15 Of The Most Ridiculous Films That Actors Should Be Ashamed Of


Even the biggest movie stars in the world aren’t immune to the occasional bomb. Here is a list of 15 of the most ridiculous films of all time that the actors who starred in them should most certainly be ashamed of.

1. Die Another Day

“Die Another Day,” at least on paper, looked incredibly promising. It was the 20th film in the James Bond franchise that has been released by EON Pictures.

It was the fourth film in the series to star Pierce Brosnan, who had made a significant name for himself after huge hits like “Goldeneye” and “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

The producers of the franchise, the Broccoli family, said that it was going to be a celebration of the long and storied history that Bond experienced in cinema. When the film was finally released, it was obvious just how wrong they were.

“Die Another Day” is a terrible film with arguably the most ridiculous plot that has ever been in a Bond film. Even Sir Roger Moore called in the most over the top Bond film of all time – and he was the first Bond in space.

Pierce Brosnan phoned in an absolutely dreadful performance that was second only to Halle Berry’s, who was fresh off an Oscar win at the time.

  • john

    i loved that movie.

  • actionmanrandell

    just watched the lone ranger the other day and i am sorry but it was a great movie

    • Tom Bruner

      Looks like I watched it about the same time, and agree. I was prepared for an MST3K event with my friend, and we ended up agreeing that it was pretty good.

  • Yee-Yee

    Don’t care. Pierce Brosnan second best James Bond ever. The latest one, Daniel Craig, is an awful James Bond. He lacks the suave and style of a Bond… to me he’s just another spy.

    • RoadToOctober

      I would agree that you are in a very small minority, at least in your opinion that Craig is an awful Bond. I would go as far as saying that he is the best Bond. Even better than Sean Connery. In my opinion Roger Moore was an awful Bond. He turned the franchise into a joke.

      • Christopher Ritchie

        Craig is a Bond for jingoistic Americans. Connery was a Bond for Britons.

      • jayneen

        Thank you RoadToOctober. I totally agree.

    • Andrew Shirts

      Does anyone remember George Lazenby as Bond?

    • Nathan Grant

      How can anyone say pierce was a bad bond? He played bond in the best bond movie ever made – “Golden eye” – He rejuvenated the bond series.

  • Alternativereview

    Did i hear somebody saying The Lone Ranger was a great film?Man you must be high on some shit.The one movie that should be on every disappointing movie list is the lone ranger.There i said it!!!

    • silly bob

      Way to go out on a limb and agree with the list. There, I said it too.

  • Vetmd

    I like Craig but, yes, he is a true member of the Thuggee. Bronson was a good, servicible Bond. Until he aged, he was worth watching.

  • Jack the Giant Slayer is no Citizen Kane but it’s really entertaining. I don’t know why people didn’t see it.

  • manowar35

    Just because a movie bombs doesnt make it bad movie. I loved Jack the Giant Slayer and enjoyed The Lone Ranger. I thought Water World was cool. There is a reason why it gets played a lot on TV you know. A lot of people fee the same way.

    • Shakin Mahead

      Thank you for being the lowest common denominator

    • RoadToOctober

      Shakin is a moron. Manowar is exactly right. Shakin all you need to do is use google to see that Manowar was right. Plenty of box office failures were great films. Shawshank Redemption, Once Upon A Time in America, Blade Runner, Fight Club, Wizard of Oz, and the film that many consider the greatest of all time, Citizen Kane.

  • Tiffany Davis

    are you kidding catwoman was damn good

  • isac

    waterworld is great movie

  • The Solution

    No Dragonball Evolution or Avatar The Last Airbender? I am shocked and disappointed at this list.

  • bbtrixie .

    I don’t get why Gigli is always called SO bad. I’m mean parts of it DID make me want to slap Jennifer, but most of it was pretty entertaining. I thought the back & forth between Affleck & kidnapped kid was cute. Was it their relationship that was such a turn off ? ….. cuz, I just don’t get it. REALLY good ? No. But THAT terrible? No, as well.

    • David T

      Yes, THAT terrible. Neither of them can act, and the story line was ridiculous.

  • Rob Hudson

    I actually loved Waterworld. Never understood why it got such bad press.

    • Phanboi

      Me, too. Saw it in San Diego during Comic-Con

      • deckbose

        Me too. This is a gossip list, all the movies they heard were bad. Half of them are just fine, and Waterworld is terrific. I love Heaven’s Gate, too, up to the last battle anyway, in which you can’t see anyone through all the dust. As has been mentioned, where is Battlefield Earth? Where is HappyThankYouMorePlease? Where is House of D? Where is Mona Lisa Smile?

      • deckbose

        Where is Rocky 5? Where is Trouble with the Curve?

    • Steven Rowe

      Ummm, because there was no explanation of where all the water came from, for one.

      Another was that scene of him free-diving to the streets of Denver–some of the iconic down-town Denver buildings are unmistakable–when the mountains rise to over fourteen thousand feet close to the “Mile High City”.

      • RoadToOctober

        Actually they do explain where the water came from. The polar ice caps have melted and caused sea level to rise hundreds of feet and flooded the earth. It’s mentioned right at the beginning of the film.

        • Rick

          the dumbest thing about the movie is that we’re supposed to believe jet skis will stay running without specialized yearly maintenance when used exclusively in a salt water environment. even guys who used em only in lakes had to have them worked on to keep them running, and often sold them within a couple of years.

          THAT was the silly part LOL

      • herbys

        Yes, science was really bad, but compared to any Roland Emmerich movie, this was Hawking-class material.

      • Frank Castle

        Um they SHOW YOU right at the beginning.. BOTH polar caps totally melted.. were you NOT WATCHING??? Can’t JUDGE a film if you did not WATCH IT!!

    • TaffyDeb

      hard to suspend belief when the world is covered with water and everyone was so dirty.

  • John Taylor

    How could you include Land of the Lost? Wil Ferrel is not funny. He should be used to being in bad movies by now instead of being embarassed by just this one.

  • Terry Vanderpuke

    I download them all from Bit Torrents, so who cares, they are free !!

  • Janise Grubber

    I download mine , if they suck I’ll download another

  • gogiggs

    Judge Dredd was so bad it made people avoid the much later movie Dredd, based on the same comics.
    Which is a shame, because Dredd is actually pretty great. It’s violent and gory as heck, but pretty great.

  • MarkLB

    I liked the Final Fantasy movie, but then, I wasn’t looking for Oscar winning material, that stuff bores me anyway.

  • Phanboi

    Costner didn’t return to the science fiction genre until 2013? Excuse me?
    What about “The Postman” in 1997?

    • deckbose

      I think that’s considered more Fantasy than Sci-Fi.

      • Christopher Ritchie

        Post-apocalyptic future movie? That’s sci-fi. There are no dragons, vampires, or magic-wand-waving teenagers in The Postman.

    • norm

      And it was every bit as bad if not worse than Waterworld.

