robert Walther

        As a young teen, I was obliged to read Homer’s Odyssey in the original after being forced to learn ancient Greek by German American, Dominican priests. The incredible delusion that this movie is somehow an ‘adaptation’ of the Odyssey can only be explained by either malice or the deluded reviewers confusing of Jethro Bodine’s cousin, Homer, with the Classic Greek bard.

    • Wiley

      You may not agree with everything he says, but you must admit William writes very well for a 5 year old…”my lifetime (over a half decade).”

    • Kevin_OKeeffe

      Governor “Pappy” Menelaus “pass the biscuits” O’Daniels, if you please, sir.

  • terro9000

    NO NO NO, NO subtitles ever. You can not read and take in the visuals at the same time.

  • Mark Russell

    Who hasn’t seen 12 Angry Men or Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? This is a good list for people who never venture beyond the rom-coms and superhero movies at the multi-plex, but most of these films are widely seen big budget Hollywood movies which most people interested in finding little known films will have already seen. Kudos for including Swimming with Sharks and Bob Le Flambeur, though.

  • StacyD

    Hmmm…. not a single film directed by a woman. Really? How about The Decline of Western Civilization, American Psycho, Europa Europa, and Cleo from 5 to 7 – made by Agnes Varda, the grandmother of the French New Wave, whose work in Left Bank Cinema pre-dated the New Wave of Truffaut, Godard, et al.

  • BuckTard

    Beer fest has a hilarious homage to Das Boot. They go to the US in a small sub and the guy who plays the captain in Das Boot asks how long it will take. When told and then asked why, he says ” I had a bad experience once in a sub” Its missed by 99% of the people who watched the movie Im sure.

  • OrthoStice

    SECRETARY makes my skin crawl—every time I watch it. No one does creepy like Spader does creepy.

    • Stephanie Peterman

      I agree that James Spader does an outstanding job playing creepy characters (makes me wonder about what he’s actually like, to be honest), but you really should check out David Tennant (my favorite actor!) in Secret Smile if you want to *really* feel your skin crawl…

  • Methusaleh

    Three more: The Manchurian Candidate, The Caine Mutiny, Relax It’s Just Sex.

  • NCMountainGirl

    This is really two lists. Some of the titles are obscure except to serious film buffs Others are very well known to a large slice of the population, but not to many younger viewers. Indeed, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was a blockbuster. It set a record in my hometown, where it stayed in a first run theater for several months. People went to see it five, six and seven times.

    A film from the same period I’d consider showing in a double feature with 12 Angry Men is John Sturges’ Bad Day at Black Rock. In some ways it is the filp side of what can happen when more thoughtful people don’t stick to their guns. Spencer Tracy plays a one armed veteran who immediately after the end of WWII journies to a remote small town to present to the only relative of a KIA Japanese-American officer the officer’s posthumous award for valor. There he discovers hostility from almost everyone in town as they try to protect an evil secret.

    Stanley Kubrick’s 1957 Paths of Glory is also worth seeing, especially as .August 2014 is the centennial of the start of WWI. Kirk Douglas stars as the field grade officer trying to protect his men from a general who is demanding they be executed for desertion. The men had refused to advance into suicidal fire. The script is based on the widespread mutiny of French units in 1917, after which thousands of French soldiers were subjected to court martial and hundreds were convicted but all but a few dozen death sentences were commuted.

    • Nostromo

      Fox hauled Butch and Sundance back into theaters at least a couple of times, well into the ’70s, for folks to enjoy again. I see they’re doing something along those lines with a Ghostbusters re-release this Labor Day.

    • Tom Ries

      Your assessment of this being two lists is right on. Butch Cassidy and Cool Hand Luke are both well known, hardly overlooked films, but may not have been seen by younger viewers. A better list might be outstanding films that received no acknowledgement by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Paths of Glory is certainly one of those. Another is Zulu, an incredible story of courage starring Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins and Michael Caine.

  • Das Boot was not unfairly neglected; it was quite a big hit in its day.

    • Nostromo

      I was gratified that this great film stayed so faithful to the character and tone of the book; they complement each other.

    • Dobraya Utka

      I came here to say that.

      It is also on youtube, including the 3 1/2 hour director’s cut.

  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, underrated? It’s probably the most famous non-John Wayne Western of the entire 1960s!

    • The_Infamous_Dr_Q

      I know, right? The movie won four Academy Awards, got ranked #73 on the AFI’s top 100, and sits at #163 in the IMDB’s top 250, yet it’s apparently overrated.

  • Mike Lawler

    Great film, great book. I saw it in an old theater that converted the balcony into a screening room. Being in a smaller space with surround sound made it eve more claustrophobic and you felt like you were in the sub being depth charged. The book is well with the middle being several pages of boring non-action, which is what it’s supposed to make you feel. There weren’t non-stop battles going on like s many movies. Even though they are German, you feel for the crew because they are not die-hard Nazis. They are just sailors doing their job in war.

  • Mike Lawler

    Ben-Hur and Spartacus are four hours. Very good films.

  • How did “Glengarry Glen Ross” not make this list? Or “Brassed Off”? But I guess if you’re limited to 20 films, most of these listed are spot-on.