      • rangerider

        The Postman was much much worse than Waterworld 🙂 Howard the Duck ought to be high up this list 🙂

        • The_RS_Gadfly

          It never had much of a chance to begin with. I read the short story when it was first published. It was good. Then the author published a second short story. And it was still pretty good. And then the author changed it to a novel and the whole thing went to hell.

    • Lokisgodhi

      Also known as Dryworld. 😉

      • Nathan Grant

        correction, dirt world.

  • philofthefuture

    I like Dredd, Final Fantasy, and Good Day to Die Hard, but most of the rest are real stinkers. However the worst film I ever wasted time and money on was Mystery Men. I waited the entire movie for the pay off, it never came. In the end I demanded my money back, wish I could have done the same with my time.
    Dredd I thought was a comedic spoof. On that level it works quite well. I also thought Land of the Lost was a hoot, not ownable but good for a one off.

  • Kat

    It’s a bit harsh…and I don’t believe all of these were determined to blow away the box office or win oscars…so lighten up. They act and it’s a job…relax!

  • ken711

    The problem with The Lone Ranger is not that the director ran wild as the article said but the main character was Tonto and not the Lone Ranger. It was a Johnny Depp vanity movie as it was all centered on him and his quirky acting. As a result it was not the western that people expected.

    • ilr1950

      They made the Lone Ranger a laughingstock and that was atrocious. You would NEVER laugh at Clayton Moore or Jay Silverheels! TLR was never intended to be a comedy!

  • Captain

    How did they miss Battlefield Earth?

    • Strength_Honor

      Hey, I liked Battlefield Earth…!!

      • norm

        I liked it but it WAS bad. I read the book too, and it was so cheesy bad it was good. The movie actually only covered about half the book.
        I don’t give a crap about L Ron Hubbard or scientology – I just like a good read.

  • MSG Leo

    Many of these movies were really good. How about putting all of the Twilight movies up there, the blair witch project, Electra, and the fountain.

  • brock2118

    If you think these movies are bad you haven’t watched Mystery Science Theater’s “Manos the Hands of Fate.”

    • Brad

      You could pretty much name any low-budget badly acted horror/sci-fi movie from the 70s and earlier.

    • Davis

      “The master will not be pleased”. The only way to watch it is through MSTK3000. But Torgo is awesome. Too bad that actor committed suicide after making the movie.

  • zaz_cag

    This list is missing Housesitter, Higher Learning, Theodore Rex, Clifford, Mom And Dad Save The World, Bingo, The Avengers (1998), The Temp, Fatal Instinct, and any *inset name* Movie.

  • Buddy

    Sorry but I actually liked Jack the Giant Slayer and Pluto Nash and A Good Day to Die Hard. I think people who write these don’t actually know much about movies.

  • Billy Ao Jackson

    I still like waterworld to this day. The Lone Ranger was horrible, and I did not mind seeing Halle Berry in a Cat suit at all…

  • The Mighty Pathos

    Kevin Costner would return to science fiction just a few years later with The Postman.

  • Randy Clark

    “Disinterested” does not mean the same thing as “uninterested” and there has only been one GI Joe sequel so far.

  • gwayne

    this does not surprise me in the least

  • Bob

    The creator of this list wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit them in the face.

  • Adrian

    I LOVE Land of The Lost, this list lost me there.

  • Brad

    A list I saw rated Brosnan as second best bond of all time behind Sean Connery. Goldeneye is still one of the best ever. I can’t stand watching anything pre-80s because the acting of previous generations was terrible. Craig is ugly and has blond hair which completely goes against what Bond is in the books.

    • jayneen

      You may think he’s ugly but he has tremendous sex appeal and as a man, you would not know that–unless you are gay. Roger Moore may have been “handsome” to some but lacked any kind of sex appeal.

  • Jeffrey Webb

    I liked Die Another Day and still like it today. I thought both Pierce Bronson and Halle Barry did exceptional work. They were believable as their characters. Remember, James Bond films ALL have plots that are ridiculous and that is part of their charm. How can you pick this one out as being more ridiculous? Let me reiterate: ALL BOND PLOTS ARE RIDICULOUS, and that is how it is supposed to be. You cannot hold that against Die Another Day. Bronson did not “phone” in a dreadful performance, he did a masterful Bond job. It’s BOND for crying out loud… the writer does not get it at all.

  • Karismoke

    I think Land of the Lost was hilarious. Definitely shouldn’t have made this list.

  • HLain

    What? Where’s “Battlefield Earth?” (My personal worst) I guess Travolta and the so-called church of Scientology must have paid someone off or threatened them with a lawsuit, their usual reaction to any bad press.

  • ricknick59

    I liked Die another day! I don’t think that this guy knows what he is talking about! I bet that he would have loved the movie and raved about it if James Bond had been in bed with or kissed another man! Just another PC shrill!

  • Cathain

    Halle Berry did show a LOT of class by going in person to pick up her Razzie award for Catwoman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxLa73N6Rls

    • Joel0903

      Her performance was Oscar worthy. The Razzie speech she gave, I mean.

  • ForYourOwnOpinion

    Clearly, critics don’t always know best either – “It’s wonderful life” was a bomb too. And most everyone watches it every Christmas season

  • Stan Heck

    “Heaven’s Gate” yes was a bomb however it didn’t bankrupt the studio. The company that owned the film studio United Artist was getting cold feet after a long dry spell of films that were losing money. When “Heaven’s Gate ” was about to be released UNITED ARTIST was sold (by Transamerica) to MGM owner kirk kerkorian who merged UA into the MGM fold. When tafter he film (Heaven’s Gate) was released Kirk paid another $45 million for the studio to cover the loses of that film. Again UA was never bankrupt over the film. The owners just got cold feet.

  • Ron Stanford

    About half of the movies listed have no place on that lise. “Judge Dread”, “Green Lantern”, “Die Another Day”, “A Good Day To Die Hard”, “Jack the Giant Killer” and the third X-Men film were all compently made, enjoyable popcorn munchers. “Heaven’s Gate” has improved with age. Want to talk about embarrassing performance?

    Humphrey Bogart in “The Return of Doctor X.”
    John Wayne as Genghis Khan in “the Conquerors”. Where’s “Batman and Robin”? “The Love Guru?” “The Phantom Menace”?

    • CylonesRUS

      John Wayne as Genghis Khan in “the Conquerors, If that was the first John Wayne movie i had seen stariing JW, I proprobly would have never watched another of his films, Since I only saw a preview or clips, thankfully, I did enjoy nearly all of his films.

    • Lokisgodhi

      The Conquerors was a great movie. It caused John Whine to develop cancer and die years before otherwise would have. You can’t ask for more from a movie than that.

  • AssclownMcgee

    This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Several flaws in his statements about all of these movies.

    • norm

      Ain’t that the truth! He lost me when he described Ryan Reynolds as a “bankable action hero” star! LOL – he obviously didn’t bother to actually LOOK at RR’s filmography. He must have just remembered his face from Smokin’ Aces and Blade: Trinity – which he was AWFUL in BTW. Two roles among 15+ “look at my pretty face” roles hardly makes him an “Action Hero”

  • JD

    This is completely wrong, at least half of these movies were actually great they just all had the same problem. The movie opens, people just coincidentally didn’t go see it right away, the media says its a terrible loss and a failure so no one goes and sees it. Stop jumping the gun and just writing what everyone else writes like this exact article, and these movies wouldn’t be on the list.

  • K

    I thought Jack the Giant Slayer was entertaining. Just because critics or others may not like it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining. Many times, people don’t go to see the movie because of the reviews or, as in the case of John Carter, the title meant nothing to non-Edgar Rice Burroughs aficionados. Sure, there were a couple of parts in JC that merited better editing, but, overall, I absolutely loved the movie and mourn that a sequel is unlikely to present itself. Dead Bodies was another movie that I don’t think got good reviews – and I, as a matter of not liking the subject matter, don’t watch zombie movies but am very happy I made an exception for this one.

  • Roger Wallace

    What about that one where Christopher Walken plays Angel Gabriel…The Prophecy. Totally awful cinema. Another stinker that comes to mind is that one with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeifer, What Lies Beneath. That sucked, too.

  • FredC1968

    Where is Zardoz? It was one of the greatest horrible movies of all time.

    • norm

      Is that the one that Sean Connery was in? Ooooohhh Yeah that is one he wishes he could forget. And Barbarella was far worse than most of the ones on the list.

      • FredC1968

        I managed to block memories of Barbarella.

  • DennisTheMenance

    They Technically Loose $ for a Big Reason? TAXES! The so called Cost to make them is about 50% less than they claim, but due to all the Tax Deductions they can take like Fancy meals to renting High end Hotel rooms for the stage has to all kinds of Plush things to make them , including Cars to Clothes, etc..? Its A IRS tax loss..
    The Actors got paid upfront very well and so did all concerned..

    And ever since sean Connory left The Bond series, it’s been a Joke ever since.. I would never spend a dime to see most movies, let alone The ave of $15 and another $10 at the movies.. $2 for renting the DVD? Maybe..

  • Ziggy Hudson

    Left out Wild Wild West Will Smith.

  • Lt_Scrounge

    Me too. I like “Jack the Giant Slayer”, “Catwoman” and “Good Day to Die Hard”.

    • Jackie Jormpjomp

      You might alone on Catwoman but Jack the Giant Slater and Good Day to Die Hard (theatrical version, the so called unrated cut sucks) are far from the embarrassments this hack writer labels them as. And Waterworld? You see every penny of that huge budget up on that screen.

      • tallsmile28 .

        Waterworld, i doubt all 200 million went up on the screent

    • tallsmile28 .

      Catwoman???? LMAO!!!!!! That movie was so bad it was comical.

  • Al Shumate

    Cat Woman was fun. I loved that movie.

  • Tom Britten

    sorry but I love WaterWorld – movie that should have made the list is English Patient – hated it

    • Ram6

      Isn’t that the truth! So boring I dumped out of it after 40 minutes and then wondered why I spent that long with it.

  • Al Shumate

    I find it curious that actors who don’t like war don’t mind
    making money off of war movies. It’s one thing if it’s someone like Audie
    Murphy, but Sylvester Stallone manage to be out of the country for Viet Nam but
    he sure enjoys the money making money about fighting in Viet Nam.

  • Sean R.

    I’m a fan of Jack the Giant Slayer, decently written and acted.

    Die Another Day could have been awesome… if they kept it level with everything that happened before the invisible car showed up. Bond working with just his wits and low-tech? That would have been amazing.

  • Anon a mussss

    it was that bad it won her an oscar?

  • “Kevin Costner didn’t return to the science fiction genre until 2013′s “Man of Steel,” a film which he (thankfully) didn’t star in.” Sorry but that’s wrong. “Waterworld” was released in 1995. “The Postman,” a post-apocalyptic science fiction film was in theaters in 1997.

  • Yathink Rilly

    Agree with the whole list, with the exception of ‘Land of the Lost”. Just because of ‘Matt Lauer can SUCK IT”.

  • Brandon Roberts

    no that will & jaden smith movie the scientology earth one.

  • theminkiewithnoname

    For those of you who are fascinated by what someone you have never met thinks about movies. Movie reviewers rate movies according to social pressure, hence the almost unanimous panning of Waterworld, an excellent film. And then of course the much ballyhooed end of Bruce Willis’s career 20 years ago when he made Hudson Hawk. A bunch of pussyfarts.

  • theminkiewithnoname

    Another victim of the Dunning-Krueger effect.

  • ilr1950

    I liked Dalton, and I like Craig but I couldnt stand Moore or Brosnan. You’re right though, the ‘original’ is the best and that will always be Connery.

  • ilr1950

    Oooooh yeah that was a real stinker!

    • Christopher Ritchie

      I am in full agreement. Horrible sci-fi, bad plot, and the acting was near-worthless.

      • The Rabid One

        The way the film was shot was also horrible. It was shot at an angle for 90% of the movie.

  • ilr1950

    I liked the XMen movie, didnt like the Wolverine one – just too many plot holes, inconsistancies and contradictions. I also thought Green Lantern was decent.

    • pusherhombre

      I liked Last Stand too. I would watch all of the movies but I have never seen “Wolverine.”

  • Wynnep

    Uhh, Kevin Costner directed and starred in “The Postman” between Waterworld and Man of Steel. Most would agree I think that it’s his biggest Sci Fi flop.

    • Joel0903

      I actually enjoyed watching The Postman more than I did Waterworld (I think, I’ve seen it more often at least – it was the first DVD I purchased in 2000 or so). It was an entertaining movie which I sometimes still watch – and would frequent more not-infrequently 🙂 if it were on Netflix since I probably won’t be buying the Blu-ray or a digital copy that’s not remastered in HD (which I haven’t found and will not admit to having looked for).

  • iMarcusCicero

    You forgot the biggest financial bomb of all time Che parts 1 and 2.

  • sailordude

    I thought Jack The Giant Slayer was awesome. Most of the rest of these stunk for sure, although Waterworld was pretty cool.

  • jjmoose

    just love it when ‘ Hollywood ‘ fails.

  • Ctrot

    I liked “The Adventures of Pluto Nash”!

  • happyroy


  • Guardian67

    Every Terence Malik film is far worse than any of these; also, did you the utterly godawful Scarlett Johansson films, Lost in Translation and Under the Skin? Anything Ang Lee does is going to be an absolute snoozer.

    • pusherhombre

      “Lost in Translation” is one of those movies everybody related to the director loves and so they push that to us through the media. But the movie is a snoozer. It is tough to stay awake for that one.

  • Rocky

    I think Waterworld is a much better movie than the critics would have us believe. If the climate doomsdayers are correct, it is actually ahead of it’s time.

    • SJMWilco

      spoken with the knowledge of the typical AGW proponent. There isn’t enough water on the planet to submerge Denver, much less the himalayas

      • Rocky

        Angry much? It was sarcasm. note the ‘doomsdayers’ term. Over and Out, Wilco.