  • Benjamin Harrison

    IMO, Lone Ranger was another one of those films that I enjoyed, yet flopped. It was awesome to see the sights, sounds, and incredible action sequences with trains and horseback riding, yet the film failed regardless. I still feel that it was a nice piece of western action though.

  • BabyGerald

    I finally got to see Bob Le Flambeur a couple months ago and can attest to its brilliance. A superb film, indeed.

  • Scott

    You have Fearless listed but no mention of Rosie Perez’s Oscar-nominated performance in that film? From what I recall, she was the co-favorite to win with Winona Ryder in The Age of Innocence. Both were upset by Anna Paquin for her performance in The Piano.

  • I nominate Perfume with Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman

  • Luci Widnesor

    I am not a film expert, but even I have a hard time believing people who like movies even in a casual way have never seen Butch Cassidy, Cool Hand Luke, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Das Boot. Not only were they classics, but they were critically praised in their time. I guess the “awesome” in the title of this article should have tipped me off, but come on – if you are over the age of 18, you know these movies.

    • John Lenko

      I’m with you Lucy, Das Boot is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The Guns of Navarone is another great film and The Nuremberg Trials with Spencer Tracy. And those are war movies.

  • christomlin

    “Amazon Women on the Moon” was, I recall, one of a collection of movies more appropriately referred to as “The John Landis Legal Defense Fund.”

    As you mention, Landis was in deep trouble after his over-the-top stuntifying while filming “The Twilight Zone” got three people killed. Seems some of his movie friends donated their time, dug up some old clips and created some new sketches to help raise funds. As is the case in most comedy anthologies like “Kentucky Fried Movie” or “Movie Movie,” the results were uneven but usually fun and enjoyable. I wonder how well they hold up today.

  • utecougar

    Okay, if “Hot Fuzz” was a hit in the U.S., how come “you haven’t seen it”? I own it. It’s very funny.

  • nonyabizzz

    Landis… a bit of a controversy??? please. He got off, but he was in a lot of trouble.

  • Richard Leau

    Swimming With Sharks WAS Kevin Spacey’s breakout role. Without it he wouldn’t have gotten Seven or the Usual Suspects.

    • Nawtark

      Glengarry Glenn Ross?

  • Richard Leau

    Watched the Secretary recently after seeing Maggie Gyllenhall in Frank. Reccommended over 50 Shades of Grey. Check out Frank too. Pretty solid movie.

  • mogul264

    One of the more recent movies NOT listed was “Schihdler’s List”. This was the FIRST movie I walked out at the end where NOBODY said ANYTHING! Eerily dead silence!

  • Merkava

    “Amazon Women” is not as good as “Kentucky Fried Movie” and I believe that the movie was spoofed by the Riff-Trax guys.

  • AbsolutGrndZer0

    What we’ve got here is, failure to communicate. Which, is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you do.

  • dnaclone

    there are a lot of movies i would like to include
    1. idiocracy funny funny movie and a little scary
    2. twinkle twinkle killer kane ( or the ninthe configuration ) depending on when you watched the film
    3. angel heart robert deniro as satan need i say more woooooow
    4. top secret ( i theink someone metioned it already)
    5. elephant man
    6 young frankenstien
    these are a few of my favorites but i have very large collection
    i watch everything

  • toddsheffield

    I would add ‘Ricochet’ to the list. One of the most underrated villains (John Lithgow) I’ve come across.

  • GhostFlame

    This writer does not stay on topic at all, does he? But one of my favorite awesome movies more people should see is, Stranger Than Fiction.

    It stars Will Ferrell, and Dustin Hoffman. Will Ferrell is more known for Saturday Night Live, and lighter weight movies like Old School, or Elf. Or even Dick or Zoolander. But his most popular role must be Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. A parody of the TV news business from the nineteen seventies, when diversity in the American work place became very important. Even though Ron falls in love with Veronica Corningstone, played by Christina Applegate, in a real breakout role, Ron does join the rest of his news team in an attempt sabotage Veronica’s success at the station. Before that, Applegate was mostly known for Married… With Children. A funny, though crude, satire of American marriage. And Dustin Hoffman, is perfect in his supporting role. Dustin of course, became famous for The Graduate. Then went on to star in Midnight Cowboy, Little Big Man, Marathon Man, and Tootsie. And many other iconic roles, like in Kramer vs. Kramer, Rain Man, and Wag The Dog. Dustin received Academy Awards for both Kramer vs. Kramer, and Rain Man. Wag The Dog was co written by David Mamet.

    At any rate, please check out Stranger Than Fiction. It is awesome.

  • Carly Farley

    Another movie that younger people should see is “Little Big Man” with Dustin Hoffman. My God, what a movie! You see why he is considered one of the greatest actors of our time. His performance is brilliant!

  • How about Muffin Man (2003) – that should certainly be at the top of the list!

  • coolerbill

    Secretary is without a doubt the sexiest movie I have ever seen. I don’t mean most graphic. I mean oh-my-god SEXY.

  • Avery

    Das Boot was nominated for 6 Oscars.

  • I do believe this was directed at viewers also. Since I saw some of them at the drive in!

  • Kaitain

    Any self-respecting cinephile should have seen at least half of these. My count was 14.

  • froggy57

    Amazing how budding intellectuals rush to accolades of lousy movies.

  • LCDR USN Ret

    “The Great Santini” anyone??