  • Rocky

    Stalone’s Judge Dredd is way fun. Anyone notice that the ‘unknown’ author of this list seems to hate futuristic & scifi movies? I looked some of these up on Amazon and it’s interesting to see the ratings and how much they cost. That tells a different story than the opinion of the author of this list.

  • recoil_operated

    How can you suggest any of the Die Hard films are worse than Die Hard 2?

  • Jasamine Molly

    You forget that some of us simply want to be entertained for a couple of hours and don’t give a lusty cr** what the critics say. Some of these movies were a lot of fun. Some belong on this list but this list…why?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I still regret the two hours wasted watching “The Lone Ranger”.

  • Yorkman012

    Die Another Day was a good film, the rest are all stink. Any with Jenny Lopez, anything with Ben No Talent Afflick, is trash, Die Hard movies over done, like anything with Sly Stallone, but I will to bet there are even worse films then these. This group only scratch the surface.

  • supplyguy

    If you’re critiquing a James Bond or Die Hard movie on it’s plot you’re not watching right.
    Most of the other films were something I wouldn’t have paid money for anyways.

  • Hank

    Ok, am I the only one who thought “Water World” was a decent movie?

    • Walter Edvalson

      Wow, Wonderful Life worst movie ever in your mind … OK, now I better understand how you could think Water World is a decent movie.

  • Hank

    No “it’s a wonderful life”? Worst movie ever.

    • 18235

      haha….# classic scenes in that movie satirized in numerous tv shows

  • calhou

    ……and I have seen a lot more that were far, far, far worse than any of these….

    • H4BAF

      The Lone Ranger is possibly the worst of all time.

  • Barn Cat

    Mission Impossible 2 was really stupid. You have Tom Cruz and some woman in another car. Their eyes met while both cars were spinning out of control. You can’t make up stuff more stupid than that.

  • jim

    Heavens Gate was totally incomprehensible because the director, the actors, and most of the movie crew were totally bombed on booze and cocaine during the filming.

    • 18235

      no—the director was an egomaniac who forced actors through 30 takes of lousy scenes.

    • Jerry Baustian

      It turned out to be a pretty good movie, with many wonderful scenes even if the story wasn’t easy to follow.

      However, the public was not all that interested in the Johnson County War.

  • Vamboroolz

    Moore was smarmy, feckless, and completely lacking in any of the characteristics that made Fleming’s original creation so intriguing. Worst Bond by a wide margin.

  • Rick

    The lone Ranger obviously wasnt a academy award winner but it was a good show if you watched it very closely and remember the old serials and TV show. Issues that I can see with the movie is that it had a very slow start, took a while to get moving and it also had a very involved story that had its ground work laid out in the first part of the story. If you missed a few of these key points, you’d be lost especially since it was a long movie. If you manged to stay engaged, it was actually a fun movie with lots of subtle humor. You really need to watch this show a few times to fully appreciate it. The Horse was excellent!

  • Kohoutek

    Well, I see that Showgirls (1995), That’s My Boy (2012), and Sex Lives of the Potato Men (2004) somehow did not make this list.

    • pusherhombre

      Nor did “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” “Clerks,” or “Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back” make this cut either.

  • Rob Hudson

    Who cares? Do you watch every movie looking for plot holes? That sounds like a miserable way to watch movies.

    That’s like watching Star Wars, and nitpicking that The Force violates laws of physics.

    • Frank Castle

      AMEN!! it’s supposed to be FUN, and ENTERTAINMENT.. not 100% SCIENCE BACKED!! FANTASY?? ever here of the concept? Some of these commenters are out there!! Does EVER FILM have to be 100% ACCURATE in every way? if so, 99% of films need to go in the trash..

    • The_RS_Gadfly

      Yes, even ones I’ve enjoyed like Wrath of Khan. But some mistakes disable the ability to suspend disbelief.

  • Chris Lind

    Waterworld was a good movie, maybe falls short of great but I liked it. A few if the others were not bad either. Some are obviously bad, some are a matter of opinion. I liked Catwoman for example. Critics can damage a good movie just because they do not like the star.

  • Trey

    Please REDS and Dick Tracy should be on this list !

    • 18235

      old geezers still love communism and warren beatty liberalism….nobody under age 30 ever heard of warren beatty—-that’s why those two duds aren’t on the list.

  • tarantulus

    Die Another Day was better than Octopussy, Sir Roger Moore.

  • Bill H

    Can’t stand these completely subjective ratings. Everytime somebody does one of these, I completely disagree with many of their choices. Where the hell is Mullholland Drive? I’d rather bang my head against the wall than watch that POS!

  • John Brookes

    I got lucky, it seems. Because I never went to see any of these movies … although I did see bits of Water World maybe three times on some cable channel. The encouraging moral of the tale is that flops are punished, even in LA-LA Land. Now, if only our political elite and tenured bureaucrats could be equally punished for their mistakes …

  • jayneen

    I liked Jack The Giant Slayer. It was watchable. Could have been better but it was definitely watchable.

  • Las Vegas Viewer

    I liked GREEN LANTERN. I even thought the end of the film showed promise for a 2nd film where Mark Strong’s character was the bad guy….but probably that won’t happen. I also liked JOHN CARTER. I even read by John Carter books after I saw the movie. The books, got progressively worse. I also read TARZAN’s first two books and like the John Carter books, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books got more and more contrived.

  • jayneen

    Roger Moore was a girly man. Nothing sexy about him. He looked bored in every one of his movies. Daniel Craig is GREAT at Bond….serious but SEXY!

    • VicioousAlienKlown

      Sorry but you’re wrong. Moore was great and Craig is very generic. Dalton was better….LOL

  • 18235

    DIE ANOTHER DAY at least is the…only…movie to show evil north korea—though after that pre-credit sequence the movie did go totally down hill.

  • jayneen

    Both Connery and Craig have sex appeal and were very good at being Bond. There should be no comparison. BOTH WERE GREAT!

  • jayneen

    LOL! No he wasnt.

    • H4BAF

      Yeah, he pretty much was.


    Judge Dredd over Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot? As far as Stallone goes, the latter is significantly worse and infinitely more embarrassing.

    • Tom_F

      Stallone was very funny with Estelle Getty, and he was funny in ‘Oscar’ (thumbing his nose at Hollywood with the title). Schwarzenneger made the turn to comedy in 10% increments (his description) and by the time he did ‘Twins’ the public was ready. Stallone just thought the script would be enough, and it would have been a box-office success with Michael Keaton, Mike Myers, John Candy, or Michael J. Fox of the time.

  • pusherhombre

    I liked “Die Another Day.” I watch it almost every time it is on. Way better than “The Spy Who Loved Me” or anything with Timothy Dalton in it.

  • pusherhombre

    I have never watched Gigli and I avoid it if it is on. But how could it be any worse than any of the movies Affleck did with Kevin Smith?

  • moronibreitbart

    Obviously the writer never saw Firebirds with Nicolas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones. Easily the blue ribbon winner for ‘are you kidding me’ bad movies.

  • pusherhombre

    Green Lantern was terrible. I have never watched Catwoman-the full movie. It always seems there is something better on.

  • pusherhombre

    I liked Judge Dredd. I watch the Stallone one every time it is on. I watched the new one with Karl Urban. Dredd had no personality and the movie was as entertaining as watching someone play a video game at an arcade and score points for kills. That really was what watching the new Dredd felt like. I didn’t care or get personally involved in any of the characters. It was just a shoot’em up. That’s all it was.

    • denverfan92

      The Stallone one would be cool if they had created a standalone character for the movie but people didn’t like it because they expected a portrayal of a well established comic book character and it wasn’t that at all.

  • Stallion51

    Are you kidding me? How could you leave “Ishtar” of this list./

    • 18235

      old geezer actors warren beatty and dustin Hoffman ruined that movie; bob hope and bing Crosby in their prime made similar movies that are classics.

      • Jerry Baustian

        Almost anything with Warren Beatty in it is unwatchable. “Heaven Can Wait” was okay, barely, but that’s about it.

    • Tom_F

      Oh please, Ishtar was great. This is one of those “conventional wisdom” opinions that has seeped into the brains of people that never even saw it (which is 99% of us).

      • joebud

        No, it’s not a conventional wisdom opinion. Ishtar is truly awful.

  • Olwe

    What about Istar?

  • Olwe

    Or the Hillary Clinton documentary

  • Kingcruiser

    It’s just that the more stupid the science, the more stupid the film. Star Wars was using “magic” or “thoughts” or such rather than physics (even if the ships made noise going through space) when they invoked the Force and people can forgive such. But pretending the entire Earth was covered in water when the planet is FAR less gifted with the stuff just starts the whole film off wrong. HAD IT BEEN A DIFFERENT PLANET we could have forgiven the stupidity…

    • Frank Castle

      So Sci Fi fantasy eludes you as a concept?

  • 18235

    totally unimportant that ACTION COMEDY STAR roger moore wasn’t like the 1950s novel….bond had to change cause serious spy movie after serious spy movie gets boring—-appreciate roger moore as the comedic action star he was, same with the 1970s comedy action bond movies.

    marlon brando hated the great clark gable for not having an accent in “gone with the wind” and “mutiny on the bounty”

  • 18235

    oliver stone’s JFK is the dumbest movie ever made, with the cia evil and putin’s ussr the good guys…. I bought the dvd for under a dollar online, and I can only watch a few minutes of it at a time, its just sooooooo awful.

  • Make that two since I liked Dalton as Bond. I also liked him Rocketeer since he made a good bad guy.

    • H4BAF

      I don’t mind Dalton as an actor, but IMO he just sucked as Bond.

  • Moore made Bond a gentleman spy. I liked that. I did not care for him in A View To A Kill.

    • H4BAF

      You’re right, Moore made Bond smooth and classy. I still liked him in View To A Kill as well.

  • I liked Jack The Giant Killer. There was a couple of others I liked that are on the list. I think the statement ‘that nobody liked’ would be an obvious exaggeration.

  • Attacking Pope

    What about Marlon Brando in “The Godfather” ? Worst movie ever!

    • A B Chilling

      You’re insane…….or just joking, right?

      • Knowles2

        The Godfather is either I love or I hate film series. Personally I could never get into any of the films.

  • Puma

    I’m a sucker for really bad movies, and often times they’re so ridiculously bad they’re actually good, I’m looking at you Sharknado, but this is probably the worst movie ever made. EVER. That’s saying a lot.

    • Excalibur1

      That’s kind of why i liked Lucy Lawless in Xena. It was so over the top it was interesting.

      • Midlandr

        Xena and Hercules were campy and tongue-in-cheeky, as they were intended to be. I always enjoy them and their campy humor.

        • WMccreery

          Kevin Sorbo has lost his mind!!

    • Wallmantx

      What about “The killer Tomatoes” That was terrible.

  • dogged

    “Die Another Day”? Halle Berry emerging from the ocean made it worth seeing.

  • James Van Hise

    There were, by the time Judge Dredd was made, at least a hundred Judge Dredd comic book stories to choose from, but they used none of then and instead did a story about Judge Dredd’s evil brother, a character which doesn’t exist in the comics.

  • Excalibur1

    Even the worst bond movie is worth seeing. I wish they would have kept Bronson a bit longer.

    • A B Chilling

      It’s Brosnan.

  • Excalibur1

    I enjoyed the Green Lantern, Lone Ranger, Judge Dredd and Die Another Day. They didn’t knock my socks off but there are a lot of movies out there a lot worse by big names that could have been on the list. Battlefield Earth was mentioned as one. I didn’t think The Avengers was that good.

  • Duke

    Where’s In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale in this list?

  • norm

    I’m surprised Watchmen wasn’t on the list. That was a horrible movie.

  • Zachary

    I don’t think any of us would like to see a G. I. Joe 3 even if the Rock was in it.

    • Knowles2

      The GI film was actually good, which what make the second GI film such a disappointment.

  • norm

    It did not “make 100M” – apparently you just skimmed the article without reading:
    “The film did better overseas, with $176 million at the foreign box office, for a worldwide total of $264 million.[3] However, even though this figure surpasses the total costs spent by the studio, it does not take into account the percentage of box office gross that theaters retain, which is generally up to half;[2] but after factoring in home video sales and TV broadcast rights among other revenue streams, Waterworld eventually broke even” – wikipeedia.

    “eventually breaking even” is the equivalent of a box office disaster.

    • [email protected]

      So the theaters got half of $264 million, a mere $132 million. Yeah, I’m sure they were hating on Costner.

  • Vince

    How did ISHTAR not make this list, gawd it was the train wreck of its day!

  • VicioousAlienKlown

    I actually liked Judge Dredd but I never knew of the comic book franchise. Dredd was good too but I guess it was closer to source material.

  • Branden

    wasn’t that bad,btw pierce Brosnan def the best bond ever no question..specially with golden eye the movie and video game.

  • Truth

    Box office doesnt make a movie bad, just says 1 person at least went to see it

    probably same idiot ruined lone ranger by lying saying it was stupid

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    The author of this list has done a remarkably poor job here. A number of these films were either financially successful, found large cult followings and/or critical reassessment, far better than critiqued here or a combination of more than one of these things. The author, and this is really troubling since they are passing themselves off as some kind of movie expert, has a embarrassing small knowledge of movies to draw from. There are far worse movies that actors have spent years trying to play down or have wreaked havoc with their careers. The only one who should be ashamed here is the author.

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Know something about what you’re talking about h4BAF. There were only two Dalton Bonds because of the incredibly lengthy legal battle that kept both 007 and Spider-Man off the screen for years. Dalton was excellent, regardless of your feelings on the subject.

    • Lamdog

      Dalton was okay and long way from excellent. Dalton is an excellent actor.

  • Iceman00767

    I thought Green Lantern was pretty good actually.

    • BringBackTheFlex

      LOL!!. Oh wait, you;re serious.

  • [email protected]

    I would also point out that the writer only mentioned the director and not any of the actors. So which actors should be ashamed of having been in Heaven’s Gate?

  • Timelord8

    Why was “The Day the Earth Stood Still” left off this list? Keanu Reeves should be ashamed of himself.

    • BringBackTheFlex

      Agreed. That version was beyond horrible. The original black and white film with it’s rubber robot suit and minimal FX was 100 times the movie that the remake was.

  • herbys

    This list should be called “fifteen movies the author of this article didn’t like”. There’s no common thread. Some of these were actually pretty decent and received good ratings from critics and moviegoers alike. Some of them make lots of money. Some of them were even groundbreaking. This are not all “ridiculous” nor movies to be ashamed of (and some didn’t even have actors). The only ridiculous thing here is this list.

  • herbys

    Well, you are correct, but with some suspension of disbelief it could go this way:
    The polar ice caps melted AND there was some associated seismic activity that leveled other features so earth became flatter. Not scientifically believable, but way better than the science in 2012, The Day after Tomorrow and so many other movies.

  • John Scoby

    They should have added All Is Lost with Robert Redford. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Directed by somebody that has never even seen a sailboat much less been out on one. The movie should have been titled Tales of an Incompetent and Ill Equiped Sailer

  • Bill Of Rights

    I would watch Catwoman just to see Halle Berry walk around in that outfit. Plot and even sound would be optional.

  • Bill Of Rights

    Waterworld was not that bad. It was watchable. The only thing that confused me was why make a movie about a world of water and never really show any exotic water creatures or under water scenery ?

  • Bill Of Rights

    I thought Judge Dredd was watchable. Not a bad movie.

  • What a cliche’ed list!
    ANY movie based on a comic book is silly ( there is no such thing as a “graphic nevel”0.
    How about movies that are popular but actually suck! Movies that everyone THINKS are good, but actually are pretentious, shallow garbage.
    Avatar comes to mind, Blue Velvet, jeeez, there are dozens. Anything by Tarantino!

  • mrwitticism

    This is just a lazy list of cliche bad films. Why is Days of Heaven even on it when there’s no actor mentioned in connection who’d be ashamed of having starred in it? Kinda defeats the whole premise of the article right there, doesn’t it? This list is soooo lazy I’m surprised Ishtar isn’t on it.

    • joebud

      Ishtar is monumentally bad.

  • BringBackTheFlex

    It’s clear from Halle Berry’s career that the Oscar was a fluke. She has really never enhanced any move she’s been in.

    • chuck_in_st_paul

      she’s eye candy… and very yummy at that

  • BringBackTheFlex

    DC Comics had some of the absolute worst super heroes. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern had to be the most ill conceived character in comic-dom and sadly were some of DC’s most successful.

    • Joe

      Amen. Has there ever been a movie about Aquaman? Family Guy has a funny skit about his limited powers in the water. 🙂

  • Andrew Shirts

    OK, nobody is mentioning George Lazenby.

    • kenpuck

      Good point. Didn’t he work as a barista?

      • WMccreery

        A male model, I guess he mthought that if Connery could do it so could he!!

  • Andrew Shirts

    I just had a flashback to the time my wife and I were trapped by snow at her parent’s house in a small town for three days. There was a theater in town, and we decided to kill some time by seeing what was playing. “Jingle all the Way” was the only movie they had. We thought it had to be better than staring the walls – we were wrong.

    • Rick

      what? Sinbad is AWESOME!

      • Andrew Shirts

        I will concede that Sinbad was the the best thing about the movie. But that’s not setting the bar very high.

        • Rick

          beats Adam Sandler.

  • Miss Moneypenny

    Showgirls should’ve been on the list.

  • jim jim

    Bankable star Ryan Reynolds? Please, he is the Taylor Kitsch of the Box Office.

  • rje49

    Well, I haven’t seen any of these movies. So, do I win?

  • I thought I was the only one who hated it!

    Read “The truth About The Coming Zombie Apocalypse” – amazon bookstore

  • Nathan Grant

    Lol, I just bought die another die day at a garage sale for 1$. I was happy with the 1 dollar purchase because it provided me with a little over 2 hours of entertainment. It’s not the best bond film but still it felt like a bond film. Brosnan is not responsible for the plot btw…which was a little weak but still – that movie doesnt belong on this list with the likes of Gili which is widely regarded as the worst movie ever made.

  • Nathan Grant

    You guys got it right – die another day was just included to pull people into the article because it was in fact not a bad film. It’s def not the best bond but it had an invisible Aston Martin in it – is that not cool?

  • Frank Castle

    it was a SCI FI FANTASY film… NOT a DOCUMENTARY… geez!

    • The_RS_Gadfly

      No it was an envrio-weenie wanker movie. And that’s why people hated it.

  • Frank Castle

    I’ll bet you’re real fun at parties..

  • lenslens1

    I enjoyed several of these movies as comedies.

  • Arcturus

    I liked ‘Waterworld’ quite a bit except for the kid. But then I liked “The Postman” too.

  • Ken Nguyen

    Sure glad I didn’t see Battle Field Earth. I am saved from humanity. If Edward Snowden watched it, he would never come back to th US again.

  • Rick

    Suburban Commando is one of those movies in the “so bad it’s good” category. You also had to live in the 80’s to appreciate it. The talking car alarm selling out the car begging for it’s life? Too many wannabes actually had talking car alarms back in the day. The hard core biker/redneck dude threatening to “sue your @ss” instead of get violent? That was considered ridiculous before society went all passive aggressive.

  • Rick

    the movie was terrible. Dalton couldn’t save it.

  • ccryder

    Where is “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?”

  • James Crooke

    What box office smash did Wil Farrell ever have. I read that he was a loser at the box office.

  • I disagree with Die Another Day. That was that last good James Bond movie. I loved it.

  • Peter_Grynch

    With regards to “Pluto Nash”, Murphy’s “Vampire in Brooklyn” already proved he could make a bomb. Also, since then Murphy has had several hits as the voice of Donkey in “Shrek”. He’s still a funny guy.

    • One Hung Low

      Murphy just got too much in love with Murphy……he is in his mind another Charlie Chaplin.

  • Actually, I thought the book was fantastic but I knew it was sci-fi and I read it about a dozen times … the author was nuts and a con-artist, but what do you expect when he starts a cult all by himself? I wish someone would make a decent movie of the book, but too much politics and the cult won’t allow a good movie of it, not without promoting their ding-bat ideas along with it.

    • Calvin

      Hubbard made a bet with another SF writer about who could start the most “successful” alternate religion. I think it’s safe to say that Scientology quickly spun out of the control of Hubbard. I don’t recall ever seeing him in public after the 1950s.

  • Aleric

    “The result is a film that feels hugely rushed and overly crowded at the same time. Instead of following the story of the comics or focusing on the emotion of the characters”
    You just described every X-Man film including the current one in theaters now.

  • John Berg

    This was very much in the spirit of the cheese that was the original as well.

  • chiefbailey

    You did not read the book.

  • JT


  • CaptainTomatoSauce

    While Jack the Giant Slayer was flawed (no kidding in that department), it wasn’t all THAT bad…. there have been FAR worse fantasy epics that simply fall flat in the first 3 minutes… Jack didn’t… though it was stumbling for a bit here and there.

  • Rienzi

    Box Office Mojo reports that the budget for the Lone Ranger was $215 mil. Assuming maybe some advertising was not included, a $240 mil payout can be assumed. The site reports that it grossed $260 mil worldwide. So, it did not lose money. And, that last figure did not include sales of DVDs, or merchandise. Biggest problem was the panning of the movie by critics 6 months in advance…before they had seen clip one of the movie. Most tried to compare it with the TV show. They are not the same, and never should have been. I found it to be a fun adventure done mainly with tongue in cheek from Tonto’s viewpoint.

  • ThatWriterDude

    Yeah. Incorrect science. THAT’S why “Waterworld” sucks.

  • ThatWriterDude

    Two words: The Happening.

  • ThatWriterDude

    Also, “Judge Dredd” for Stallone? Not “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” or “Rhinestone” or “Oscar” or “Rocky V” or “Over the Top”? I think Stallone should be ashamed of about 80% of his celluloid output.

    • One Hung Low

      Don’t forget F.I.S.T.S……horrible.

    • Lincoln Hawk

      For shame! “Over the Top” is awesome!

      “My whole body is an engine. This is a fireplug [makes a fist]… and I’m gonna light him up.”

  • Lamdog

    I take issues with Die Another Day, Water World and Heavens Gate being on the list. You have Ralph Finnes the Avengers, Vanilla Sky and practically any movie with Nicole Kidman, think I am harsh concerning Nicole, try Bewitched.

    • joebud

      Vanilla Sky is most certainly awful.

  • ReturnoftheBrotha .

    Pluto Nash was not bad once I saw it. It was just advertised wrong. I thought that ads were of a fake film.

  • The Oracle

    Movies created for kid consumption. I’m not a kid so I don’t go to flash, bang, boom,

  • Carney3

    Should have mentioned that at least Halle Berry showed up in person to accept her Golden Raspberry award for “Catwoman” – I’ve got to respect someone in Hollywood with that level of gumption and willingness to have some fun at her own expense.


    C’mon. Nothing can be worse than, Eegah! The Name Written In Blood, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death.

  • Not2obvious

    I dunno. I liked Judge Dredd.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Don’t know what this person was watching? Land of the Lost was quite funny..

  • Brick Brave

    I don’t mind being the only one to like Final Fantasy!

  • villemar

    The first half of “Die Another Day” was great…until they ended up at the ice palace and it turned into a cartoon. The swordfight scene was amazing, notable in that it was depicted at real time speed. It’s like they fired the director (Lee Tamahori) halfway through and let the CGI guys take over.

    • silencedogoodreturns

      Bond movies almost always start out great, before being turned into a cartoon.

  • Brian

    Haven’t seen many movies have you?

  • truthsojourner

    Actually, I thoroughly enjoyed “Die Another Day,” BECAUSE Halle Berry was in it. If you want to name a really bad Bond film, try “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and anything with Timothy Dalton.

  • Steve Stacel

    They missed probably the worst movie of all time. The Wild, Wild West starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      i liked that movie

  • Nola76

    Hold on…Moore’s Bond films were at a time when ALL of Hollywood was just so-so: late 70s through the mid 80s. I don’t really blame Moore, I just blame the genre of the time.

    Connery is the best, but then again, he’s the original and as everyone says, “The original is the best.” After Connery, I like Craig. If you have read the novels, Craig brings the “novel Bond” to the big screen.

  • Janet Lingel Aldrich

    I also agree that Dalton was an excellent Bond — the most like the books.

  • Janet Lingel Aldrich

    No. Freaking. Way. His Bond was silly, smarmy and as far away from what Bond was supposed to be as you could get. Unless my husband insists, we don’t watch his Bond movies (except maybe View to a Kill. Hi, Patrick MacNee.)

    • H4BAF

      I don’t watch any Bond movies but Moore’s and Brosnan’s. What’s your point?

  • Guest

    I really hated the Bourne movies with Matt Damon. Though I don’t think he need hang his head in shame over them. I should. Because I was fool enough to see the second one, after hating the first. Which was worse than the first. The one for him to hang his head in shame for would be Dogma. Dreck! And I’m not even all that Christian. But another runner up would have to be Cheaper By The Dozen, with Steve Martin. I think everyone involved should hang their heads in shame over that one, not just Steve. Because virtually the only thing it had in common with the original, is the title. Like the Bourne movies. Only the title remains. Insane.

  • God Mann

    The worst movie ever made was Plan Nine from Outer Space, and Johnny Depp’s Ed Wood film about the worst movie ever made should have been on the list.

  • Peoplelikeyou Yeo

    I’m ashamed how many of these I’ve seen, and agre with.

  • sonofeire

    Heaven’s Gate was NOT a bad film. It was a beautiful film. I don’t give a shit what the critics say. I loved it.

  • thievesarmy

    First of all, Heaven’s Gate is NOT a bad movie. Yes it was a huge commercial flop, and essentially bankrupted UA, but it was a sad victim of circumstance, and today most people have properly realized how brilliant it is. I actually regard it as even better than The Deer Hunter. Saying it’s bad is insanely short-sighted and IMHO, embarrassing for any critic that wants to be taken seriously – but more importantly, what is the name of this list? Movies that actors should be ashamed of? You didn’t even mention any actors in the film description, so who exactly should be ashamed of it, and why? This just reeks of you having a personal bone to pick with this film and trying to shoehorn it onto a list it doesn’t have any reason for being on.

    Second, Die Another Day ??? I mean, not a great movie by any means, but it’s not shameful. There are so many more worthy picks. To have this one at #1 seems really bizarre, though not as out of place as Heaven’s Gate.

  • Jeff Erickson

    Seeing James Bond using an outdated grip for pistol shooting is HILARIOUS!

  • Stephen Green

    OH Yea..!

  • BigR2

    Dead Wrong on “Die another Day”. It was considered to offer Halle Berry her own movie from her portrayal of Jinx. Halle Berry was wonderful as Catwoman. The attitude was perfect. To say she has never proved herself as an action hero is assinine. “Storm” proves that wrong as well.

  • Wallmantx

    wasn’t here another Bond that lasted in only one film. Wasn’t it ON his Majesties secret service where Bond get’s married at the end and his wife gets killed right after the ceremony as they drive down a road and she gets shot.

  • davin cleary

    no mention of the movie Constantine from 2005 starring Keanu reeves -based on the popular comic Hellblazer? The dialog is barely audible throughout the entire movie, the protagonist’s best friend who in the comics is a tough guy cab driver is played by a teenaged shia teboueuof. horrible movie, at least the special effects are decent.

  • rangerider

    There are wore films than Waterworld, which I found OK, but hated The Postman.

  • Griff

    Castaway is a great movie.

  • NDaboonies

    Thanks God something put a crimp in Ferrell’s career

  • Curious: As the technical wizardry of the films increase, the quality of the stories deteriorate. While Hollywood technology is brilliant, its grasp of humanity is twisted.

  • ASAC Schrader

    No 007 was more ridiculous than Roger Moore. Not one of his films was watchable/

  • Red Eye Robot

    I can’t believe gangs of new york didn’t make this list. I was rooting for the villain

  • Robert Beveridge

    On Heaven’s Gate:
    >Books have been written and documentaries have been made about how legendarily bad this movie is.<

    This statement is, simply, false. Books have been written and documentaries have been made about how unfairly maligned the movie has been over the years and how off-track the production got. I've neither read nor seen anything since the initial reviews that calls it a bad film. In fact, in most countries in the world, it has been reassessed and is currently seen as the equal of, or even superior to, The Deer Hunter; as of this writing, it sits at #535 on the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? weighted ranking of the thousand greatest movies of all time (based on critical surveys from around the globe).

    As for the movie itself, it's brilliant. When I finally got to see the longest cut extant (which is still two hours shorter than the original finished film), it was even better than I expected. I hope someone finds the rest of the footage and puts out the five-hour-plus version.

  • RestrainedRealpolitik

    Jack the Giant Slayer was all good fun. Not bad at all. Financial flop means nothing to me because I have no great respect for or deference to the Great Unwashed or the Oscar crowd.

  • RestrainedRealpolitik

    Pushing Bond into the comic book and cartoon realm was criminal. Since that time, the comic book realm has become serious and respectable but Bond only flirted with that once in the last 10 years: Casino Royale.

  • BrynnBook

    Gigli: If a lesbian falls in love with a man, wouldn’t that make her bisexual or pansexual?

  • Nameless

    Pierce Bronson can just be sitting quietly in the corner while drinking a black and tan and I’d tune in to watch him. That man is one fine Irishman.

  • Pretty Friend


  • Sean R.

    Jack the Giant Slayer was an enjoyable film.

  • TheBossyFiesta

    Waterworld is a great action movie. Actors are usually not responsible for bad movies, just bad acting. Bad movies are the result of bad writing, directing, or Producing.

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      it get’s a little bit better each time i watch bits of it whenever i’m channel surfing.

      for me, though, i can’t stand costner… his face, his voice, his acting… i would like to stab him in the face with a soldering iron

  • Alexa

    What happened with Green Lantern (aside from the horrible script by committee) is that they didn’t actually hire Martin Campbell to direct it. They hired him to direct Suicide Squad, a DC property about a team of reformed (?) villains doing black ops work for a shadowy quasi-governmental agency. When they shelved Suicide Squad, they threw him Green Lantern to fulfill his contract.

    (Actually, I have absolutely no proof for any of this except that I remember there being serious talk about a Suicide Squad movie for several months until they suddenly dropped it and announced Green Lantern. And when I thought to myself, “Who would I get to direct a Suicide Squad movie? I know, that guy who directed GoldenEye and Casino Royale, Martin Campb—oh goddammit.”)

  • Sulaco

    Berry got an Oscar for taking her top off, nothing else in her movie was worth a sh*&.

  • The_RS_Gadfly

    And it needs to be polar ice cap. Note the singular.

    Because one of the two is sitting on the ocean. Which means its mass is already accounted for in the current sea level.



  • John Doran

    I’ve only seen about 5 minutes of Catwoman, enough said. Correction though, Halle looks FABULOUS in a skin tight outfit.

  • Joda Collins

    I liked the movie.

  • secondchronicles7_13thru14

    I actually like A Good Day To Die Hard, way better than Live Free Or Die Hard.

  • ArmyAviator

    It seems that Hollywood puts out more flops that winners! When they got away from making wholesome “good guy” wins the girl, or wins the battle and began to celebrate the LOWLIFE, films began to go to hell. It still amazes me, that Hollywood has to add in the obligatory sex scene and now, of course, the obligatory queer guy or gal.

  • Kevin Dondrea

    I liked Battle Field Earth. I don’t know why it was voted one of the worst movies ever.

  • Andrej Bosco

    Comparing “Heaven’s Gate”, the greatest American movie ever made after WWII, to “Catwoman”, “Jack the Giant Slayer” and “X-Men: The Last Stand” is unforgivable.

    I understand American people will never change their mind about Cimino’s masterpiece no matter how many screenings later, but I’m quite sure this historical prejudice hasn’t found a prepared and open-minded audience in the New World yet.

    What a shame.

  • joey

    You forgot Rose McGowan – Doom Generation and Samuel L. Jackson – Formula 51.

  • AP1

    Spot ON. these movies will make you walk out of an airplane.
    Just reading the titles made me sick. UGH!!!

  • FaithColeridge33


    • 2Honest


      • yvehc_telorvehc

        attack of the killer tomatoes

  • JR

    Check out Jack Nicholson in “the Wild ride”. one of his first, (early 60’s) very young, and over the top acting! filmed in the east bay (sf) cities of Clayton, Concord & Antioch.
    In an interview, Nicholson said that “there was one or two movies he wished he had not made early on”, and although he would not name them, I suspect this was one of them. – still a classic that should be seen by all Nicholson fans, if nothing else, but to see him developing his acting stile.

  • Everett

    Land of the Lost is hilarious!

  • 2Honest

    Die another day wasn’t as bad as Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist in the other Brosnan Bond Movie. A more beautiful woman may not exist, but she is awful as an actress. She showed equal talent is Starship Troopers. I heard she was a Heidi Fleiss girl, that was no doubt her true talent.

  • GhostFlame

    Pet Detective
    The Howling 4
    Myra Breckinnridge
    Leonard Part 6
    Mac and Me
    Girl Next Door
    Milk Money
    Terminator Salvation
    Live Free Or Die Hard
    The Love Guru
    88 minutes
    Righteous Kill
    Killing Them Softly
    Meet The Fockers
    The Hangover 2 & 3
    Revenge Of The Nerds 2, 3, & 4
    The Matrix 2 & 3
    Ghost Rider 1 & 2

  • Biji M.

    ahaha, man…”Die Another Day”. Yeah, that was pretty horrific. Also, I love how they have to say that Roger Moore was only the FIRST Bond in space – I mean, wouldn’t you think maybe just the once was PLENTY??

  • Gus Mueller

    I’ve seen a few of these movies and enjoyed them, but what mongoloid at Disney green-lighted “The Lone Ranger” and did he keep his job?

  • Gus Mueller

    The problem with Green Lantern the movie is that Green Lantern the comic book book was just dead stupid, especially in terms of the backstory.

  • MattTarango

    Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. Though the actors don’t have to hang their heads in shame, only George Clooney for his directing. Or maybe just Chuck Barris for writing the book.

  • Droit et Avant

    Not all movies listed here were bad, just because the movie doesn’t make back the money they invest in, does not make that movie a bad one. You are talking here about money not quality.